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Re: Still bitter you got bee-atch slapped in a previous debate. THIS IS DEBATE TALK?
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Still bitter you got bee-atch slapped in a previous debate. THIS IS DEBATE TALK?

Some times you need a little more elbow than others, it worked for Cher in Moonstruck, it is called a stimulus interrupt, and it also works well on dogs or people who are not thinking or feeling.  You can also do it with children before the have a tantrum, I apply it sparingly but it works sometimes.   It is an effective tool in animal training, I had hoped it would work on you, alas it did not.

“They were satisfied with ONLY what they were taught and taught each other”, this better describes an extremist like you, and not a moderate like me.   You are a zealot (little z), a fanatical partisan that will not tolerate any new ideas and anything that is not contained within your beliefs is to be destroyed because it is ‘evil’.   It is the height of ignorance.    As a moderate I am capable of adapting to new situations, ideas, concepts - something like, EVOLUTION, BIG BANG, a pluralistic society, no discrimination, and reproductive freedom.   All the things you don’t accept because someone taught you they were wrong. 

As I pointed out to BN and WT recently, your religion is very subjective as well, I just recognize it.  You don’t go around killing all the people the Bible says to kill for various transgressions.  You have not stoned and adulteress or done any of the hundreds of things that you are commanded to do.   You read, pick what you like and then called it true devotion – liar, hypocrite, fraud.   Socrates is right, so what does that make your unexamined life?

You are also a hypocrite; you are not passively avoiding a disagreement.  You are actively and aggressively engaging in one.  What you are doing is obsessing over this subject, it is your CAUSE.  To hate all who would oppose you.  You can never achieve peace of mind or spirit carrying the way you do.  Try adopting my philosophy it will help you in the long run.

Don’t go putting words in my post.  I never wrote that I feel forced.   Occasionally I am compelled to right your wrongs, but I never feel forced.   Yet you while praising the format of debates wish to silence me because I debate to well.   First you want me out, and then you write that differing opinions are required for debates - Make up your mind!   If you feel facts are forceful, it is because you don’t like facts, logic either.  They are anathema to your beliefs.

We (general WE, not you) developed the ability to think rationally about the world around us, to dissect, analyze, probe and inspect our universe; this includes ideas, religion and supernatural beliefs.  Your refusal to use this wonderful evolutionary trait is the reason you feel that I am being forceful, you see thinking as aggression.   Luckily for the world, not all think [sic] like you.


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