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Re: not exactly
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: not exactly


That harshness was unecessary.

Really? Let's take a look again...

You posted, anonymously, in the evo/creation forum, about a well-known Christian who was guiltiy of both sin and crime. That makes no sense at all. It had nothing to do with creation and everything to do with airing dirty laundry on a fellow believer in front of unbelievers. You don't think that was harsh?? Put yourself in his shoes and see how you would take it if somebody did that to you. My point here is not whether he needs to be confronted by his sin, but by your double standard. Here you are naming names and being harsh, yet if it happens to you it's somehow wrong.

Yes I meant the backstabbing "Christians".

You were one of the major backstabbers Ev. You and Califlady. You have always been "harsh" to me or anyone else who confronted evil, yet I guess only you are allowed to dish it out.

I mean Church (TODAY)is nothing what the Bible describes - including most of the followers. It's merely become a club with a CEO pastor getting a high salary from the tithes and offerings. No widows and children are being looked after (just one example) When you compare the first New Testament church and believers you especially see the huge difference. The BIG business church and it's all positve and you name it you can clame it junk....NOT BIBLICAL.

I totally agree, and have written much about this. But what you refuse to see is that your always-positive rule for everyone but you is not Biblical.

YES sin needs to be dealt with. Especially sin in the church. But the unbeliever's sin is God's business. NOT ONCE did Jesus rebuke sin harshly in an UN-believer. The only time he was HARSH was when he rebuked the "religious folk" of his day and the "church" of his day. All the books of the bible that come in succession after the Gospels, are meant only for the Church(Christians aka believers). They were never meant to convert people. The unbeliever doesn't understand God's ways and therefore cannot understand those "letters to the church".

What does this have to do with me? I was harsh to false believers because they claimed the name. This is the Biblical response, as the Bible expressly states (1 Cor. 5:9-11). It is those who call themselves believers yet teach falsehood or live in sin that are to be confronted. But you have always ignored the fact that the Pharisees and legalizers were not Christians, and thus not believers. We see the example of Apollos who "vigorously refuted the Jews in public debate", and Jude's admonition to "earnestly contend" for the faith. What you call "harsh" is no such thing. It is strength and opposition to evil. But no matter how many times I've said this, no matter how many scriptures I cite, you still assert that all Christians are allowed to do is basically to put believers in "time out". Yet to me, no such "gentleness" is given. I've asked you to defend your double standard before, but you never have.

Back to the original concern - I heard about Dr. Dino initially on the news. Why it's taboo to mention it I don't understand. But, I think that it is fair game and open for discussion. And, yes in the debate forums. Why? because it sparks debate and would therefore not be suitable for a support forum. God is big business to some people - that isn't how it should be. I think that Jesus would have chased him with a whip.

It's the place you picked. Evo/creation debate?? What were you thinking? What message does that send to unbelievers? Is this an internal matter as you said above, or is it not? And is Hovind's personal life something to debate, or something to pray about? It's just really poor judgment to post it where you knew Christians would be few in number. You know, as I said, that "Christianity" Debate is a farce. Nothing good coulld possibly come from posting it in any CZ forum where Christians are held in derrision.

And I'm not sure why suddenly you and 3230 decided to act so harshly towards me when neither of you have said boo (to me) for weeks and weeks. Neither of you know my heart and can discern correctly from a few typed words in cyber space. Please do not jump to conclusions about me.

Harsh? What about what you just did to Hovind? How can you call what you did "not harsh"? Where is the procedure Jesus laid out: first you take it to him personally, then to the church, then kick him out if he does not repent? Granted he's in the public eye, but do you know for a fact that he has refused to repent? People like Benny Hinn have been warned and told to repent, yet not only have they refused, they have lashed out angrily with death threats against all who try to hold him to account. People like that are to be "handed over to Satan". But did Hovind go that far? Do you know?

Speaking of hearts, you don't know mine either, yet you claim to. You jump to conclusions as much as anyone. It's a two-way street. And even by your own rules, as a believer, it is well within our rights and responsibilities to call you to account for what you did. You can't complain about me and others while justifying your post about Hovind. The rule you used to defend your post about him is also being applied to you. We have done nothing different.

You drove me out of the forums a long time ago and never said "boo" to me after that. It's been well over a year. So why is it not your own fault nobody said "boo" back to you? What can I say to someone who drove me away? What did you expect from me? And for the record, I did not know your anon number and was only guessing. Funny how I could tell by your posts that you sounded an awful lot like the one who almost seemed to hate me for sincerely practicing what I understand the Bible to teach. You are not guiltless in all this, Ev. You have done your fair share of harshness and bashing, only you direct it at the people who are "earnestly contending for the faith".

Apparently I am a moderator still - but in the debate forums when I post, I post as me.

So what's with the anon number then?

Ev, we've been over this ground a hundred times and it never changes. All I ever wanted was to be allowed to follow the Spirit's leading without taking stab wounds from my fellow soldiers. All you ever seemed to want is for us all to be clones, to all behave exactly as you dictate and offer ourselves as punching bags for whoever wants to vent. I cannot fellowship with people like that. So I try to stay in my blog, which gets invaded now and then, but I could not remain silent while you perpetrated this travesty of half-hearted Christianity.

There, I'm done. In more ways than one.

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