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Re: Women: open to non-sexual relationships?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Women: open to non-sexual relationships?

Women want to like sex. If it is good sex, we do, but even the best sex is frustrating. That is why women turn mean. They are not satisfied deep down inside. It is because men tend to treat the vagina like it's a penis turned inside out. It is not. Men are trying so hard to make women feel good, they prevent us from having ogasms. The friction and motion that makes a woman cum is very subtle. Men have to figure out how to blend subtle motion with the kind of vigorous exercise that turns them on, in order to get a woman off.

Most women think something is wrong with them. This is reinforced by men, who believe something is wrong if all the vigorous thrusting that turns them on and gets them off, is not getting a woman off. But the vagina is not a penis turned inside out. Indeed. The clitoris is a tiny little penis. So you have to think about how you would be touching your penis if it were the size of a lentil. That is what gets a woman off.

I figured out how to have an ogasm long before I ever had sex. I was looking forward to the day I got married, and my husband's penis would be doing the dirty work, and I could sin no more. But unfortunately he friction and motion he applied didn't even come close to giving me an ogasm. It just hurt. So he told me something was wrong with me. I needed to get a medical examination. I needed to get therapy. Perhaps I was a lesbian and on and on, because I didn't like what he was doing, which hurt. We got a divorce.

The human sexual condition is beyond disgusting. I don't have much hope for the human race.

I went looking for the big O in the sky. Men were all thrusting and carrying on and all I could do was go numb to endure and wait for it to be over. I got therapy. The therapist said I was not alone. Many women cannot have an ogasm during sexual intercourse. That did not surprise me, but it did not make me feel any better. Was God a practical joker, or what? Was there something wrong with my body?

Eventually I met a man who could give me an ogasm with his penis. I was in heaven. He made love much more tenderly and gently than any of my other lovers. He did not push past the gripper spot. He backed out and made sure I was well lubed first. He did not talk dirty. He used sophisticated sensual conversation. It was easy and effortless to move toward an ogasm with him. I became starry eyed and fell in love. As soon as he saw the joy and the love I felt, he got scared and dumped me for another woman.

It was 30 years before I met someone else who could turn me on like that. He said he didn't want to be in a relationship with anyone. So we were just lovers for a few months, until another woman refused to give him any sex unless he ended it with me and gave her a monogamous commitment. So he dumped me too~

After tearfully telling me how wonderful it was to be in a relationship with someone who understood him the way I did, and saying that it was the best sex he ever had, he stood me up on purpose, told me he was glad he did it, he yelled at me that he had never wanted to be in a relationship with me, and accused me of trying to make it seem like we were in a relationship. He said he felt trapped~ by his open non-monogamous involvement with me, because another woman refused to have sex with him unless he gave her a monogamous commitment.

I am sixty. It has been 8 years. I haven't even met anybody else who can turn me on. Women fake ogasms because they don't know what an ogasm is, but they like the vaginal exercise and they know men will get hard and stay hard if they pretend they are having ogasms. Women fake ogasms because men will go soft if they don't. Women fake ogasms to keep men in their lives. But eventually they will want to end it and try for an ogasm with someone else.

Women fake ogasms to get men off their back. They fake ogasms because they are tired of being called lesbian. They fake ogasms because men will say it is not a match and want to look for another woman who will fake an ogasm if they don't. They fake ogasms so they don't have to get therapy. They fake ogasms so their lovers will not be grouch and ornery. As long as women are faking ogasms, men will never learn how to really give a woman an ogasm. Women could solve the over population problem by getting honest because men would not be able to get hard and stay hard if they knew the truth

Women fake ogasms to get men. Then they have to fake ogasms to keep the men. Then they have to deal with the Depression that is caused by their deceit. Half the women on this planet don't know what an ogasm is, so they have expanded their concept to include all kinds of conniptions and meditations and ogasmic living and ogasmic lifestyle, so they can pretend they are ogasmic. And they have hijacked the word ogasm. They say what I am doing is a c1imax. Bull. What they are doing is a c1imax. What I am doing is an ogasm. I just can't do it with men, because they are so confused by the women who don't know what an ogasm is, because they are flopping like fish and squealing like pigs and having ecstatic conniptions to get men up and keep them up so they can exercise their vaginas.

The human sexual condition is pitiful and disgusting. Women of child bearing years think the bigger the better. If you have a small penis, lookout. You are very likely to get dumped by a young woman. The older a woman gets the drying and tighter her vagina becomes. An older woman is much less likely to dump a man because of the size of his penis. But there isn't anything that can prevent a man from dumping a woman for some fresh meat elsewhere, except a marriage license and the threat of losing half the assets, if he has any. That is why traditional marriage is nothing more than legalized prostitution. It was designed to protect women from the fickle men who can be led around like bulls with rings in their frenulums by women they've never had yet.

As long as a man wants to have sex with you, and he hasn't had any yet, or he can't get any any where else, you are the queen of his universe and you can do no wrong. The minute someone else shows interest in him, if you have already had sex with a man, you go to the back burner and he loses respect for you. He starts showing up late, cancelling dates, and standing you up. He will not do any of that while he is hoping to have sex with you. Have sex with him and he will lose respect for you and start taking you for granted. Makes me wonder how men can respect themselves. I honestly don't think they can or do.

Hold out for a commitment and the sex is horrible. Every time. Then you feel shallow because you have to end it, or depressed if you decided to stay and hope it will improve. If you try to teach them how to be better lovers, they go soft and say other women like it. BS. Nobody could like that. The other women are just so financially insecure they will pretend it's good to keep a man around paying half the bills. Men who are good in bed are commitment phobics because they have so many woman available, hoping and waiting for a turn to be lovers. Good lovers are few and far between. A good lover gives a woman hope of maybe having an ogasm too, during sexual intercourse, if it turns into relationship they can count on long enough to condition themselves to come with the guy. But good lovers have so many women wanting sex from them, they have little time or interest in a relationship.

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