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Published: 14 years ago
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SurprisedBOO !!!

Ok, that being said,  I fail to see how responding to what you posted here and your take on it is somehow a citicism on your heart or a lack of discernment into your person.  Nothing I said to you can be inferred as apersonal attack, that is if you read what I wrote carefully.  I have a pretty good understanding of what 'ad hominem' entails, and I have no need to utilize such silly antics with anyone, much less with you.  However what I said about the inclusion of this particular post in this particular forum,still stands.

It is obvious that what this dude did is totally reprehensible.  No honest, thinkng person, regardless of spiritual orientation, (unless of course they are openly practicing satanists, in which case doing very naughty is par for the course) can ever agree that these actions are anything but evil and dishonest.  There is no need to question your heart, but I can certainly question the motivations, or rather the wisdom in this paricular incidence, of posting an example of wrong doing by one 'so-called'christian' to be judged by non-believers.  It makes me wonder what you hoped to accomplish. Is it to raise the standards of believers at large?  Is it to call believers to conscience and fidelity to scripture?    Fine,  but by whom, by unbelievers?!!?  And what is the response of other believers to be, in this open and oft hostile environment ?  Are we expected to apologize publicly for what someone else did?  He will stand before God someday, and whether he has repented of his actions or not will be judged by Him someday.  In the meantime, yes, the rest of us need to be mindful of Whom we serve, and we are to help each oher stand to the measure to which we are called, but my contention is   not the  message per se  but certainly the medium.

I'm also chagrined to discover that we no loger seem  to agree on the  purpose of the support forum.  I can clearly remember some very intense conversations in years past.  I certainly agreee with you, as we have always believed, that unbelievers can   not be expected to know   or be  obedient to scriptures that they do not know or understand.  But by the same token, why  are you asking unbelievers to judge or understand what Bilical principles other  believers have failed on?

>>YES sin needs to be dealt with. Especially sin in the church. But the unbeliever's sin is God's business. NOT ONCE did Jesus rebuke sin harshly in an UN-believer.<<

Again, and using your logic, who then should deal  with the sins of believers, UN-believers?  So an unbeliever's sin is God's business and should be dealt with only by Him,  however, when a believer sins, it's somehow okay for another believer to  air the dirty laundry for speculation by unbelievers?  And this scrutiny is somehow supposed to help the church of Jesus Christ become more  like Him?  Wow, I guess I'm just too thick to see it...But quite frankly, in the same  way that I have obviously mistaken the purpose of the  new and abridged  support forum, I would have found the post in question quite at home there, where it would have opened up opportunity for self analysis by those who call  ourselves believers.

I'm truly sory if you have taken this whole thing to be a personal affront, I know how you feel, in fact, it is exactly how I felt when I first found your post here.  But I will not allow this to marr the love and respect which I have for you, because actually I have judged your heart, and I have never seen anything but kindness and good intentions.  I will just allow myself the opinion that this was an unwise action on your part, and naturally, you may freely disagree with every word I have uttered.  Let God's Word alone be true.

Peace to you ...and again....Boooo!!!


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