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Pope Condems Condoms, millions die.   12 y  
Pope condems condoms, millions get HIV/AIDS
Pope Condems Condoms So the Pope says condom use increases AIDs cases.... But that doesn’t make sense because we have seen HIV cases drop by 80% in places like India where sex trade workers started using condoms. So it looks like more facts bent to suit someone’s illusions of what is moral and proper, that you simply don’t want sexually active single people, in Africa or anywhere, and that idea is all based on the idea that condoms prevent pregnancies, which is an abonimation in the eyes of God, to Catholics, because a fertlised egg is ”alive”. But the egg isn’t fertilised yet, Mr ...   read more

The Local Principle   12 y  
The Local Principle
The Local Principle In so many ways, things work out better when done locally. The bank bailouts have brought this long-held idea back to mind for me, where so many people are disgusted at the huge amount of spending of US government dollars that are going out to, and may never be coming back or actually solve the problem of, the large banks that are mired in bad debt. The excuse used for these bailouts is that those banks have to be able to lend money to businesses, or the economy will stall even more. I say that LOCAL banks, smaller banks, can handle MOST of those loans that wil ...   read more

"Sea Sick" - a book by Alana Mitchell   12 y  
There is a global ocean crisis due to carbon.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 It is a very simple concept that the oceans are what keeps the conditions for life on planet earth stable. The oceans cover two-thirds of the area of earth’s surface, and they are deep and water is heavy, unlike the thin, light atmosphere. Sea Sick - a book by Alana Mitchell The premise of this book is that there is a global ocean crisis due to carbon. The oceans are by far the biggest single entity that helps to stabilise Earth’s atmospheric temperature, and in large part the ocean temperature and PH levels are the mechanism for that stability. It is a ...   read more

Twirly Light Bulbs Saga - so, they are not heaters, eh?    12 y  
CFL lightbulbs are not heaters, duh!
Twirly Light Bulbs Saga It was being reported last week that the CFLs [Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs] were not the energy saving invention they were thought to be. The news is that the actual energy savings in producing light were offset by the loss of heat that incandescent lightbulbs produced, and that heat loss was being made up by burning more fossil fuels. ”Energy Audits” showed that CFLs were not actually saving energy or emissions - so we were heating our homes with lightbulbs after all - who woulda thunk?? I have heard the ’anti-environmental jerks’ laughing out loud when ...   read more

Alcoholic Beverage Promotion Month?   12 y  
Lots of TV spots about beer and wine lately - is it alcoholic beverage promotion month?
Alcohol Vs. Pot and Opiates - is Prohibition Justified? or: What is this - Alcohol Promotion Month ? I haven’t heard any announcement, but it seems this must be ”Alcoholic Beverage Promotion Month” or something, because I have seen so many news spots and TV ads about wine and beer and even hard liquor on TV. Homemade beer was one, and then several about the fact that despite the recession more people are buying booze and going out for a beer, and even early in the morning ”Matt and Merideth” on ABC news were tasting inexpensive wines - they must have taken a dozen sips at least. I ...   read more

Chris Rea's "Road to Hell - Part 2" song lyrics interpretation   12 y  
Chris Rea's "Road to Hell - Part 2" song lyrics interpretation
Chris Rea’s ”Road to Hell - Part 2” song lyrics interpretation    This song is enjoyed by many people, and although it was released a few years ago it is still getting new listeners. It was said to be one of those ”instant classics” that comes along once in awhile. It is a very special song. There is, of course, a ”part one”, but I have yet to become well aquainted with it.     At the website ”Song”, I was looking for some insight to these lyrics, to get some idea about the meaning. I found a comment by a poster who goes by the name of ’kronos”, ...   read more

Canada's PM Offers up an Old Drug Strategy.   12 y  
PM Harper's "Tough on Crime" approach won't reduce the public shootings by drug-trafficing gangs.
                                                   PM Harper [Canada] has announced new measures to address the public shootings, like the spate of violence that has been occuring on Vancouver area streets.     He thinks that by keeping more of the gang members in jail that there will be fewer public shootings.   & ...   read more

HIV/AIDS opinion: I was WRONG.   12 y  
My opinion on HIV treatment has changed, because of a change in the health of the one person I know who has HIV.
I have an admission to make about my opinion on HIV, which was that HIV positive people do not need the drug treatment to stay healthy. The health of the one person I actually know who has HIV has recently deteriorated. I can see now how silly it looks to base an opinion on one person’s experience, but there is little else I can truly believe in where HIV/AIDS is concerned. Sometimes all we can go on is what we see with our own eyes. There are many lies being told, there are many motivations to lie, and there are so many different angles to the issue of HIV/AIDS that is gets a bit over ...   read more

Wonder at the White House    12 y  
Stevie Wonder's protest song was not sung at the White House concert this week - we hope Obama never deserves to hear it.
Wonder at the White House Stevie Wonder played at the White House for Pres. Obama and friends... isn’t that lovely!! Stevie Wonder has been a big favorite of mine since the early 70’s; I even played in some bands that played songs such as Superstition and later on Sir Duke [I was a sax player, and those horn lines were pure gravy]. What he did NOT sing at the White House might be of note however. I don’t have the complete song list in front of me, but I am pretty sure he didn’t play his 1974 song called ”You haven’t Done Nothin’”, a political protest song, more of a lament. Th ...   read more

Illusion and Reality - Parker Palmer interview   12 y  
Parker Palmer gives an interview on illusion and reality.
Parker Palmer, of the Center for Courage & Renewal, talks about illusion, and how it is a negative force. He is a teacher and lecturer. I heard him in an interview on PBS tonight, and I thought I would share a bit of it with you here in my blog. To overcome problems, in our personal lives and in the wider world of politics and society, he teaches people how to do things such as ”to have the courage to face our illusions” ; ”the courage to walk through our illusions and dispel them”. He states ”the opposite of faith is not doubt, it is fear - fear of abandoning illusions because of our c ...   read more

Dickless Halfshifter.   12 y  
Violators of Property Need Love Too.
The guy in apartment #1 is one of those guys who plays his music really loud whenever the landlord is gone, basically taunting everyone around him with his edgy taste. Really loud music, for hours at a time. He knows we don’t like it. So eventually my other neighbor and I made a complaint to the landlord, and the town office, and the police [we were told to go to all three]. And then sometime during the night HE STOLE MY BICYCLE!! He most likely tossed it into the river. Garrrrr, he did that to me, as revenge, for me complaining about his noise level. There are eight of us here ...   read more

Carbon Sequestration - Announcement by Obama and Harper today   12 y  
President Obama met with Prime Minister Harper today, and they announced a plan to capture and store carbon emissions. It is at best a partial solution, if even that.
Feb. 19th. 2009 Announcement by Obama and Harper - Carbon Sequestration Canadians were feeling proud today after the ”World’s Most Popular Man” - President Obama - came to visit Canada on his first trip to a foreign nation. We were also feeling relieved that our Prime Minister didn’t embarrass us all by irritating Obama with the right-wing ideology of the former American administration under George Bush that brought disgrace to, and ruined the economy of, the USA. Obama and Harper talked about a few things in their meeting today that could have highlighted the differences betwee ...   read more

OILMEN - Are they Stupid Enough to Continue their Old Ways?   12 y  
Oilmen are stupid enough to believe in their own delusions, denials, and outdated opinions.
Alberta, that Canadian Province that is getting some attention now due to the Tar Sands operation there. When I lived there, I wrote the various government officials and suggested that some of the vast amount of money being collected in the ”Heritage Trust Fund” - a special account for windfall oil and gas revenues - be used to help the wind and solar energy industries get started. No reply. Now, we see that a few American states, such as Ohio, have got such a head start in those industries that it will be hard to get a foot in the door. They will get all the business, all the jobs, ...   read more

Darwin and Lincoln - born on the same day, 200 years ago.   12 y  
2009 is the 200th Anniversary of both Lincoln and Darwin.
”Darwin and Lincoln” Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were both born in 1809, 200 years ago, and both were born on the same date - February 12th. Now that 200 years have gone by, on this Bicentenial anniversary year of their births, we can look back and see what a huge contribution these two men, born on the same day, have made. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has helped us understand who we are, and what life is all about. Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States of America, and enacted some of that nation’s most important legistlation. In another parallel of thes ...   read more

Morphine and Chronic Pain - The Terrible Toll of Tolerance   12 y  
Morphine addicted chronic pain people have to deal with growing tolerance, withdrawals, and the unmasking of pains...
Chronic Pain People and Morphine Addiction: ”The Terrible Toll of Tolerance” This is about the harsh reality of the chronic pain patients who are prescribed morphine, and who have been on it for many years. This isn’t about every chronic pain patient, nor is it about most addicts - these are the severe pain cases who have landed on this path because it was their best option. The main problems are morphine tolerance, withdrawals, and the unmasking of pain that occurs when the morphine runs out. Financial hardship usually becomes part of the story too, but there is no reason for tha ...   read more

Japanese Whale Eaters; Kellogs drops Phelps   12 y  
Phelps pot not drunk driving, Kelloggs boycott. Japanese whale eating science VS Sea Shepard.
Finally, something besides the economy to get our dander up!! Two stories for the ”cool people” to protest over are in the news now: - the Japanese whaling ships being pursued by the Sea Shepard [Captain Paul Watson] in protest over the killing of Minke and Fin Whales; - Kellogg’s dropping Michael Phelps endorsements for smoking pot, and the call for a boycott of Kelloggs. Kelloggs/Phelps first: Wouldn’t it be cool if the sales of Kelloggs’ products went down so much that they had to reinstate Phelps’ endorsements? That could happen if enough people boycott Kelloggs for dropping ...   read more

Arctic Solar-Voltaic Powered Hydrolysis   12 y  
Hydrolysis using solar-electric would provide renewable energy year-round for Canada's Arctic communities
Renewable energy year-round for Canada’s Arctic communities Renewable energy for the far north might be a great idea. Not only are these northern Canadian communities in an area that uses a lot of domestic energy, due to the extreme cold and long dark hours of winter there, but also the fact that they generate most of their electricity with diesel powered generators which are much expensive than the norm for us in the south. Diesel-powered generators also produce significant emissions that are a local pollution concern as well as being a contributor to global warming emissions, albiet ...   read more

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