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Re: Not b-slapped, just have a job.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Not b-slapped, just have a job.

So many conspiracies, so much bigotry, so much ignorance- all in a single post.   Most people would need several posts to accomplish what you just did.  It is really too bad you refuse to think clearly on subjects and you let your bigotry and fear get a hold of you. 

What is it with you and Jews?  Did you get beat up a lot as a kid by a Jewish bully?  Do you feel inadequate when compared to them?  Did you get passed over for promotion?   I know, you feel like a failure when compared to them, and so you hate them and blame them for all your misery.   I suggest you get of your ass and start doing something other than assigning blame to others when all the blame is yours – and possibly your parents for raising such a paranoid, hateful and ignorant person.  These things tend to run in families.  Are your parents and siblings equally flawed?  Will you/ are you passing on your delusions and hate on to your children, nieces/nephews?

I’ve already said I am not Jewish, ethnically nor religiously.  You are my enemy because you stand for and spread ignorance, fear, lies and bigotry and I am an enemy of all those things.   It has nothing to do with your delusions of a NWO, or Illuminati, Jews or whatever group you imagine is conspiring against you.  

It is very clear from my position regarding homosexuals, Palestinians, Islam, minorities, religious extremism, civil liberties, ACLU, CIA renditions, free speech, privacy, torture, tolerance and many more other topics that I am a defender of human rights, civil liberties and human dignity.

You are a hypocrite and a liar.  It is evident from your statements that you hate Jews, you think they are conspiring against you personally, the world, religions, and governments.   At least have the stones to admit you are a hateful bigot.   Now maybe it is not all your fault, it could be the anal probe directing your actions, or that brain implant the doctors can’t find, but you know is there.   Quick cover the room with foil, it will prevent the ‘rays’ from reaching you!!!!

If I were to take your idiotic position regarding Jews, it would be more logical to argue that you are a member of this non-existing conspiracy group.  By spreading your ignorance about idiotic theories you inhibit rational thinking, prevent the dissemination of facts and create distrust among groups.  It is a typical divide and conquer tactic.  Luckily I am not so stupid as to believe in any such nonsense.  I don’t suffer from apophenia like most of you PCTs do.

I am glad I am not a worker drone.  It is the term most people use for people who work in jobs in which they have zero influence, no input, is repetitive and poses no intellectual challenge.   Intelligence and education pay very well.  I was born with intelligence, developed through various means (see my blog on Chess) and worked hard to get an education – and it has paid off very well.   Too bad you will never get the chance to find out.

 The reason you find patterns is that you have a disease/condition called apophenia.  It results in your brain (such as it is) making connections where none exist.  So if a song on the radio comes on while you are making toast it has some deeper meaning to you.  And those that don’t see it are part of the conspiracy.  It also has to do with anomia – the lack of interpersonal trust, you go around thinking everyone is out to get you, you are miserable your whole life.  You are always thinking that “they” are waiting just around the corner, it is a deep seeded insecurity.  It also tells us that you have no sense of self worth, and you do not develop relationships because you believe they will betray you.

 As Ted Goertzel writes in Belief in Conspiracy Theories;

“The strong correlation with the scale of Anomia indicates that Belief in Conspiracies is associated with the feelings of alienation and disaffection from the system.  Volkan (1985) suggests that during periods of insecurity and discontent people often feel a need for a tangible enemy on which to externalize their angry feelings.  Conspiracy theories may help in this process by providing a tangible enemy to blame for problems which otherwise seem too abstract and impersonal.  Conspiracy theories also provide ready answers for unanswered questions and help to resolve contradictions between known "facts" and an individual's belief system.”

 “Conspiratorial beliefs are useful in monological belief systems since they provide an easy, automatic explanation for any new phenomenon which might threaten the belief system.  In a monological belief system, each of the beliefs serves as evidence for each of the other beliefs.  The more conspiracies a monological thinker believes in, the more likely he or she is to believe in any new conspiracy theory which may be proposed.”

“Monological conspiracy thinkers do not search for factual evidence to test their theories.  Instead, they offer the same hackneyed explanation for every problem - it's the conspiracy of the Jews, the capitalists, the patriarchy, the communists, the medical establishment, or whatever.  In these cases, the proof which is offered is not evidence about the specific incident or issue, but the general pattern, e.g., the X conspiracy has been responsible for all of our other problems so it is obvious that they must be responsible for this one as well.”

The last 4 paragraphs of your post are the work of a madman.  You threw everything in there from dogs, coffee, guns, elections and pedophiles.  You are in serious need of some medical intervention, but of course since they are part of the ‘conspiracy’ you will never get the help you need.  This is the same irrationality you brought to our other discussion and why you heard a big metaphorical ‘plat’ hitting you on the face.


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