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Depressed, wishing Iíd never taken iodine
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Published: 4 years ago

Depressed, wishing Iíd never taken iodine

Where to start? Iíve always been a happy person and appreciated life so much. I honestly was so in love with life, i would fear it would end early to an illness i could have prevented. This is where the horrible mistake of starting Iodine began. I have had some health issues that I at the time thought were horrible. These were hair loss and an embarssing rash that always appeared on my legs/buttocks. Being a 27 year old living in Florida, hair loss and rash had been devasting for me. I had experienced these two symptoms since i was 21. I learned to live with it after seeing countless doctors. In the back of my mind i always figured these were early signs something is not right in my body and if i didnt fix it, disease would arise. I tried multiple candida cleanses, strict diets, liver flushes, Colon Cleanses and so on. I had highly suspected candida because of multiple Antibiotics i had been on along with birth control back in highschool. After cleanses my symptoms would always come back. I came across idodine approach and ordered Dr Brownsteins book. I began his regime right away. Guess what, hair loss and rash cleared up almost immediately. I was thrilled. I was seeing white mucus in my stools and figured it was dienoff candida. I took one iodoral pill 12.5 mg a day for 4 weeks. The only side effect I had experienced at that time was loose stools. I stopped Iodine because I was going on vacation to visit a friend. Well about 1 week after stopping iodine, Iíve experienced the following: dehydration, muscle/joint aches, flushing, hot flashes, loose stools, heart palps, extreme anxiety, and throat tightness like something is stuck in my throat. I have lost 20 pounds!!! And i did not need too. I look SCARY! Iíve gone to bed almost every night thinking Iím going to die. This scared the shit out of me. I have now been off Iodine 6 weeks and symptoms seemed to be getting worse. Iím a teacher and had to take an entire week off from school because my symptoms are so bad. Iím scared Iím going to have to leave my job i once loved so much. I have seen the following doctors: primary, acupuncturist, functional doctor, holistic doctor, and kinesiology. I even visited the ER due to heart palps. I have drained my bank account. No one seems to know what to do. My bloodwork all shows ďnormal rangesĒ. My first blood test showed my TSH 0.46. My more recent test shows my TSH rising at 0.7, T4 1.5, and T3 3.0. My antibodies tested at a 1. Iím so lost. I canít even go to grocery store without feeling panicky and anxiety. This is ruining my life. I️ have been bed ridden for a month. My poor boyfriend, Iím miserable to be around. I have ignored all my friends because Iím too depressed and weak to even have a conversation. Besides any friend I tell Iíve taken iodine they think Iím insane. Itís so pathetic it actually gives me anxiety to see other people having fun and enjoying life. Isnít that horrible? I basically donít see the point in living honestly. I know that is dramatic. But my life went to shit so quick. I am suppose to be going to New York with my boyfriend next week. Little does he know NO way is that happening. This will be my first thanksgiving all by myself. Oh yay. Sorry for the long post of my depressing life. Iím just so so so lost. Iíve drained my account seeing all kinds of doctors. Only information i have gotten is to support adrenals and detox pathways. That is it. Iím so confused if my symptoms are detox? Is that even possible being off iodine for so long ? Did i give myself some type of goiter/ nodule? I donít know if I should continue co supplements and selenium? Selenium seems to be giving me loose stools i believe. Is my body crying out for iodine. back? Any help. Any information would be appreciated.

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