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--Testimonials--I am Living Proof--Hyper thyroid symptoms--

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago
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--Testimonials--I am Living Proof--Hyper thyroid symptoms--

AnnaG - I am Living Proof to This - hyper thyroid symptoms
During 7 months period I have done 7 liver flushes so far,
also colonics, enemas , baths, rebounding, skin burshes, diets
etc. I have candida, adrenal issues, hypoglycemia, I felt in
general like one step from a grave. I did not know anything
about PH balance at that time. After 4 months on this program
I developed seveer tendonitis/arthritis or something happend
with my joints/muscles in my hip and in my spine. I have been
in a such severe pain for 4 months !!! I have to look at what
is happening with me from the outside otherwise I would go mad
what I am going through lately. Also I had a breast lump which
trippled in size by now.
Everything Moreless says does make a lot of sense. I didn't
miss a post by him, and now I can see the bigger picture what
is what. I feel blessed that such a forum appeared on
Internet. I still can not believe that such an information is
just free of charge and can change our lives totally for the
Million thanks Moreless for sharing the knowledge !!
Releasing too much acids into the lymphatic system too soon
may cause you a lot of problems which you didn't have before.
All the cleansing procedures helped me tremediously, liver
flushses in particular, I got rid of allergies, brain fog, red
watering eyes, blurred vision, panic attacks, mood swings,
anger, hot flushes I can't list them all there wwere so many.
I had a severe case of candida. + severe adrenal exhaustion
with all the well-knows consequences. Also I followed candida
diet with focus on protein. As the listed symptoms would start
getting better, but I felt I started getting pains and aches
in my muscles and joints which I did not have before. As I got
used to suffering I didn't pay much attention as I thought it
would go away. But with more detoxing it would get worse and
it reached the point I could barely walk and sit. It's been 4
months I am still stuck with the spine and hip acute pain. As
to Moreless opinion on flushes, I totally agree that if one
does not have enough storage of alkaline minerals one can end
up in a grave. I think I did not have any alkaline minerals
along with absence of calcium at all in my body being over
acididc for a long long period of time. Also I would have
sauna 3-4 times a week which would leach more minerals form my
system which I would not replenish.
For the second month I am following moreless's suggestions.
What I noticed is now I can go without food more than 3 hours
without a feeling passing out and panick attack, my body feels
a bit lighter, not as made of iron as I felt before, I feel
more calm, and for the first time maybe even im my life I
don't feel sleepy after launch/dinner.
I swear, the basis for any recovery is PH balancing
I had slightly hyper thyroid gland, not very much but showed
as hyper. In the beginning I had sort of weird simptoms
related to thyroid I just know them. I would take 1 tbls of
kelp with each drink. Now I take 2/3 of teaspoon 3-5x a day.
Interestingly, symptoms subsided. I even didn't notice when.
What I found is many people are so scared to give it a try and
at the slightest return of symptoms they stop. Due to my
candida, I had a return of itching and other simptoms after my
first BSM drink, but I didn't stop, I just knew I had to
suffer a bit to get better. Perhaps I am lucky to be born a
person who is not afraid to take a risk, Actually this fact
turned out to be at ther root of my problems. But I trust,
it's worth it.

Billion thanks to Moreless again !!!!!


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