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Prohibition of Heroin allows criminals to prosper.

Government involvement in drug smuggling

Date:   6/12/2008 2:43:22 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2833 times

"Heroin Prohibition - the real reason why it continues"

There have been some efforts lately to end prohibition of "illegal drugs" such as cannabis [marijuana], and more recently heroin. A Canadian court, the BC Supreme court, had made a ruling on the "safe injection site" that said people have the right to use a safe environment to inject heroin, and that heroin should be considered a medical drug [as opposed to a purely recreational drug]. In Brittan, they prescribe heroin to addicts.

With cannabis, a majority of Canadians support the legalisation of it, and the changes to the pot law almost happened a few years ago. There seems to have been some interference from the Americans that stopped those changes from happening, but it was never made public of course.

We might wonder why the American government, and the right wing parties in Canada, oppose the ending of prohibition laws when there is such a strong public support for ending those laws. The War on Drugs has been shown to do much more harm to society in general than all the harms from drug use combined do. The group of ex-police called L.E.A.P. has seen the harm of prohibition laws, and is demanding an end to them too.

I think I am beginning to understand the real motives of the American government in this - the huge financial value of illegal drugs is being used to finance "unsavoury government activities" around the world. By keeping them illegal, there is not only an increased value to the drugs, but there is also the opportunity to shuffle money around.

The history of using organised crime, paid with heroin money to do certain government's secretive dirty work includes the well-documented situation in France after WW2 where the French governments of De Gaulle and Pompidou worked with the Corisican Mafia, who were supported and protected in the heroin trade, in return for fighting "socialist movements" in Algeria, Morocco, Spain, etc. Turkey supplied the raw opium and it was refined in labs in Marseilles France before going to western Europe and America. Those labs and supply routes were known to the French, but they were not bothered by police. France's secret service outfits helped the mobsters set up trade routes to major heroin markets.

Eventually, President Richard Nixon and the CIA wrested control of the heroin trade from France, in about 1973. Certain factions of the Chinese government were involved. Together, they moved the opium growing operations from Turkey to S.E. Asia - The Golden Triangle - and refining and trafficing operations were moved to Vietnam; the refined heroin was headed to the vast USA market, often through South America and Mexico, Florida, and even Montreal. Allways, it was done with the help of organised crime groups in concert with "secret service agencies" of the Americans. Together, they were also fighting "socialist movements" covertly, including Castro in Cuba - the Bay of Pigs has become well known as an operation largely staffed by organised criminals, and Nixon's personal support and interactions with mobsters is also obvious. Drug money, and smuggling, were the source of funds, and the incentive, for the cooperation of those mobsters. There is generally a sideline of corporate interest behind these operations.

From P.D. Scott in Drugs, Oil, and Wars:
"The US has historically trained, armed, financed, and protected drug traffickers in exchange for help securing territory of major interest to oil companies. Government support of drug traffickers has been a major factor in the dramatic increase of global trafficking since WWII." (p.27)

Time and time again, the big fish are caught red handed, only to be let go due to interference from the White House, or the CIA. The examples of these are documented in books such as those by PD Scott ["Oil, Drugs and War"] ; Henrik Kruger ["The Great Heroin Coup"] ;Rodney Stich ["Drugging America: A Trojan Horse"]; Douglas Valentine ["The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs"].
Internet sites include -

- and just google up "Government Heroin CIA and see what you get.
* Don't "not believe" all of it!! *

With the Vietnam War came many addicted soldiers. They were often given heroin while in Vietnam, in order that they would bring their addiction home and expand the heroin market in the USA. The success of this plot was so great that the world saw a shortage of heroin in 1973-1975. That shortage was soon filled by the efforts of organised crime and their helpers, the CIA, plus a group called the Chinese Lobby.

The Watergate Plumbers, known mobsters hired by Nixon people, operated out of the Executive Building right next to the DEA offices, and often with the same ex-Cuban criminals doing their work. Personal friends of Nixon were helping with the criminal activities in Asian heroin and with Watergate.

Now, as of 2003, we have the USA military, and CIA, moving into Afghanistan, and of course after that the poppy production ramps up there. 90% of the world's opium paste, the precurser to heroin, is produced in Afghanistan now. There is a huge amount of money involved there, and if history is any indication, then that money is being used to fund "unsavoury activities" that cannot be funded through the American congress.

So it seems that the reason to continue prohibition of heroin is largely political, and really has nothing to do with morality or the well-being of the citizens. The people we appeal to to end prohibition are in fact the people who are depending on the money that heroin provides to do their dirty work - so it is no wonder they refuse to end prohibition.

What sense does it make to allow funding for terrorists that are fighting our military presence in the Arab nations? If that is the real story, then it is silly to continue with laws against heroin that give the terrorists their power.

Mostly, why do western forces simply not buy up the opium supply from local Afghans and bring it to North America for refining and distribution to our addicts here? That would cut the terrorists, and the organized criminals, out of the profitable heroin trade.

It is a very confusing issue. There are the DEA and the CIA often working against each other, and there are agents in both organizations who are on each side of the fence - some of them working with criminals to supply and move the drugs, and some of them catching criminals who are trafficking in drugs. The media reports on the few busts of lower level drug dealers, or of the busts of people who are independent operators or who are working for organizations other than the ones the government supports. To the public, and the trusting historian, it might seem that the War on Drugs is working well, and catching the bad guys, and keeping a lid on the drug trade. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When we see the statistics of ever-increasing drug traffic and use over the years [despite the efforts of the War on Drugs], and that every time the government agencies such as the CIA and DEA start up another big offensive against the drug world that there ends up being more drugs available, it is simply because they have started up a new operation and ended some of the competition. That is precisely what happened in 1973 when Nixon took the drug trade away from the French.

Most recently we have seen the huge increase in opium production in Afghanistan. This seems to have been in response to the successes of the Taliban in starting up their own heroin operations, to which the US response was to crush them and take it over, and expand it, for themselves. Evidence of US government involvement includes the USA military aircraft have been found with huge loads of raw opium, headed for refining operations, and eventually to the huge US market and to western European markets for heroin.

The funding of operations against "socialist" movements in developing nations, and the assassinations of their leaders, comes from these illegal drug operations that are supported by groups within the CIA. This has been the case, as pointed out above, since the time just after WW2 - it is always socialism that is targeted.

So heroin remains illegal. People who find heroin on the streets to buy are often doing so to treat "unmet" medical needs - "self-medicating". Also, too often, heroin is used as a recreational drug because heroin is seen as being just like all other illegal drugs. People who are addicted to heroin deserve to have it made available to them at a reasonable cost, through legitimate outlets such as medical marijuana is in some places now. New users should be asked to consider their motives for using heroin, and discouraged unless it is a medical situation. I believe much of the unwanted addictions would be avoided this way. As for the addicts with medical needs, it is time that we realised that heroin in itself is not so very harmfull - it is the withdrawals that are more harmfull, and those withdrawals occur because of the lack of supply, and the high cost of heroin. Once addicted, we should consider them addicts for life, unless they decide they want to try to quit in cases where their health improves.

Ending prohibition also has the huge benefit of ending the "unsavory undercover operations" and assassinations and violence against political enemies of the right wing political circles. Ending prohibition would cut off the funding for a lot of criminal activity, as well as ending funding for the terrorism that does exist in the world [although it is a lot less than we are led to believe exists].

USA Government does not protect us from drugs, it IS the drug pusher.

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