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Re: Liver flushes are creating the stones, get real!
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Liver flushes are creating the stones, get real!

Hi, I realize you are sharing your best wisdom and intuition with us, and I thank you. However, I do differ with your opinions about the liver flush.

First of all, if you had taken more than five minutes to read through posts and archives about the liver flush, you will find a great deal of conversation, and evidence, showing that the stones people are passing are NOT "olive oil, lemon, and SALT" as you put it (did you even READ a cleanse recipe? There is NO SALT in any liver cleanse I have ever read about on this site). There are numerous posts from people who have had their stones analyzed by labs, and the reports come back as saying the stones are composed of cholesterol, and other elements consistent with liver and gall bladder stones--never any mention of Olive Oil, Lemon, and SALT!

Furthermore, many people on this very site have reported having ultrasounds showing gallbladder stones, and after some flushes, the stones are reduced or you do the math.

Again, I realize you are just wanting to protect people from bad experiences, and not everyone benefits from the flushes--in fact there are some reports in the archives on this very site that some people got stuck stones and had to have emergency surgery. Your overall point, is very well taken, that this may not be the best route for everyone.

But, with all due respect, for you to come onto the site and start blasting the liver flushes, with which you appear to have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE, is unfair and downplays the great many successes that people have experienced with them.

About your friend. You wrote: "...why would a friend of mine who had done dozens of Liver Flushes continue to *%#&§?ß* out gobs of stones. There are only so many stones that can be in the liver. He looks like death warmed over--skinny with black circles under his eyes."

The fact that he has many stones still coming out when he flushes is not surprising. There can be many thousands of stones in a persons gallbladder, AND there are stones in the liver too. There are reports of people on this site who have done many flushes, and after a period of time, NO MORE STONES COME OUT. Now this would seem to be impossible, according to your logic, yet the evidence is in the posts. As to why your friend looks so bad, you have provided no information for even any kind of guess as to what is going on with that person. Again, I realize you mean well...but please have respect for others on this site, and do a little research before misjudging the experiences of thousands of people who are using a centuries-old rememdy to help themselves to get better.

And as for your parting comment, "The whole Liver Flush frenzy is completely obsessive and compulsive. It reminds me of a scene that could have happened in the movie "The Road to Wellville." Get a grip on yourselves, People!"

Please. What is obsessive and compulsive are the lies and misinformation that this media-crazed world feels the need to feed us, on a moment by moment basis. To want to cleanse the body, and do it thoroughly and well, is a real and deep desire of many people on this site, who just want to look and feel great. What do you want?

I do wish you well.



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