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EXPERIENCE: how liverflush ruined my life/health even further! long post but worth the read
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Published: 18 years ago

EXPERIENCE: how liverflush ruined my life/health even further! long post but worth the read

posting as a caution/warning to anyone new to this website/forum, and also as a plea for any advise/help anyone might have to offer.

a little over a year ago i began to try to heal myself naturally, as allopathic drs. were zero help, from various ailments that have plagued me for many years, i am 31 yrs old now:

-migraines for 20+ years
-chronic fatigue for 7yrs
-neck/shoulder/back pain for 8yrs
-depression/anxiety for 12 yrs
-chronic pain/fibromyalgia-like

-i changed my diet to include more organic fruits and vegetables, less wheat/gluten containing foods, less dairy. added probiotics, green food supplments, kefir, various other vitamins. increased water intake. more fiber to my diet

-did bowel cleansing with p&b shakes (see Bowel Cleanse Forum ), occasional enemas

-did parasite cleanse

decided it was time for me to do a liver flush, as i was having good results and could see some change in my health and well-being from the above cleanses and life changes, for the first time around the end of august of 2003. followed the Hulda Clark method of liver flushing. flush was successful, released about 50-70 stones of varying size...biggest about 1/4in in diameter down to chaff. all seemed well and fine, until about 2 days later...

i developed acute abdomial pain around my naval and the left side of my abdomen, down to about my groin area. i thought nothing of it at first thinking it was just an after-effect of the flush that would clear up with time and a few enemas (thought was it was maybe some stuck stones in the colon or irritation from the epsom). wrong i was! the pain continued to worsen, as did constipation, bowel habits. and now it is a year later and i am in more pain than ever.

pain has me doubled over sometimes, is ever present, is crampy, sometimes causes a deep burning deep in my bowels, has severly crippled my quality of life (even worse than before with my other ailments, as they are still present (but a little improved) on top of this terrible abdominal pain), horrible bloat and fullness after i eat most of the time, has made my mood related problems much worse as the pain and feeling of 'being uncomfortable' causes me to be overly irritable/anxious. i have lost a ton of weight, and i was already skinny. basically, i have in a sense, given myself IBS by doing a liverflush.

i have never suffered from any GI problems (indigestion, constipation, pain, bloating, etc) until i did a liver flush. now i am plagued with these things to no end all day everyday.

i have tried numerous ways in the past year to help rid myself of this abdominal pain: colonics, probiotics, further bowel cleansing, energy healing, massage, various herbal supplements. i have even gone to the dr., where numerous tests (blood, barium, CT scans) and medication have been tried, but no help. dr. just says it is IBS, as they see nothing else wrong.

i still believe that one can heal oneself, but there is also that potential to harm oneself too. you never hear of people on these forums posting of bad results of liverflush, so who knows how often it actually happens. i wanted to post to let people know that it can and does happen. i guess i fell into the unlikely minority of those that did not find a wonderful life and health changing experience in flushing. after this horrible incident, i am afraid to ever attempt one again, since the first has crippled my health worse than before and i have been unable to correct or even make it moderatley improved in the past year. i am unable to work, and most days unable to do much of anything, mainly because of the severity of the abdominal pain more than my other health concerns.

many times i regret even finding this website (and learning of liverflush) because of where it has led my health, but it must have been for a reason, i have just yet to discover it.

thanx for listening and any help would be appreciated

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