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--Testimonials--Sinuses, Back Pain, Thinking, Muscles Relaxing, Improving--Calcium Hydroxide & questions--
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Published: 15 years ago
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--Testimonials--Sinuses, Back Pain, Thinking, Muscles Relaxing, Improving--Calcium Hydroxide & questions--

Hi moreless

I have a few questions :

I just started the drink 2 days ago and taking small pinch of Epsom salt in my
meals. i have seen significant improvements already.

Here they are: Sinuses started to drain in 15 minutes without any effort on my
part and my head has been clearest in months. My energy level is gone through
the roof with clear thinking and cognitive abilities. My lower back pain has
started diminishing as i find my muscles have all relaxed so much that i don't
have to do stretches anymore to relieve my back pain. I think the reason for my
back pain was simply this reason for my muscles being very tensed up being on
the computer. Yesterday i pulled a muscle in the upper back right side. I think
it maybe the reason that my muscles may have been too tense all this time and
all of a sudden relaxed so when i picked up something heavy i pulled it. But the
muscles is 60% almost healed today !! i am impressed. normally this kind of
muscle pull takes 4-5 days in the past to resolve itself.

The first day i took the drink around 7:30pm and i finished the drink by 8pm
slowly sipping it. One worry was that if i took too l long to finish it the acid
and the alkaline minerals would finish reacting and the electrical magnetic
energy would not be available to my body. Is this true? Should i finish the
drink ASAP once i add the ACV and lemon juice? Secondly do i really have to warm
the distilled water to dissolve the molasses and Epsom as i found in the second
day i didn't need to and they just dissolved on their own. The reason i ask is i
can save time making the drink.

I have read that you recommend calcium a lot. Does the limewater provide the
calcium or simply the alkalinity needed? What is a good source of calcium in
diet which you suggest? Milk or tablet form? What about the potassium and
sodium? what is the best way to get these in diet?

Lastly regarding the PH test on saliva and urine. When is the best time to do
these and what is the ideal PH suppose to be around fo both? HO wdo i do the
test. Dip the strip on my tongue or put saliva on it?

Many thanks in advance


Answer to the questions by Moreless:

Answer: It may be better to take the Alkalizing Drink sipped over a longer time period, than all at one time !

Do not worry about the loss of Electro-magnetic energy within a few hours, if you sip on it this long !

For one with weak organs may not be able to stand too much Electro-magnetic Energy too fast anyway !

Concerning upon if to mix in warm water or not, which ever works Best for you is ok !

Extra Calcium may be provided by the Lime water in a very Cost effective manner !

As always, it may be best to get our Minerals from a food source, but when the foods we have available to eat are such Poor Quality, what is one to do ?

Thus the reason for using the Lime water mixed with the Alkalizing Drink to provide as close to food source of Calcium as possible, by the Electro-magnetic Energy bonding in the drink with the Live Carbohydrates of the BSM !

One needs to at least test the first thing in the morn before eating or drinking anything !

And one may look for trying to get ones pH of both the Urine and Saliva up to 6.8 pH .

But, if one wants to learn how to help themself Heal faster, then one may take pH readings every hour of the day and make comparisions with what one has eaten to learn faster what foods may be Causing one to have problems of becomming too Acidic, thus causing one to become too Sick ?

Smile Tis your choice.

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