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"The Biggest Investment of Your Life"   13 y  
House prices are so much more than what they cost to build
Buying a home is said to be ”the biggest investment that most people will ever make in their entire lives”. So why wouldn’t it be a GOOD thing that the cost of a house was somewhat closer to the actual cost of building a house? Bush said, this week of Sept 25th 2008, in speaches to the nation about the rescue of the financial meltdown, that it was his mission now to ”bring the house prices back up”. Due to all the foreclosures lately, and all those houses on the market that are owned by banks, there are a lot of cheap houses. It sounds like a great thing for ”the average person”, to ...   read more

September 2008 - meltdowns, clowns, and frowns   13 y  
Mortgage meltdown thoughts
It has been awhile since I have had internet access, other than a few minutes here and there at the public library or a neighbors house... so I apologise for not posting here lately. And even now, it is just a temporary access at a computer where a friend is on holidays... WHY don’t I have internet access? CLOWNS!! - the Blue Screen of Death, for one thing. No disc, mail service was ripping open every letter I got for awhile, and stopped my packages too, which is why the disc never arrived after three tries. No kidding!! And I still don’t really know why. I think it has something to ...   read more

No more Paying for Gasoline and Utility Bills?   13 y  
Reducing our living expenses by changing away from fossil fuels and corporate control of communications infrastructure.
Is this really a ”free” society when we don’t even get to see the questions, much less make the decisions? ---------- Electric cars, powered by batteries, means never buying gasoline again, and it is entirely possible, techologically. Producing electricity ourselves, in any number of ways, wouild mean no more monthly electric bills. Plus, you can charge up your car at night from your own electrical power. Heating bills can likewise be scrapped - you heat your home with in other ways. That would really help most people out, to get rid of those bills. And it is all very much r ...   read more

Arab Anger and American Dollars   13 y  
Arab Anger comes from American Dealings
If you saw that the leaders of your country had made a deal with ’the devil’, would you be angry with your leaders, or with the devil? And if you decided to attack one of them, wouldn’t you likely want to attack the devil? And so it is with Saudi Arabia [where most of the 9/11 hijackers ACTUALLY came from]: The American oilmen, with the help of the USA government, has been getting boatloads of light sweet crude oil from the Sauds but the humble citizens of that desert land have not been seeing any returns for it. Instead, the princely Royals have been paid some cash, but mostly the Amer ...   read more

Heroin as Currency - The "War on Drugs" farce.   13 y  
Nixon's "War on Drugs" is a farce when we find out the Nixon has so many friends in the illegal drug trade.
Heroin as currency? The response to government involvement in the illegal drug trade is generally denials, and then ”ya, we heard this before, its old news”. So why does the War on Drugs continue to be taken seriously when the same governments who are behind it are also helping the illegal drug traders do their trafficing? Opium traders are a fairly well known bit of history... there were the ”Opium Wars”, where Britian was demanding the China stop getting in the way of the opium traffic that was bringing such riches to Britian. The problem for China was that so much of it’s currency ...   read more

Creating Positive Energy in Others   13 y  
Our positive energy rubs off on others
Creating Positive Energy We are social creatures, us humans. We have a deep need for others to know how we are doing. Gossip serves that purpose in a way - we also HAVE to know about others. Knowing how others are feeling and telling how we are feeling is a form of protection too, and as such it may have helped us survive in the evolutionary sense - for example when we are in pain it can be a life-or-death difference to have someone know that. Also, it is a great comfort for us to know that others know we are in pain. Complaining, however, is taken way too far. I suspect the predi ...   read more

Prohibition of Heroin allows criminals to prosper.   13 y  
Government involvement in drug smuggling
”Heroin Prohibition - the real reason why it continues” There have been some efforts lately to end prohibition of ”illegal drugs” such as cannabis [marijuana], and more recently heroin. A Canadian court, the BC Supreme court, had made a ruling on the ”safe injection site” that said people have the right to use a safe environment to inject heroin, and that heroin should be considered a medical drug [as opposed to a purely recreational drug]. In Brittan, they prescribe heroin to addicts. With cannabis, a majority of Canadians support the legalisation of it, and the changes to the pot l ...   read more

Gripping Reality Too Tightly   13 y  
Consciousness gives us the ability to change reality
Thought for the day: Humans have a unique ability to fantasize, an ironic companion to consciousness [where we are able ’to know that we think’ - to know that we have a brain and that thinking goes on there; that we know it is ourselves we are looking at in a mirror]. The ability to fantasize means that we can construct a world that is outside of reality, and we can believe it is real. This means that we have to make an effort to keep a grip on reality, but then reality can change and we find ourselves on the outside of it, believing in a fantasy that does not exist. Humans crea ...   read more

Sensory Processing Pain Theory goes mainstream - MAYO CLINIC!!!   13 y  
Sensory Processing Pain Disorder - now in essays from professionals, not just me.
Today, I came across a very nicely written descr*iption of how chronic pain conditions [such as Fibromyalgia, M.E./CFS, etc.] can be a result of a ”Sensory Processing Disorder” that goes on in the human body and brain, and within that I found a link to a similar, and much more detailed, essay on the same topic from the MAYO CLINIC. You may have read my postings on this blog from earlier this winter and last year [2007] on this topic. I would be flattering myself to think that the Mayo Clinic had read this blog, but it is interesting that it is the same title, and theory. I am only to ...   read more

Morphine addiction does not have to mean poor outcomes.   13 y  
Morphine addiction does not have to mean poor outcomes.
There are some hardened attitudes towards opiate drugs like morphine, and I want to explore some of these attitudes and the issues of morphine. When a Doctor prescribes a patient morphine, they both know it is addictive. They also know that ”tolerance” will develop, where the same size of dose will not produce the same painkilling effect. Despite that, the College [of Physicians and Surgeons] has told doctors not to give patients increases in the morphine prescr*iptions. To some people, this makes sense because they think those patients would be harmed by taking ever increasing amo ...   read more

Sensory Processing Pain Disorder - vaccine caused??   13 y  
Chronic pain - sensory processing caused by vaccines/antibiotics?
If you read some of this blog, you may have seen my theory on chronic pain, in that it may be related to the brain/body ”sensory processing” systems. update: Tonight, I saw a PBS show on ”the Plastic Brain” and the ”Brain Fitness” programs, and David Doidge’s book was part of the package - it was that book that cued my theory. I even wrote to Dr. Doidge a year ago and asked him what he thought, and he said it was a good idea. - on the show tonight, they mentioned chronic pain and how it is related to the plastic brain!! I think they listened to me!!! Or not, whatever. The thing i ...   read more

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes   13 y  
Good positive energy grows, and so does negative energy
It really is true, but almost NOBODY believes it: ”If you display a positive and helpfull attitude, you will create positive and helpfull attitudes around you”. And, sadly, the opposite is true. Wearing a smile is the simplest example, although perhaps meaningless in a world with such big problems as our world has, of creating positive energy. Scowling does the opposite. If you don’t believe this is true, just go look at yourself in the mirror wearing a smile and see how it makes you feel like smiling, and try to notice the energy that goes into your body. Unless you are very good a ...   read more

Fibro CFS theory - Aches, Pains and Fatigue mechanisims   13 y  
Flu pains persist in Fibros
Ok, so it is not completely MY idea, but parts of it are... Most people know the feeling of tiredness and aches and pains during a bout of the flu or a cold. It has been suggested that this is a ”method of the immune system” that gets us to slow down so that more bodily resources can be used to fight off the illness or infection. Otherwise, people tend to just keep going hard when ill, but pain generally will slow us down because pain is a great motivator. BUT, for Fibromyalgia and CFS [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] victims, that particular ”method of the immune system” that causes aches ...   read more

Riots over rising food prices... and so it starts   13 y  
Riots over rising food prices are signs of the times, and future?
In poor nations around the world, people are starting to riot violently over the rising price of food. Where the price of food is a crucial element in the basic survival of people, riots should be expected. Haiti, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Ivory Coast all had riots recently, and riots in Cameroon in February left 40 people dead. Riots by the poorer groups of people lead to them being put in prisons, probably many will die, and eventually, genocide of an economic class of people. Food prices going up like they have in 2007 and 2008 were predictable enough, due to the biofuels industry dema ...   read more

Wheat killing fungus and GMOs - another example of CTP OTS   13 y  
Wheat disease created so that a solution will be needed. GMO wheat will be that solution.
Will Wheat-Killer Fungus be used to spread GMO wheat? Ok, by now I am sure you all can figure this out. ”Create the problem, then offer the solution” is a tactic used by the evil empire [wealthy elites, etc]. They first create a problem, and in this example it is a wheat killing fungus. Then they come up with a solution for that problem, and as the article above supposes, it just might be a GMO strain of wheat that is not affected by this fungus. Simple really. Everybody is capable of seeing it, it is just a mat ...   read more

Chronic Pain - finally, some interest in understanding it   14 y  
Medical research - Chronic Pain news
You may remember my theory [in this blog] about the involvement of the brain in chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia and so on. I found no research to back it up, despite the obvious nature of it. Simply put, I figured that there are some people with a brain that is easily overloaded in the pre-motor areas and areas of the brain that decide what to do with sensory input. Those people will feel more pain from the same input compared to ordinary people, and then another part of their brain will over-react and start ”gaurding” the body by cramping muscles and so on. Well, finally ...   read more

"Ending American Imperialism"   14 y  
American Dollar control of the world - could it be ending?
Note - this post is mostly made of quotes, of which are in quote marks below, from an article titled: ”Averting World War III, Ending Dollar Hegemony And US Imperialism” By Rohini Hensman 17 November , 2007 - link The unquoted parts are mine, so you will see that this is mostly plagurised, but I think it it is good stuff that needed editing down ; read the whole article at the link above:) ”Ending American Imperialism” ”All who do not share Bush’s interests in continued global imperialism are cheer ...   read more

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