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Re: EXPERIENCE: how liverflush ruined my life/health even further! Very Gentle Answer long post but worth the read
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: EXPERIENCE: how liverflush ruined my life/health even further! Very Gentle Answer long post but worth the read

I am sorry that you had a set back in your quest to help yourself with natural healing. I have been studying natural healing intensively for over 10 years. All the posts for your message cause me to remember how overwhelming it is when one first embarks on a search for natural healing methods. IT took many years before I felt that I had founds methods that passed my tests for gentleness, naturalness and effectiveness/safety. Along the way I have ended up helping people that trusted me and learned thru them as well. My husband died of Agent Orange cancer, my Godfather died of colorectal cancer, my brother was diagnosed with MS last month and my mate has diabetes, high blood pressure, severe osteo arthritis, I have a 6 a 10 and a 15 year old and there are others. During the last 2 years I have come to some important conclusions and realized better ways to help and no longer feel so helpless in the face of so much available knowledge. When the children are older, I hope to enroll in homeopathic school/medical training. I do not want a degree, just more knowledge

1 disease = 1,000 causes.
1,000 causes = 1 disease.

After having explained to many people how to use natural healing methods and why they work and why it is that their alleopathic physician was taking them down the wrong road, I have gotten good at it I think. It is simple but takes work.

Our bodies have been designed with lots of healing mechanisms
that work on their own if you give them the correct fuel
and lubrication. We are designed to be well, not sick or hurting. If you think of this as the basic premise
of natural healing, then it follows that if you could just give your body's healing machines the correct fuel, then they will heal you no matter what is wrong or what your symptoms. The exception being of course serious or mechanical injury for which we of course then need the alleopathic physician. (emergency room)

So the big question is, what is the correct fuel? That is where lots of people get lost. You seem to have researched organic and healthy foods so you have that bridge crossed, just probably need to work on it more like all of us (even me).
You did not mention water, to me it is the most important fuel and is one of the biggest shortages if not the largest deficiency that I have found in people.
In todays age of depleted soils and plants/food it would be difficult to procure all the needed mineral/vitamin fuels just by eating food. After years of research, I have settled on a product (no I do not sell it) Solaray Vita-Prime for Women or Solaray Vita prime for men. I have discovered that Vit. C buffered complex does work to keep us healthy and prevent viruses and bacterial infections and my conclusion it should be taken daily to bowl tolerance (see book by Maureen Kennedy Salaman-All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally). When I come to people who are very weak or a situation where I think they may not be able to digest capsules for a certain reason, than I recommend liquid minerals and vitamins and again I have brand that I use for a lots of reasons. But.... and this is a big but, you cannot expect to take just vit./mineral supplents and not eat food, without food, you cannot heal. Important, if you take a Solaray Vita-prime capsule without food in your stomach, you will not like it, they are very powerful but cannot hurt you. I can explain further why they are a particular choice but that takes a lot of space.

Each person's body is so very different, and now in my wisdom I anticipate possible negative reactions to the methods that I have used for so long because there is always that very slight possibility. Because of such reactions, I have slowly but surely adapted ever more gentle ways. I use homeopathy, herbs, DGL, progestin (natural only), quercetin, castor oil, vinegar, honey comb, epson salts, oregano oil, pro-biotics, Colloidal Silver , yoga, exersize plus more.
These things I use to alleviate pain and give the healing machines a boost so as to tilt the battle in their direction so to speak. It would be helpful if you had someone to guide you in your learning about natural healing. When I help people, they often have problems or questions that come up when using the products that are new to them and it takes knowledge to use the correct "tool" at that particular spot in that person's recovery.

I believe that if you are still experiencing intestinal pains/discomfort and have the energy to try a little more, you need relief from your pain NOW. DGL or Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice extract is a gentle chewable tablet that when chewed approx. 15 min. before a meal stimulates product of mucus in the intestinatl tract. This mucus is healing and stops pain, (it is your own mucus). Yes the tablet tastes stongly of licorice, it must be mentioned that plain licorice does raise blood pressure but the de-glycyrrhized form does not raise blood pressure. Because it is so harmless and gentle, perhaps you can found the courage to try it for approx. 1 week before meals and see if you can get rid of some pain. I tell you this, my fiance had bleeding ulcers as seen on a camera that was slipped down into his gut. We did the prescription anti-biotics and prescription proton pump inhibitor (acid pump stopper) just like the "Dr." prescribed and when they put the camera down again, the bleeding holes were bigger than ever. That is when I put my foot down and said, MY WAY now. We did the DGL, he healed up fine and they have not come back (the bleeding ulcers). Meanwhile you can work on two other simple gentle things. 1)Water,water water, I have learned that especially with sensitive more reactive people, if you get into distress anywhere in your stomach area, at times simply drinking a full glass of water will lessen the problem.
2) Multi-vitamin from above plus Vit. C to bowel tolerance and you will have to be extra careful here, please understand bowel tolerance before you start to try vit. C, you can get loose bowels very easily, they are not harmful per se but may cause you extra discomfort.

Very important, you said you tried pro-biotics. I have learned they are not all created equally. Acidophilus is okay but the product that I have in mind is much more effective and gentle. I do not sell it. It is by Garden of Life, "Primal Defense". It contains not only good bacteria but enzymes as well. It is very expensive but can last a long time if used as a tool (I take as maintenance 1 or 2 per week). A caution here, take your first one (one only) on a day when it will not matter if you have discomfort. If you are truely dysbiotic (the bad bacteria far outweigh the good bacteria) in your intestines, you will start a small war. The good bacteria should win over the bad but that will produce dead bodies and possible gas and loud rumblings. Tough it out and the next time that you take a capsule, it should go a lot smoother. The next morning after your first capsule, remembet to take a check on how you feel (should feel a good difference). I cannot stress enough the gut bacteria balance is so important. Please read the book by Jordan Ruban "Patient Heal Thyself". IT address all bowel issues and explains quite scientifully how to cure bowel problem (1,000 diseases, 1 cause).

Here is a hard part for lots of people. All of us have better intestinal health if we WALK. WALK. WALK. Like horses, their vascular system is so large that if they cannot pump their blood
thru their body and move their intestines by walking, they slowly die. When we do rythemic strides of walking, it moves our blood and intestines in a way that cannot be duplicated. Any one in serious health condition, needs to start walking asap and continue for life, I cannot stress this enough.

I believe strongley that you should do a saliva test for hormone levels (estradial/progesterone) after reading the Dr. John R. Lee book or visit the web site. Each woman that we test is estrogen dominant (approx. 10 of us so far). Some women have concured problems similiar to yours (before your flush) simply by using the progesterone cream and taking the multi vitamin because the multi-vitamin has Iodine in it and this gives your body the fuel it needs to make hormones correctly. And yes, I have found hormone imbalance to cause a wide range of problem including all of yours, I know it sounds far out but I have experience with it.

Last but not least, I believe that Dr. Hulda Clark is at the top of the natural healing game, she pulls no punches and she is right. If you have metal/silver fillings you may not get rid of all of your problems until they are correctly replaced
I'm sorry about that, it is hard and expensive but very important. LIfe is too short to not try, you deserve to be pain free, happy, good life. I know that if you can keep on the correct vitamins/vit. c/water and exersize you can begin healing slowly and surely and it will be taking place in your body even 4 to 6 years from now, you are on the right track, it will happen, my ways take longer than some others, but they are gentler.
"Physician- first do no harm" Hippocrocates

I have never posted like this before anywhere, I hope it helps someone, I am glad curezone is here, just started reading it last month. I do know that our medical system is not practicing the higest forms of medicine and we must search for the answers ourselves and help each other. I was a scientist first, and all my knowledge is backed up with careful research and using my family and friends as guinea pigs and since then I have branched out and am so grateful when people trust me and I can help them.

Everyone, remember, don't slueth and study trying to find the one answer to your health problem. There is usually not one answer and sometimes they are not quick. If you do not fix the problem with the first try, there are lots more natural ways to try and you can find the answer, nothing is incurable, we are not designed to be sick.

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