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Media Blurbs - some thoughts   14 y  
Unvaccinated kids - What danger? War on Terror - what terror?
From Vaccines to Airline Security breaches, I have some thoughts to ponder about the message the ’popular news media’ is sending these days. Unvaccinated kids - What danger? War on Terror - what terror? For starters, we have seen that some States are getting tough with school kids/parents who refuse to get their vaccine shots. Parents and School officals alike are getting air time by saying: ”We cannot have those un-vaccinated kids roaming around public schools” ...but who the heck is threatened by them? - don’t the ”vaccinated kids” have the protection they need against those ex ...   read more

Oil at $87 and rising - still no alternative energy    14 y  
Imported oil is favoured over alternative energy, governments tilt the markets that way.
Oil at $87 and rising - still no alternative energy!! Ever wonder whats going on? I have an idea - and its not as crazy as that last post. This is harsh reality. I remember that we understood that as the price of oil went higher it was going to be balanced out against alternative energy becoming more affordable The high price of oil was supposed to [hoped to] make alternative energy more attractive, and the markets would adjust with lowered demand for oil as alternatives come onstream. The emissions from fossil fuels would also slow, it was all going to balance out in the ’free ...   read more

Warming up to Climate Change - the Elites have a plan.   14 y  
Fantasy about global warming - why the Elites WANT it to happen
If the ”non-action” to fight climate change is any indication, it would seem that the powers-that-be must WANT it to happen. Emissions are STILL increasing, and there is no binding targets to stop the rise. So nothing will be done, not anywhere, and certainly not in time to have any significant reduction of ’climate changes’and the expected collapse of the great ice-sheet and resulting ocean rise of several meters. Lots of things COULD be done, we have the technology to decrease emissions within just a few years if they were implemented, but none of them are being used. So I think it ...   read more

Food Shortage and Obesity? - Global Warming's role   14 y  
Food shortages and high costs of whole foods are leading to obesity
Has Global Warming already started a food shortage? Real foods, ”whole foods” are now either not available or much more expensive than they previously were. Have you seen a grapefruit lately? Or noticed the price of orange juice? That is because weather patterns are no longer stable as they were just a decade ago, and as they were for the past 100s of years, due to global warming. Climate changes are causing bad weather, obviously, including more severe drought and floods [now occuring in the SAME season] and even unexpected early frosts, oddly enough. These are having a negative im ...   read more

Africa - "Race Against Time" - Economic Sabotage   14 y  
"Race Against Time" [2005] is a book by Stephan Lewis that tells the ugly truth about African poverty.
Wickedness ; Immorality ; Perverse ; Obscene - those are just a few of the words to describe what has happened to Africa over the past 25 years, and they all apply to western and developed nations. As relates to the poverty in Africa, the IMF and World Bank play their roles of executioner, while the various ’Development Organisations’ are putting on a show, appearing to be helpfull but are actually doing the opposite. It has been ’economic sabotage’. The IMF and World Bank made huge loans to the various military dictators of African nations, dictators who basically stole the money ...   read more

Pain-Brain overloading idea - no takers?   14 y  
Pre-motor pain mechanism overloading concept is totally ignored.
Is overloading being overlooked?? It has been more than a month since I latched onto the idea that chronic pain syndrome must have something to do with the brain’s ’frontal lobes’ becoming overloaded in similiar ways to learning disorders. {see my previous blog titled: ”Chronic Pain and Learning Disorders - related?”} It seems like such an obvious concept - of course the processing areas in the brain are becoming overloaded from ”sensory stimuli”. It is not cutting edge neuroscience anymore, it has been accepted in grade-school classrooms that some kids cannot learn as easily as oth ...   read more

Speaches asking for world peace   14 y  
quotes - some beautifull words
”We pray that peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations, may have their great human needs satisfied; that those now denied opportunity shall come to enjoy it to the full; that all who yearn for freedom may experience its spiritual blessings; that those who have freedom will understand, also, its heavy responsibilities; that all who are insensitive to the needs of others will learn charity; that the scourges of poverty, disease and ignorance will be made to disappear from the earth, and that, in the goodness of time, all peoples will come to live together in a peace guaranteed by the ...   read more

Nature's Wisdom - a Comparitive Analogy for our times   14 y  
Damage to essential parts of nature's systems creates catastrophic consequences - "Alcoholc is to fetal DNA as Emissions are to Global Warming"
Continuums Lost - How wrong it is Nobody has trouble understanding what a terrible injustice it is to the unborn when it is damaged by alcohol consumed by the mother. We might rationalise her actions by saying she was ignorant of the consequences, or that she was just too mentally disturbed to overcome her addiction, but for the baby there is no recourse, no way around it - the damage is permanent. Also, if the damage is severe enough, the child will never grow up to be independant, it will need care just to survive for it’s entire life. It will never carry out it’s biological imperi ...   read more

Morphine politics: I am being singled out again   14 y  
Morphine prescribing is being restricted, who will pay the price
They are after me again!! - morphine politics and treachery in the street drug trade has come around to me again. I don’t know for sure yet what brought it on, but there is so much weirdness that it cannot be ’what it seems’. As you likely know from this blog and so on, I am getting a morphine prescription for my chronic and acute pains that are not yet fully understood. I find it helps a great deal, and that I am thriving with it and a lump of agony without it. After just 6 mos. with a new doctor, I am once again being asked to book extra time for a ”complete physical exam” to determin ...   read more

Chronic Pain and Learning Disabilities - related??   14 y  
The book "The Brain that Changes Itself" gave me an idea about chronic pain conditions
The Book titled ” The Brain That Changes Itself ” was published just recently, in 2007. Dr. David Doidge writes about how the brain is more changeable than ever thought so before, called plasticity. Neuroscience has a new branch - neuroplasticity. In it, he describes how learning disorders are sometimes that result of the brain’s ”processing capacity” that is easily overloaded for these people. The ones that apply to me are: * People with this problem will skip forward when reading, or be easily distracted. * Their handwriting is jerky and they prefer to print because printing requir ...   read more

Breaking new ground - Chronic Pain and Morphine withdrawals   14 y  
quitting morphine for chronic pain people is a special agony
Chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia are considered ”modern illnesses” in that they are new to the human experience because possible causes include the toxins and conditions of the 20th and 21st Centuries. This is certainly not to say that pain is new to humans, or even long term pain conditions. We heard about Job in the bible talking of his aching sinews, and that was a long long time ago. However, the modern human organism has been exposed to some pretty novel challenges that affect the ”map of the brain-body” where almost anything can happen. Neurological defects are not wel ...   read more

Afghan Heroin Trade - another similarity to the Vietnam War [and more!]   14 y  
Afghan Heroin - similiar to the Vietnam heroin trade
We don’t hear anything about how the Afghan poppy crop heroin is distributed, but someone must have an idea. The one tidbit we were allowed to hear is that it makes it’s way, eventually, to places like Vancouver’s east side, but only because they warn users there that the heroin might be more pure than they are used to [can’t have our addicts dropping like flies or it would raise an outcry, plus the fact that they are the best customers]. Another thing we DO know is that the Afghan poppy crop production has increased significantly since the Taliban were ousted and the western milita ...   read more

Militarism - Media and the Public Mind   14 y  
Militarism is a state of mind now in North America
The flag-draped coffins, the honour and the glory, my useless life could have meaning there oh boy! Thats the message our youth are getting from the mass media lately. When media parades the military code but neglects to show the suffering, the indignities, or the grief of families and friends when soldiers are injured, it creates a false impression on impressionable minds. It is a form of recruitment, or at least enticement, for our youth. Instead of going to school or becoming a worker in a dull job, they could just join the army and give their lives some meaning. There is no compa ...   read more

Vietnam comparisons raised by Bush2 - uh huh   14 y  
Iraq's fatefull genocide and civil war is a factor of invading in the first place, not a factor of when the USA troops leave.
Vietnam was the same as Iraq will be? - thats what Bush warned when talking about the USA troops leaving there. If the Americans had not gone into Vietnam, millions and millions of deaths would not have occured, and there would not have been any difference in ’communist influence’, dominoe theroy. etc. [it ended up communist anyhow] For Iraq, it is now obvious - and it was predictable enough - that the place would not have been turned into a large heap of broken buildings and lives if America had never invaded Iraq. 100s of 1000s of lives would not have been lost,including many innoc ...   read more

It is getting to be laughable - America the Afraid   14 y  
Terrorism is not a threat to Americans in America.
America has been on ’permanent alert’ since 2001, but there have been no attacks from Islamic radicals in all that time, not even failed attacks. It seems a little overblown. Americans are so afraid of attacks that might kill a few thousand people every 6 years. That many die in car crashes every month or so in the USA. Besides, Islamic radicals have said they never attack America’s mainland, just American targets in Arab lands - thats a quote from bin Laden. Americans have little to fear from terrorism yet many of them still cower behind Baby Bush like scared liitle kids. Meanwhile, ...   read more

Tommy Douglas - we need you again.   14 y  
Socialism helps people
”Socialism Struggles against corporate influence in government.” 1944 - Tommy douglas is elected as head of the CCF in Saskatchewan Canada, North America’s 1st socialist govt. At the same time, the fascist dictator Hitler is in power in Germany, aligned with several American corporations, banks, and wealthy buisinessmen who have sold million of dollars worth of military equiptment and fuel, often from factories and corporations in Germany owned partly or wholey by Americans. That comparison is to show that the range of governments in that era is the same as today. Also, the ’c ...   read more

Global Warming deniers - "put up or shut up"   14 y  
Deniers are still effective - "put up or shut up"
I have posted may times on various sites about global warming, and allways get a ”denial reply” from sombody or another that says that global warming is not real, with some factoid like ”temperatures are no longer rising since 1990”. Thats just plain wrong, but they win because it distracts the conversation away from solutions and back to the denials. It goes on and on like this, even though we prove them wrong, and we show that they are paid off to produce fake science, there is no action whatsoever to even stabilise emssions, much less reduce them to where they have to be. The time ...   read more

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