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I started the procedure 07/13/2006
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Published: 15 years ago

I started the procedure 07/13/2006

(I started a week ago. I moved my post from another thread.)
I decided to start Sheldon's method today and will keep posting my progress.
I am just back from my 5th flare-up and still have loose stool with little blood mucus in it. Feeling burning pain at anus.
I bought the following: 1. bulb ear syringe 2. Vitamin Shoppe E-400iu 3. distilled water.
My UC history. I am 36, male. I am diagnosed UC in October, 2005. I could vaguely remember that I had a food poison 3 years ago and developed allergy since then, don't know if it all starts from back then. Flare-up happens every 2 months, now just done with my 5th one. Symptoms are bloody diahrea, burning pain at the anus, urgency to the restroom. 3 BMs at remission, 6-8 during flare-ups. Taking colozal, ferrex, entocort, levinquin. My symptoms seems got stopped after I took antibiotics, or lexatives. The medication doesn't seems helping me at all. I take lots of fruit or fruit juice daily for 3 years before I was diagnosed, that might be part of the cause. I don't have weight loss, and have an atheletic life. The strange thing is that when I was at outting with friends for a whole day, I don't feel going to the stool at all, only once a day all the time. This gives me the impression that my urgency to the stool is somehow related to my emotion.
Colozal doesn't help to control the symptom at all. Entocort gives me pimples on face, neck and chest 3 days after I took them. I do noticed that eating brocolli helps to firm my stool.
======== day 01 =========
Nothing dramatic happened. I ate broccoli, carrot, cauliflower. Still see a tiny bit of blood in stool, a bit urgency, 3 bm in the morning, but none after that till late night now. I played some ball games the whole night. Like always, if I am playing sports or doing something walking or running or busy, I never feel going to the stool. Anyway, day01 seems usual. I have patience to wait and see. Thanks to Sheldon answering my email.
======= day 07 ========
I started to eat some onion and cucumber minced with scrambled eggs, fried with olive oil in the morning. And I constantly feel hungry, so have to bring 2 meals to work everyday. My meals are all veges first quick boiled in hot water then fried. I haven't find a good steamer to start with. My choices are brocolli, cauliflower, carrot, mushroom, barley, brown rice, spinage, toufu. I tried once eating heated soy milk (organic) with corn flake (cereal boxed), and got an urgency to stool 10 minutes later, so I never touched soymilk again. I felt a bit weird on the 3rd day, feeling feeble, that's when I started eating 2 meals at work. Some days I felt more gas than the others.
Results: not dramatically improved, but improved somehow. I still see small signs of blood occasionally in the stool. It seems that my number of stools reduced to 2-3 times a day. I have to go once in the morning, and nothing more than liquid and gas came out. I guess some might belong to the liquid of enema overnight. My stool is formed by not firm.
I am taking 10 capsuls per night, and I am planning to increase tonight.
I am starting to introduce chicken meat, boiled with salt only. So, I could add some protein and energy. I am also trying to add more tofu, but not sure whether that's a good idea.
I am also taking multi-vitamin, and taking prescriptions, colozal, entocore and ferrex.
Now I feel that most of my urgency are caused by gas, and if I sit, it comes often, most of the times, I can walk it away.
So much to share. Will keep posted.

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