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Stick to the foods that you KNOW your body will tolerate.

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Published: 15 years ago
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Stick to the foods that you KNOW your body will tolerate.

I have been following closely your post as well as that of 66427. Sheldon's information is absolutely invaluable! He has given us the basics of the procedure that has proven to work for him as well as for many other people. Unfortunately, he has no way of knowing your individual abilities to tolerate certain foods. For example, if you are sensitive to dairy products during a flare, eating yogurt is not a very good idea! My (now 10 year old) son started responding to Sheldon's treatment when he started taking the oral probiotics you can buy at the health food store. They offer a broader range of many different probiotics in one tablet/capsule (as well as prebiotics which is food for the probiotics) than just yogurt alone. Also, eggs are also a high-sensitivity food. You may be able to tolerate them fine when in remission, but your body may not be able to handle them during a flare. This also goes for any food you may have a mild allergy to. You have to use your brain some when trying this procedure. If any of the vegetables or other foods on the diet bother you when you're not having a flare, chances are, they will wreak even more havoc when you are in the middle of one. Stick to the foods on the diet that you KNOW your body will tolerate. I steamed broccoli, cauliflour, carrots, spinach, sliced onion, and portabella mushrooms together with Sea Salt . When they were cooked soft, I put them in a bowl and melted some Smart Balance (butter alternative) and gently coated the veggies. I used the water left from steaming the veggies to make mashed potatoes, or to moisten the already cooked brown rice. I served the veggies, rice and/or potatoes with grilled or baked chicken or salmon. I started my son on the procedure in October and at the time he was on prednisone and asacol and still recovering from a severe flare he had in August that landed him in the hospital for four days. I stopped giving him the asacol shortly thereafter, and started seeing radical improvement, though blood was still present and trips to the toilet were still frequent (8-10 times a day). I used the procedure on my son for about 3 months (seeing steady improvement) and at that time, stopped the prednisone. Once I stopped the prednisone and continued the procedure for a couple of weeks, my son was back to normal, and I stopped the enemas completely. I actually had to start giving him fruit during the 3rd week because he was starting to get constipated. It's now 6 months later, and I consider my son CURED! No blood, no diarhhea. Just a healthy kid with healthy bowels. He's steadily gained 12lb and grown more than two inches in that 6 months. (Before Sheldon's procedure, my son had lost weight and stopped growing. He was sickly looking and had absolutely no energy.) We still follow sheldon's diet for the most part. My son has to follow a wheat and gluten free diet, and I still keep him away from citrus, nuts and seeds, and really spicy foods for the most part. He can cheat and have small amounts of those things once in a great while with no problem, but I'm not taking chances by letting him have whatever he wants all of the time. I hope this information is helpful to both of you. There is nothing easy about following this procedure for great lenghts of time, but the rewards in the end are most definitely worth it! (And it does become much easier to follow in time.)

p.s. To 66427: I wonder if it is only Ulcerative Colitis that you suffer from? The vitamin E enema works with your immune system to heal your colon. If your immune system is not normal, it is questionable that the vitamin E enemas would help. If your immune system is normal, I can only assume that you are not interested in curing your UC. I hope that you will change your mind and give it another shot!

Good luck to both of you, and to all of the others who follow the posts in this forum.



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