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Re: The Greys and UFOs
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The Greys and UFOs

People have been abducted by other aliens as well as the greys, I think. What I have seen in the racial unconscious about all this is that the human body is like a soul magnet (vacuum, more like!) and it will suck in any spirit that happens by and sometimes it isn't even that close to earth. So I am guessing a lot of these previous abductions were the spirit's original species trying to get their lost spirit back. That is part of what is underlying the more recent grey abductions too, I think. I don't see that they have their extinction thing worked out yet, but they just need more greys and so are trying to get their spirits back into grey bodies again to keep their species viable. I don't think any of the human 'greys' want to go back though. Being human is a *lot* better. Privacy, self-direction, and comfort are just a few of the advantages over being grey, with their hive mind, and worker drone bodies. The greys are loathed to kill and so release them when the spirit refuses to return. I am guessing a lot of humans thus treated are prone to dying of shock though; so many times they don't come back.

And actually, very few of the aliens regularly travel by ship from what I can see. There is a vast inter-connected web of energy paths that make a journey of hundreds of thousands or even millions and billions of light years into maybe a stroll of a couple of miles if someone has created and attached a gateway on the desired world. I am not sure how the paths work, but I can see the elves and greys and a lot of other alien people using them to get here before and during the time of Atlantis. When Atlantis went down though, it snapped all the ones attached to earth, and those aliens who were here and didn't get killed during the destruction and the sinking (like the elves and the South American star people), got stuck. That is why the myth of the elves finally leaving has them getting on ships to go. Their ships finally got here to rescue them around the time of the early Roman Empire, I think.

That is also why Christianity probably took off at that time. Since I can see that the gods of both the Greeks and Romans were actually the elves, they were no longer here to protect their worshipers from attacks by rival religions. And when the worshippers didn't get the help they were used to getting, they probably switched to what ever religion seems to still be working, more or less. The elves were definitely a bunch of drama queens (but with way too much ability to work with energy for any human to complain of it to them!) who loved the interesting and unpredictable nature of humankind, for the most part and since they were stuck here and bored, they tended to involve themselves with humans a lot. But of course, it does get old after a while, and I bet the elves were more than glad to leave all this mess behind them. I do believe a new group of elves either came then or have arrived since then, to work with the other groups in getting things back under control here, but they haven't and won't involve themselves with humans other than to make sure the NWO bunch and the greys play fair with us (like not using advanced weaponry to coerce us into compliance and such) since we, despite our unusual beginnings, are now a truly sentient species warranting such protection until we can protect ourselves.

Unfortunately though, even travel by ship to earth is or was rather dangerous. The snapped energy pathways were flailing around in a completely uncontrollable manner and they tended to suck up galactic passersby, sweeping them off to locations unknown. I think the various groups of aliens have finally started getting those things contained, since I am seeing more and more different kinds of aliens around us nowadays.

Probably they are planning to re-attach the energy pathways as soon as the NWO gets us humans under control. The last thing any of these groups of aliens wants is us, freed off this planet and roaming around trashing things in their part of space. That is part of why the NWO keeps trying to dumb us down and from discovering our true potential with our ability to work with and use raw energy (i.e. squash any awareness of our psychic/spiritual nature). We do have the potential to be some of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy, not because we are more powerful than the elves, say, but because we are so unpredictable (and fairly unreadable psychically), with an incredibly diverse creativity when it comes to getting even and protecting ourselves.

The triangular 'ship' you saw looks human made to me when I search for it in the racial unconscious. Our (or I should say the NWO's) war machine is well aware that we aren't the only beings in the universe and want to make sure that they can protect their own once they take over and this becomes an unrestricted planet for other species. Because of our unique origins, we humans were given more time to evolve our specie's awareness, I think, but if we are stupid enough to buy into the NWO's line and become their slaves thru legal trickery on their part, then this just becomes another inhabited world, open to any and all. The NWO bunch does have some of it's ancient technology left, but the techs who understood how it works and how to fix it are long gone into human bodies, I think, and the illustrious leaders haven't a clue how to fix it themselves, so they are scrambling to get some new stuff made and usable.

I think the triangle ship is such a thing, although it doesn't seem to be a space ship; just a planetary vessel. Other species don't really like the NWO bunch either and won't let them buy anything from them because they are afraid the NWO will stupidly let some of the ship technology fall into human hands. Like I have said before, the rest of the galactic community is not impressed with the NWO bunch's previous and failed attempts to get and keep us under their control.

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