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Probably YOU, Cor, should read more carefully too...
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Published: 14 years ago
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Probably YOU, Cor, should read more carefully too...

Hum. As I said, I don't hate the average Jew. I hate the NWO bunch and their ilk that have come from Jewish roots. They are ripping the heart and soul out of America, just as they did Russia. You do know Karl Marx was Jewish, right??

And we don't hear about all the atrocities the Jewish people committed on the Germans after the Germans lost the war. Oh no, all we hear about is how the poor Jewish people suffered. OF COURSE they suffered!! Everyone in Germany was suffering... They were LOSING THE WAR. Germans were starving too! Sure, the Jewish people imprisoned had it worse, for sure, but since (as I have mentioned), they always held themselves apart from the cultures they lived in, they were always considered un-trustable by the governments and people of the countries they lived in. Hitler probably believed they had no loyalty to Germany even as the gypsies didn't and therefore both groups became potential terrorists. That is why both groups got locked up, no different than the way we Americans locked up the local Japanese people because we were afraid they would do sabotage for Japan after the war started. The biggest difference is we won the war; Germany lost. Also we didn't piss of the Jewish leadership.

And for sure, even if you aren't Jewish, Cor, you do have all the right attitudes that fit oh so well with those NWO yahoos who think they are better than us. I can feel it in your posts. Your word choices and responses to someone who doesn't agree with you all carry the impression that you know you are so much better and are the very best and most right poster compared to all the rest of us smucks on this forum.

But if all of this is just me having issues (and you aren't actually in league with the NWO bunch) then they are issues with someone who has a raving superiority complex and whacks on all of the rest of us with it. Of course, that kind of complex is always rooted in a deep underlying sense of inadequacy so maybe that is all it is. You just being massively insecure and living the axiom 'The best defense is a good offense.' Whack, whack, whack! And believe me, being intelligent has been one of the biggest barriers I've had to getting more emotionally healthy, so I am guessing you haven't even tried to deal with your emotional problems yet. You have them all neatly rationalized away. I see that a lot in intelligent men, in particular. It is a severe handicap for even admitting there might be a problem, for sure.

And of course you are going to try to discredit me whether it is because you need to be the 'right-est', or because you have do to, to earn your pay from your masters. So call me severely in need of medical intervention if you like. Whatever! Like you are any kind of an authority on that topic. You only know what you read, and believe me, there is a whole lot more to diagnosing and treating mental dysfunction than reading a book or someone else's 'explanations'. *shakes head* With a double masters in systems counseling, that is something I know quite a bit about, eh?

And sure, you can find 'experts' to 'prove' anything you want, if you look hard enough, Cor (seems the major modus operandus around here anyway), and you do seem to be quite good at researching, I will admit. But if I wanted to make the time, I am sure I root around the internet or some online library and find some counter 'expert' to whack on your 'expert', but like I have noted before, I have a job. And a great relationship which takes up my weekends. I am not the lonely, lonely man I suspect you are, and so I have less to lose if people don't think I am the 'right-est and best-est' poster here.

I am comfortable saying what I say and if you want to believe it, fine. If not, fine. But if it makes someone stop and think, even just a little that maybe things aren't what they seem, and causes them to start pulling their heads out of the sand, that the best. I say, "Wake up, America!". The Wolf is *in* the house and getting ready to eat us all. Or worse yet, torture us to death first and then eat us. :( Seems the illuminati are prone to that behavior, or some of those who work for them are, anyway. I know the satanic cults do and the illuminati are heavily associated with those cults.

As for all the aspects I threw in of the overarching pattern? Hardly delusional. Each and every one of those things are being used to weaken us mentally and physically (confused and scared and sick, sick, sick makes resistance a lot less likely), suck dry our pocket books (poverty makes for very pliable populations, eh?), eliminate our civil liberties (can't shoot back if they take away our guns) and curtail our personal freedoms (keep us having to ask for permission for everything and totally in their power). They are trying to make sure they have all the bases covered this time, since they have really screwed it up sooooooo many times! Even still the internet totally blindsided them and kept them from getting complete control of the information flow they wanted in the time frame they wanted, I am sure.

And god forbid we ever lose our guns. :( That is one of the main reasons they have kept up the pretense that this is still a democracy. An armed revolution is still a real possibility. Actually that is why the Japanese said they didn't try to invade the west coast. They weren't afraid of our military; no, they were afraid of all the deer hunters who would come out of the woodwork if they try an invasion (and don't think the NWO bunch don't know it too!).

And that is exactly what the founding fathers intended when they gave us citizens the right to bear arms. To protect ourselves from any kind of hostile take-over, be it external or internal. They knew that both of those kinds of take overs were a very real possibility. Greedy and power-hungry people will always be trying to take over a great nation like America.

So call me loony if you want, Cor. I have never been saner. I see what your masters are doing, and so do a lot of other sane people. The trick is to get organized. They are making that very difficult, for sure.

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