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CureZone Newsletter Issue 213: Eliminating Parasites Naturally

Wormwood Capsules, Clove Tincture
Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse

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Published: 6 years ago

CureZone Newsletter Issue 213: Eliminating Parasites Naturally

Eliminating Parasites Naturally

CureZone Newsletter Issue 213


Father that experienced an awful feeling of losing a daughter
Working in Mozambique together with my wife, we were blessed by having a daughter Andra Maria, born on 03 Sept. 1982. Coming back to Romania in 1984, our daughter had a lot of health problems. She was always tired developing flu, fever, cough, adenopathy, nightmares, etc. Each night we had to treat her by aspirin to lowdown the fever and pains. At 5 years (1987), she developed some swelling bosses on the skull. We thought that this might come from falling and hitting.

My Story, Once More
Four years ago I nearly died. I couldnít turn my head. I was wheezing with every breath. My skin was turning yellow. My abdomen was swollen and wearing anything around my waist was unbearable. I wasnít hungry and barely ate anything, but I was gaining weight. The arthritis in my shoulders was so bad I couldnít lift my arms to put on a T-Shirt. I had to wear blouses with buttons. Something was stinging my esophagus and waking me up. I was sleep deprived. It felt like I had a red ant living in my chest, that didnít want me to sleep. It would sting me over and over and over all night long.

How I got rid of pinworms
Hereís how I did it. I immediately cut out ALL sugars and carbs from my diet. Replaced tea with Peppermint tea. No other drinks except water.

Acne finally cured - thanks to liver flushing and Humaworm
Just wanted to report that after a year of cleansing - 3 courses of Humaworm and 10 liver flushes - I got rid of acne, I have not had a breakout for over 3 months now. I suffered from acne for 14 years, visited countless doctors, tried all medications available, none of them helped, took 4 courses of tetracycline 3 months each throughout the years which helped at the time but acne always returned. I was on contraceptive pill for a year as doctor said it would help acne but never helped.

Cured of demodex mites for real!!
I thought I was a suffered of Demodex Mites for 10 months. Every day for 10 months I felt those ĒbugsĒ crawling and wiggling. I even felt worms wiggling out of the crown of my head. I spent about $2K buying creams to include Ponds Cold Cream, lotions, soaps, shampoos, going from doctor to doctor who either ignored me, or gave into my demands for Ivermectim. I even purchased 10 boxes of Borax laundry detergent to bath in, tea tree oil, colloidal silver ĖI was desperate!!!! to no avail.

I experience depression like Iíve never experienced before
Iíve had Candida in the past and done liver flushes for years but never thought I had parasites. Then not long after starting the BSO I passed a worm.

Cured (and still progressing) of Just About Everything
Hi there, just wanted to come back here one final time with good news. Iím cured of all parasites and have been for over a year now. I had it all-- crawling skin, scalp, liver/thyroid issues, ENDLESS DEBILITATING fatigue, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, vision problems, candida, allergies, hirsutism, and way more that i cant even list and Iím all or mostly cured (and still progressing). for so long i would scroll through this website, trying diets and supplements and obsessing over trying to cure myself, but Iíve finally cured myself.

I had severe hives at night for 7 months straight

Within 3 days of implementing their recommendations, 99% of the eczema disappeared.
My son was suffering from eczema until we did the ALCAT Food Intolerance Test.

I've been using gum turpentine for the past 5 years on a regular weekly basis
I now recommend it for people who have candida, bacterial and parasites infections. Iíve also worked with 3 groups who have autistic/ASD chidren. Lugolís Iodine, borax, alkalizing and turpentine helped many of the kids recover and become normal again.

Why is this happening at night? Weird
I had night hives 2 weeks ago for the first time in my life, but I was able to stop them and they havenít come back.

Video: I resolved my overgrowth of systemic candida within the body using turpentine in just 3 weeks

We are now mite free. What a relief! What a blessing!

what worked for me may not work for you

Morgellons - My Journey

This REALLY Does Work!

After 20 years of living with this awful condition, I've explored every possibility

I had brain parasites for most of my life

progress of my *possible* mite problem and recovery

Liver Flush and Joy

Bad Breath - Tapeworm

Interesting end to my fast....(Warning BM Story)

How Far I've Come

I had this infection several years ago and beat it

Severely autistic boy, 4, is on the road to recovery after undergoing WORM THERAPY despite being told he would never lead a normal life

bird mite cure

Magnets Kill and Paralyze Bird Mites

Getting rid of 'cancer', yes you can!! I did, no problem...

Castor Oil purged thousands of parasites from my small intestine

First liver flush...ARE THESE FLUKES????? HELP!!!!

I have been suffering from hives for years

Demedox mites and how to get rid of them 90% naturally

Parasites Gone = Headaches Gone

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