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--Another Success Testimonial--Testimonials--Thyroid toxicity from Iodine overdose helped with Alkalizing drink !--
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Published: 16 years ago
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--Another Success Testimonial--Testimonials--Thyroid toxicity from Iodine overdose helped with Alkalizing drink !--

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I started an iodine protocol several months ago. Lugols. Thought I'd studied enough to understand what to do, expectations, metal toxicity, and other purposes and outcomes.

Almost immediately felt great. Skin became supple. Eyesight which has always been excellent became even more so. Mental acuity sharpened. And so on. The specter of metal cleansing was extremely attractive of course.

Over time began to get sluggish. Rats I thought. Why couldn't I sustain that initial overall great feeling??? Sluggishness became like a heavy cloud. Couldn't sleep. Then slept too much. Hot flashes. Cold flashes. Sweated on sub zero evenings. Chills next to the wood stove. Mental acuity went out the window. And then the lump in the throat. Yup... that lump. It took awhile but I finally figured that out. Things just weren't swell. At all.

I knew what was happening, sort of, and research gave me glimpses of some recourse. But I was sad to think that my relationship with iodine which gave me such great benefit, was going sour.

Than came across moreless's drink. Couldn't hurt. I was already an advocate for ACV anyway though had not been religious about it. I needed to do something to snap out of this malaise. Approximated my first drink, without the lime ingredient as I couldn't locate any that day. Did the protocol, and holy cow. I mean, within a minute or two, began to calm down. I mean, the overall crummy feeling just began to even out down. Within minutes, could actually relax, and think, and do multiplication tables, and could talk without being irritable. It lasted several hours. The lump in my throat was for all intents, gone within minutes. Less. I was able to lie down, relax, and it felt heavenly to just lie in bed and feel, relaxed.

I repeated it the next morning, and the same thing. And this time gave some to my missus. It worked, again. Longer, more sustained, and have had an overall sense of well being. And I mean, a great overall sense of well being. I feel, good. This eve, I feel really good. My wife is slowly coming around to it too. But what a relief, to think that I had to emphasize an alkaline balance which made perfect sense. I've been really struggling for years to balance out the brain fog, fatigue, mental effectiveness, and so on. Since elementary school I can remember, struggling to just pay attention, to focus. I thought I had landed it with iodine and surrounding protocols. But when that went south, I was really bummed. But moreless's drink has almost instantly calmed the whole thing down, and I can feel each time a sense of getting things ironed out, balanced, and I have to say, it feels great. I can even lie down and sleep peacefully instead of just feeling combatative with myself to just relax. I know I know, melatonin was my fix and I have read the musing from moreless. I am actually leaning towards feeling like I don't want the feeling of melatonin because this overall feeling that I am acquiring contributes to a more restful sleep than juicing up the melatonin levels to get a so called, restful sleep.

So, thank you thank you thank you Moreless for your musings, your lectures, your ideas, your everything. This stuff is not that complicated. It can be so simple if we would just get out of our way and let the simple things work. And listen to things. My wife is a liver transplant recipient with several total joint replacements as a result of meds, and it has been an absolute drill to balance things out for her. But we are getting somewhere after years of imbalance. I will have much thanks to give to CureZone and the community for helping to make sense, and simplify, this pursuit.


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