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More Monsters in the Closet ..
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Published: 14 years ago
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More Monsters in the Closet ..

There is no “racial unconsciousness”, there is no evidence that it exists, there is not mechanism to suggest its existence and there is no reason to believe in it.  It is just another pacifier that keeps you from crying at night asking for your mommy.  It gives you a feeling that you are special, maybe because without this fantasy you do not feel worthy. The feeling that Mozart describes is similar to what is described by all those who have achieved mastery in their chosen skill.  It comes after years of dedication to their craft; it has nothing to do with your supernatural beliefs.  The fact that Mozart wrote original music is proof enough that he wasn’t copying anything.

I am fully aware of my feelings, but I use my reasoning skills, my intelligence to differentiate between feeling and knowledge.  You do not seem to have this ability, like a madman you are a slave to your feelings.  Little better than a wild animal. Your psychotic notions of a NWO conspiracy have no basis on reality.   You gut instinct is a substitute for ignorance and fear, and your notion of past lives suggests you are in need of psychiatric help.  Personality dysfunction or brain dysfunction, or one led to the other; no matter how you slice it, it is not real.

I suggest you study epistemology, and ontology, it may help you in making sense regarding the difference between true knowledge and false notions.  You are confusing the two.  Your connection is the same type of connection people feel who hear voices or believe that their dogs are talking to them. 

You are spending your life creating an illusion, enemies to fight and blame and to compensate you also create this vast spiritual mythos to soothe the feelings that you created in yourself in the first place

“The strong correlation with the scale of Anomia indicates that Belief in Conspiracies is associated with the feelings of alienation and disaffection from the system.  Volkan (1985) suggests that during periods of insecurity and discontent people often feel a need for a tangible enemy on which to externalize their angry feelings.  Conspiracy theories may help in this process by providing a tangible enemy to blame for problems which otherwise seem too abstract and impersonal.  Conspiracy theories also provide ready answers for unanswered questions and help to resolve contradictions between known "facts" and an individual's belief system.”

 “Conspiratorial beliefs are useful in monological belief systems since they provide an easy, automatic explanation for any new phenomenon which might threaten the belief system.  In a monological belief system, each of the beliefs serves as evidence for each of the other beliefs.  The more conspiracies a monological thinker believes in, the more likely he or she is to believe in any new conspiracy theory which may be proposed.”

“Monological conspiracy thinkers do not search for factual evidence to test their theories.  Instead, they offer the same hackneyed explanation for every problem - it's the conspiracy of the Jews, the capitalists, the patriarchy, the communists, the medical establishment, or whatever.  In these cases, the proof which is offered is not evidence about the specific incident or issue, but the general pattern, e.g., the X conspiracy has been responsible for all of our other problems so it is obvious that they must be responsible for this one as well.”

Ted Goertzel, Belief in Conspiracy Theories


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