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--Testimonials--Candida Free--Was Sick for 20 years--
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Published: 17 years ago
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--Testimonials--Candida Free--Was Sick for 20 years--

By LD Di,

Hi, Bemmer!

I know how afraid one can get of Candida flareups, and what extremes one can go
to in order to try and avoid them. Been struggling with this and related chronic
problems most of my life.

The alkalysing drink works, but if one is really afraid of the carbs, one might
start with the foot soaks or baths. No carbs in those!

Be sure to study all the posts at this site about the reasons this works, and
the Moreless site. Pay attention to your body. Learn to recognise how it tells
you it is going acidic. Pay attention to what may have caused, and adjust your
course. Monitor well with PH strips, use the baths and drink to stay as close as
possible to optimum PH for saliva/bloodstream.

As I did these things, I experienced my first truly candida free time in YEARS!
And I was using the BSM! There have been minor setbacks, but applying principles
here seems to be the most effective way of solving the problems I have come
across. This directly contradicts many of the so-called experts, but I can't
argue with sucess. (BTW, I got sicker and sicker as long as I listend to them!
Learned WHY here.)

How sick was I? Diabled for 20+ years.

Here's a summary of some other things tried and the outcomes:

The WORST was antifungal medication. It made me much worse.

NEXT WORST was taking suppliments. Ended up taking years and costing hundreds of
dallars a month and with a regimin so complicated it took over my life and only
a partial less-than-satisfactory improvment.

Correcting diet without adding the alk drink and without using refractometer
produced POOR RESULTS. After studying and thinking about it, I know why. It is
not just WHICH foods one eats but whether they are TOP QUALITY that makes a
diff. The alk drink allows one to make up for deficiencies in one's current food
supply as one begins to learn and change one's diet. Also to build up reserves
of alk minerals.

Do this, and you will feel more calm and in control. This in itself will help.
Feeling fearful and out-of-control is very sressful. Stress tilts our PH toward
the acidic. And being acidic is like hanging out a welcome sign for candida and
lots of other things that make us feel awful!

I hope you will develop the courage to take the plunge and give it a try!!! Let
us know how you do. We are all learning together here.


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