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Plant Your Dream Leslie Goldman Scholarship Award by YourEnchantedGardener   22 h
If Your Brain Feels Foggy {a must read} by kerminator   30 h
How to really find yourself! by kerminator   45 h
What Happens to Your Brain When You Declutter Your Home by kerminator   45 h
Some help for a friend by kerminator   72 h
The inventor’s vision of a global wireless-transmission by kerminator   78 h
What is killing the nation! Like a slow poison? by kerminator   79 h
You never grow too old to think & learn! by kerminator   4 d
This Dishwasher Soap Poisoned Over 15,600 Americans! by kerminator   4 d
The skyrocketing epidemic of chronic disease by kerminator   4 d
My get & go - got up, and went by kerminator   6 d
How we use Hindsight Bias by kerminator   6 d
Quelle est l'histoire? by kerminator   7 d
Discover How to Stand Courageous by kerminator   8 d
What is good for you? by kerminator   8 d
Most People Don’t Really Want to Be Happy by kerminator   8 d
Environment The Climate Solution Actually Adding Millions by kerminator   8 d
Pedestrianism by kerminator   8 d
What happened when? 1 of by kerminator   9 d
The Most Important Story Never Told: CALI THE DESTROYER by luckman   10 d
You,shor'is Right Boss Buddy!" by kerminator   10 d
Why eat? Only to find you can not digest it? by kerminator   10 d
Health_Without_Medicine by kerminator   10 d
How to cleanse your body of colloidal by kerminator   10 d
Poetry and Insights by lfire   12 d
The Problem With Public Housing by kerminator   14 d
More truth? - yet the elements of falsehood are there by kerminator   14 d
SAD but true! by kerminator   14 d
Do you really want a healthy life? by kerminator   15 d
Choose a Prideful Heart or a Happy Marriage? by kerminator   15 d
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