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Blah blah blah...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Blah blah blah...

Geeze. How many times are you going to repeat yourself?? You have said all that at least 3 or 4 other times now, eh? It doesn't apply now anymore than it did before, so let’s try thinking with a little more originality, how about? And it was Mozart himself who said he didn't consider himself to be writing it, that he was only copying down what he heard in his head.

Anyway, I wonder how much the NWO bunch are paying that yahoo, Ted Goertzel (with a name like that he could easily be another NWO stoogie, eh?) you keep quoting to invent a 'mental illness' so they can discredit and belittle anyone who actually does see thru all the lies to the truth about what they are up to? Why wouldn't they have someone do that?? It would be just good sense since they stand to lose ALOT if this take-over bid fails. It is kinda way too convenient that this joker just happens to call 'symptoms' the things that someone would see and say if they were starting to pull their heads out of the sand and realize, 'Hey, wait a minute! Something is pretty fishy here!' and start putting 2+2+2 together to come to a similar conclusion as mine.

And there are plenty of sane normal people who have expressed to me in person their awareness of how everything seems to be orchestrated right now to destroy America. Usually they have 2 or 3 of the things already lined up, and can easily see how the several others I can point out only reinforce what they already believe. You *must* be a NWO stoogie to be so conveniently and repetitively 'blind' to some things that are so blazingly obvious.

As for the racial unconscious; sure, yah, I just made all that up and so did everyone else I have ever talked to about it who also use it for seeing things on a psychic level or who talk about retrieving soul information stored in the Akashic records, etc. Jung made all his stuff up about it too, when he deals with the archetypes as found in the racial unconscious and the dream state which he considers a direct connection to the racial unconscious where you can retrieve suppressed information about yourself thru various methodology like hypnosis and gestalt therapy. I am sure you are right. How deluded we all are. There is just this huge group of us spiritual seekers and healers and even psychologists who are living in a big group fantasy. *rolls eyes*

What a rigid, crippled, narrow, and oh so dark little life you must be living, Cor. That is actually quite sad. And what a power-hungry, greedy, controlling world you must live in, if you are in fact that NWO stoogie. But all in all, that is not the way I would ever want to live. Hence my willingness to be ridiculed by people like yourself. If enough of us become aware of what is going on, we should be a pretty powerful force to stop it from becoming the NWO-controlled world your probable overlords want, even if it takes making physical enlightenment to do so.


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