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by Karlin
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Piling it on in the Covid years   8 mon  
An adventure - an unbroken string of medically disabling insults were thrown at me over these past three years.
It started, in ernest with real disabling pains, about three years ago.  I was disappointed all the more by the fact that I was preparing to delve into a music studio project, and the pain stopped me. It was no big deal, just my home studio and my own songs, and I play all the parts, but it was something for me to really chew on, and that is where I thrive.   That first one was a hernia, needing a ssurgical repair. Hernias do not always cause pain, but this one had trapped a nerve and it felt like my toddler had just knee’d me in the knackers again. As in ”an elephant is ...   read more

Leader's Brain Disease   11 mon  
Political and business leaders have limited ability to see certain negatives.
 You might remember a few years ago I blogged about a condition called "Leader’s Brain Disease". At that time, a few psychologists did some MRIs of the brains of CEOs, and found that most of them lack a particular circuit in the decision making pathways of the brain - a final hurdle that demands to know "Is this a good idea overall?" before saying YES to any proposition.   In business, and politics, not having that hurdle allowa the afflicted to exude great confidence -voters love that.    Lacking that encumbrance allows a business lead ...   read more

Are Fibromyalgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia related?   11 mon  
Curious if Trigeminal Neuralgia and Fibromyalgia are related conditions, I asked the TN group if anyone had Fibro too....
Are Fibromyalgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia related?   I posted this question on the Trigeminal Neuralgiia  [Facebook group] - "Does anyone here have Fibromyalgia?"  Everyone there had Trigeminal Neuralgia of course.... and in less than one day 103 replies said "Yes, I have both"   read more

Waiting for Medical appointments - Limbo   13 mon  
Waiting for medical appointments is being "in Limbo".
I have been posting on here almost as long as you have been Cure Zone members - and that TIME has gone by very quickly - so much has happened in the world.   And then, it sems, something happens that puts us in LIMBO. That might be too harsh a word in it’s original useage -”between heaven and hell”. Modern Definition of ”Limbo” - ”a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date”  And the apt example given was ” My youthful hopes are in the limbo of lost dreams.” ...   read more

Fibro - "Amplified Pain" and Surgery   16 mon  
Someone forgot to remove the old markers on the Map of the Body in the Brain.
 Yes, they says that Fibromyalgia [”Fibro”] ”Is a disease of Amplified Pain”     - but what does that mean, and how do we experience it?    How do we KNOW? There is not much to go on when comparing your pain to mine. It is widely assumed that we all experience pain, and other sensations, the same as everyone else, or within a narrow range of intensities.For most people, it does work that way.     For Fibromyalgia patients, it is a cruel farce that some people will deny the reality of amplified pain.   For medica ...   read more

Venous Stasis Dermatitis   16 mon  
Stasis Dermatitis - swollen lower legs
Today I removed a band aid and the skin came with it. That is scary. My lower legs have been bleeding from the slightest knock. The skin rips and it eventually forms a scab. I have a dozen scabs on my lower legs. One is as big as a quarter dollar. The band aid one is larger than that!! Another name is ”Weepy Legs” - that comes from the dribbling of white blood cells from the broken skin. I no longer feel comfortable in short pants in public. Oh well, I have always been uneasy around people. I believe this is the typical condition that follows years of stasis dermati ...   read more

Corona Virus Immunity existed before CovI.D. 19   17 mon  
asymptomatic but testing positive for Corona virus - they were previously infected with a Corona Virus
Headliner:  ”asymptomatic but testing positive for Corona virus - they were previously infected with a Corona Virus and are not contageous, and have immunity”  I watch a TV news channel and I get a different opinion handed to me, as compared to the opinion I form when I read the Alt News online.     TV news says the virus is novel, new, nobody ever had a viral infection like this before!!  But then they found a significant portion of the global human population were testing POSITIVE, but had no symptoms. ”Asymptomatic” they call it.   ...   read more

Handy Household Tips!!   18 mon  
Silly but usefull household tips - 3 of them. Quick read [for a change!!]
I am sure most people know these, but how about the next generation? Coming through the school system, do they hear trivial stuff that actually affects real life? No, they hear trivial stuff that will never affect their lives, lol. Tips!! - 1] Rinse dishcloth in COLD water - the bacteria count will be reduced 90% 2] Trouble swallowing pills with water? - try something like Yogurt in a table spoon, the pill on or in the yogurt - but DO NOT CHEW!! and RELAX. Swallow it all at once. 3]DO NOT drink of the hot tap!! Some people make tea with water from the hot tap, but that water ...   read more

Fibro - how do we talk to doctors?   18 mon  
I stumble and get defensive with talking with a new doctor.
I might soon be changing Doctors, and after 12 years with the same one I have not thought about how to introduce myself to a Doctor, until now. It is important not to ruminate on it, so I will get it out here...     "Hello Doctor Howdoyousaythat?" "Yes I have had Fibromyalgia for a long time, diagnosed in 1994 but I had it for at least 10 years before that"  "At least? - longer?" he asks.    "Well the signs were there since childhood, but I was run down by a drunk driver in 1976 and the pains start ...   read more

Silver Resistant Bacteria??   21 mon  
Silver works, but now there is resistant bacteria [or more lies?]
Well if there are Silver resistant bacteria {or ”isolates” as they say], and if mainstream medical research is interested enough to do a study on drug resistance, with Silver as the antimicrobial of interest... IT MUST MEAN SILVER WORKS as an antimicrobial/antibacterial agent!! And it means THEY KNEW IT ALL ALONG, despite the denials about Silver being useless. Their denials lead directly to overuse, and the drug resistant Isolates. Link to the study   visit the page

Growing old with Chronic Pain   21 mon  
We had chronic pain for many years, and now we are becoming senior citizens, and old people have new pains.
  My time with Cure Zone, since I started reading and writing here, has been a long time, 1/4 of my lifetime. Like many of the other Curezoners, I have endured Chronic Pain - variously called amplified pain, Fibromyalgia [”Fibro”], Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.     It is the ”this” in ”I can’t do this anymore”. [that one  almost brought a tear to my eye!! okay, it did] First off, we should pat ourselves on the back for surviving this long.... ”I can’t do this anymore” are just words, thoughts, feelings - but real life has no options and we either HAVE to keep doing it or lose t ...   read more

Pres. Trump says "7oF temperature rise by 2100"   24 mon  
Troubling admission by Trump about global warming forecasts.
   To carry opn the theme from the previous post - Could the year 2020 be "the year of seeing more clearly"?    Perhaps, because the political winds have lined up to give us a glimpse into the future:   Pres. Trump spilled the beans last week, on about Dec 27th 2019, when he admitted that he knew global warming is real, and that his advisors have a forecast of +7oF for yr 2100. That is the kind of thing that our leaders know, but are not telling us, the public, about it, They give us a softer version.     These statem ...   read more

2020 - seeing clearly   24 mon  
2020 is a good analogy for our time
Well it is here - the year 2020 was used when making projections about "what would life be like in the future".  2020 is relevent to the Baby boomer generation in that "If this is 2020, I must be OLD".   My oldest siblings were born during world war two, when everything changed   My Mother was born in 1920. 100 years ago. She rests in eternal peace now.   All this has happened during our lives - the world has been turned inside out and upside down, but the scariest part is that we still DO NOT KNOW some very important th ...   read more

Growing Old   25 mon  
Getting old is often painful, but we do get to die in the end.
”Nobody said growing old was fun” is a sentiment I hear from people approaching the time when we must start the application for the old age pension. To say so is a way of accepting the necessary decline in function and the increase of bodily insults.    Hernias happen as tissues weaken. Old injuries can awaken. Eyes and ears weaken. The nose produces prodigious amounts of snot from the least of irritations, Teeth fall from the mouth, replaced by dentures that some people such as myself are so utterly happy with after a 25 year battle with dental pains - but we talk funny and our f ...   read more

"How Dare You" - Adult's turn for a Climate Strike   27 mon  
HOW DARE YOU is what Greta said to adults at the UN. Climate Strike week is ending today, and nothing changed - DARE TO BE AN ADULT by continuing the strikes, but in your workplaces and so on.
Well that was something to admire and support - the youth's Climate Strike around the rworld for the past week,  I went to the local high school to see what they were doing, and so I felt like I was doing something about global warming. "HOW DARE I?" - it occured to me on the way home that I was piggy-backing on the youth's orgainizing abilities to make me feel better. NO NO NO NO!!! "HOW DARE WE PUT THIS ON THE KIDS?" - they have done more than adults have to move the powers that be to taking avtion on climate change. The chil ...   read more

Growing up with Narcissism   27 mon  
Growing up with a narcissist sibling - a life of confusion
Imagine an average kid who has an older siblling who displays the tendancies of narcissim... The younger one has been tormented at times by the sibling's mental illness, and so the younger one learns to reject, and resent, any behaviors of that sort.     On the other hand, the older sibling is the primary source of 'cultural education' for the younger one - they learn how to deal with relationships [friends, family, teachers, etc] from the narcissist. Other behaviors are all influienced by the narcissist.      The younger one r ...   read more

Nature Soothes   27 mon  
Being out in nature for several days at a time really does feel good, mentally and physically.
I recently spend a full week 'out there' in nature. It wasn't wilderness, but it was nature. We arrivwed, shut the car off, and never hear a machine or computer etc for a whole week     The swelling in my lower legs went down, and by day 3 there was no swelling.      The daily killer headaches I have been having all summer were gone, - I had only two mild headaches all week.when camping!!       Lower back pain, sciatica, and gut bloat are common ailments for me, but they were gone or mild out cam ...   read more

60 year old Chronic Pain people?   28 mon  
I am curious about how other people with chronic pain feel after surviving 30 or 40 years with it.
Are you out there? - people over 60 yrs old who have had chronic pain [like Fibromyalgia] for the past 30 or 40 years?   I wonder how other "Fibros" are feeling about heading into their senior years with chronic pain, plus the added pains of senior citizens?    And, how do you feel about the lack of progress in diagnosis and treatments for Fibromyalgia [etc]?     I also wonder how 30 or 40 years of daily pains has changed you, and me. Do we even know what changed us? - it is difficult to know that because of the long timeline - ...   read more

Fibro - breakthrough on gut flora, and the word....   29 mon  
Gut Flora - may be at the root of Fibromyalgia
2nd things 1st: FINALLY, after about 20 years of trying to find and use a better word than ”fibromyalgia”!! Duh... How about FIBRO? There, that sounds a little more friendly and less erudite than the official medical term. Eh? Okay, now the main course - research has found that Fibros have an identifiable populations and types of gut flora. Quote and Link: Summary: A research team has shown, for the first time, that there are alterations in the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tracts of people wit ...   read more

Chronic Pain - to manage, or cure?   32 mon  
Chronic Pain and Lidocaine, Vs Management.
For so many years... Those of us who have been living with chronic pain conditions for many years cannot be expected to be ”looking for a cure” the whole time. For the first few years it makes sense to try to find the cause and then cure it, but at some point we will realize that all we can do to help ourselves is to MANAGE... to find ways to be slightly more comfortable, or to be more active, and to stay sane. IF I cannot be cured, then I would try to not ”get worse” - that is also a management issue. Trying too hard to find a cure will likely result in a worsening of ...   read more

Face cancer, secondary infections   33 mon  
Basal Cell cancer on face, and a huge infection
NOBODY else seems to have my experiences. Am I the only basal cell carcinoma patient who gets huge swelling under an eye? Doctor said ”infection, take this antibiotic”, so I did because nothing else was working. This is A DANGEROUS AREA to have an infection because ”it can drain to the throat, or go to your BRAIN” said my Doc. The cancer is still there - the first surgery did not get it all, and we will do that 2nd surgery in April or May. Or maybe I should get a 2nd opinion?? But what is the source of the infection? Circumstances point to the CBD oil [a cannabi ...   read more

No, it did not kill the cancer   2 y  
My alt-med treatments for face cancer did not do the job, but the scalpel did.
I had a Basal Cell carcinoma, beside my nose, as it common. As my previous post stated, I was using various alternative treatments to try to kill it before the knives came out. I didn’t have enough time I suppose, because it was certainly much less visible than before my treatments. In the end, the Doc cut out a thumbnail size chunk of cancer. I am amazed at how big it was... in my face??!! Anyhow, I do not consider my experience a victory or a failure for alt med, it was just not enough time.   visit the page

Alternate Cancer Cures   2 y  
did I kill my cancer? Possibly, the coming week will have the answer. And a bigger challenge: pray for my niece.
    If you  or I happened to stumble upon a way to kill a cancer tumor, then What happens next?      I had a biopsy done on a sore spot on myy face , it was postiive for Basal Cell carcinoma [skin cancer]   , and then the sore spot became infected [bacterial] .      I wanted to to use my arsenal of alternative therapies to try to kill the cancer, so it was very disappointing that I failed to keep bacterial infections out of the equation,... but in fact the infection gave me more time before see if my ...   read more

Bed Vs Recliner - can't lay down?   3 y  
Laying down causes problems, I sleep in recliner - whats that all about and How about YOU?
 I know a few people with chronic health conditions who prefer to sleep in their recliner instead of bed.   They mostly 'found it more comfortable';   "Because bed is intolerable" - that is my reason for sleeping in my recliner.   Other people's beds don't seem as bad for the mental torrtures that I experience in my bed. It wasn't always that way though - I slept there in that bed for 8 years and then this stuff started happening. It could be a long story, so suffice to say that now I lay down, hear myself breathing, ...   read more

Basal Cell Cancer - Biopsy positive   3 y  
I have skin cancer, just got the biopsy news today. Dec. 21 2018
A spot on my face beside my nose, a stubborn sore spot turned out to be skin cancer - lucky for me, this is the easiest cancer to deal with. I might get a macho guy scar out of it - do the ladies still like that? Oh well, I have been good looking for long enough, lol.  But it is starting to act weird - almost aggressive white blood cell serum covers the area over - but then I apply a topical treatment such as Tea Tree Oil and it starts to peel off. It can form a hard layer in just a few hours.    So is that a bad thing to take the covering of serum off of it li ...   read more

Deniers hatch a conspiracy theory   3 y  
Canadian oil industry sees a conspiracy in DOGWOOD supporters
They have been the ones debunking conspiracy theories, exceot that they believe global warming is a conspiracy of scientists to get grant money. NOW, some of the Alberta deniers are saying:   ``American oil people are funding the envitonmental activism group DOGWOOD so as to crush the Canadian oil industry so it won`t be in competition with the American oil industry``  DOGWOOD writes a lot about global warming, warning us about the continued high level of fossil fuel emissions. Do they favor American oil over Canadian - sort of, in that the TAR SANDS are the dirt ...   read more

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