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--Testimonials--Off Expensive Thyroid Meds--

Cloves & Wormwood
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Cloves & Wormwood
Parasite Cleanse

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Published: 15 years ago
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--Testimonials--Off Expensive Thyroid Meds--

Hi I will get there :-),

I was on 4 Armour Thyroid per day plus sublingual bioidentical compounded
plant-based hormone drops (Don't remember how many mg of those) as well, just as
it sounds like you are.

What a drag it was to take that stuff.

I am pretty well-versed in various alternative methods, and had tried other
things, but each thing I tried seemed to have its own potential health drawbacks
or questionable aspects that left me uneasy or that I felt were a
less-than-optimal answer. For myself, I refuse to be dependent upon medical
pharmaceuticals, of course that is my personal choice, and may not be
appropriate for others.

While still taking the Armour and hormones, I started with the pH strips and
informing myself about acid-balancing, and began taking the Moreless BSM Drink
with the Kelp (Kelp is a major part of the key. Just choke it down), and after I
felt a Thyroid response, I started backing off the Armour, one at a time.

IOW, the first time I felt my Thyroid respond, (And was sure that was what it
was, internally-sore throat at the Thyroid with some really heavy, coagulated
expectoration), I kept up the Drink and the Kelp and backed off to 3 of the
Armour, and observed the difference in my body over the next 3-5 days or so. It
seemed OK.

The following week, I dropped to 2 Armour. At first, it seemed as if nothing
worsened, for which I was grateful, and then things started to noticeably
improve. Once I felt actual improvement having gone to 2 Armour instead of 4, I
dropped the last 2 (1 at a time, a week or so apart), and continued with the
Drink and the Kelp. Make certain you keep the Kelp up to wherever it has to be
for you, increase or decrease it as required.

I had to play the Kelp up and down while I figured things out, when I got to 3
teaspoons per day I felt the first Thyroid response. Don't just slam loads of
Kelp into your body if you already have Thyroid issues, ramp it up and give
yourself time to sense and observe the differences.

When I got the first Thyroid response from the Drink and the Kelp, that Thyroid
got really sore. If I hadn't recognized the sore feeling as the same thing the
Armour did when I first started taking it, I might not have known what it was,
or might have thought I was doing the wrong thing. Now I know it was perfect,
but I did have to let my Faith carry me for a few weeks- Pray, do whatever you
have to do.

I backed off the hormones the same way, drop by drop.

The whole process as I recall, took about 2 months.

Unfortunately, I learned right away not to talk about what I was striving to do
with my family. Some feathers flew with that :). What can I say, they love me.
And I love them :).

Now it is 3 or 4 months later. I am off the Armour, off the Hormones, am about
$100. richer every month (How do they think we're going to *pay* for all

I waited until I was off the pharmaceuticals for a couple of months before I
told my family. They are thrilled for me, now that it's done :).

You will get there :).


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