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Re: Depressed, wishing Iíd never taken iodine
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Depressed, wishing Iíd never taken iodine


I am a huge fan of iodine.

For the record I was supplementing with it before Curezone existed, before Vulcanel was onto it, and most likely well before you were onto it. What nonsense are you talking about a heavily disclaimed website?

You did a good job getting the word out about it.

But at the same time you are one of the worst ambassadors because to be honest you f***ed yourself royally by somehow getting a heart attack.

Now, no one knows for sure how or why that happened. But so long as high dose Iodine and your heart attack are part of the same story, your credibility is near zero with me. There are quite a few people who had seriously bad reactions to taking iodine.

Note I never said Iodine was the problem, those are your strawman words.

I would agree mainly with everything Vulcanel has said. It would be more accurate to say that no one really knows what the f*** is causing the reactions. However, your reaction was to double down, triple down, then quadruple down and tell everyone to take the high doses you took. Then soon after you wound up in the hospital with a life-threatening event.

You can bang your fists against your chest all day long, I care not much.

99.9% percent is not really an accurate number, it's probably more like 90% from your forum. There were about 10-15 people who reported reactions. Most of them you chased away.

And to repeat, even if it was 99.999999% it doesn't matter if the .000001% is YOU.

Vulcanel is at least trying to figure out what's going on with these people, as am I.

I suggested that people with adverse reactions be dilligent and get a hair mineral test. If enough people do this, I strongly suspect we will see some patterns develop and make some strides in deciphering what's going on.

The fact is you have no f***ing clue why people are having reactions. Imo and I stress opinion, I think these advserse reactions are just really really bad herxing. Just because it's a herx it doesn't mean it can't kill you.

Your points are weak and strawmanly. I doubt that lack of Iodine is the singular cause of hashimoto's disease.

I agree, people should see flechas or brownstein in person if they can. Even Susie who posted here, and had a terrible reaction plans to continue supplementing again once her lymph issues chill out.

Getting all emotional about a mineral isn't really helping anything. If you want to actually help then first don't attack anyone who reports a bad reaction. Give them the space to voice their experiences, unlike what you did on your forum which was to ban anyone who reported adverse reactions.


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