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Revisiting Ancient Dietary Laws   4 mon  
The limitations of virtually all dietary forms
November 11, 2023 - ”Most stories of Jesus interacting with the Pharisees—the religious leaders in his day—reveal, not surprisingly, a people determined to stay within the rules. In fact, part of rabbinic tradition was ’building a fence around the law’ so that you could never get close enough to break the actual law. If the law was ’don’t boil a (young goat) in its mother’s milk’ (Exodus 23:19), the fence might be ’never eat meat and cheese together.’ The goal of putting up fences was to make sure you could never get close enough to breaking the law to actually violate it. In Stage 2, k ...   read more

Just Before Going To Bed   10 mon  
A Suggested Bedtime Routine
May 7, 2023 - This blog-writer trusts that you already know that plenty of deep regenerative sleep is one of several essentials for really good health and total well being. But what do you do when you have difficulty falling asleep? ........ In case you don’t already have a working routine that allows your mind-brain-body to effectively shift gears into a ready to sleep mode then this writer offers you the following. It’s the best routine that he has found for smoothly shifting gears! 1.) Journal a couple minutes (or as long as you like) about your day. Just write down whatever is at ...   read more

NOTICE - To Any Hospital or Medical Facility -   13 mon  
REFUSING and DO NOT consent to any Covid 19 Treatment
February 8, 2023 - NOTICE - To Any Hospital or Medical Facility - for the REFUSAL of recommended treatment for Covid 19 from the NIH, CDC, FDA using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocols. To whom it may concern: I, ____________________ Name being of sound mind, with this document am hereby notifying this and any Hospital or Medical Facility that I am REFUSING and DO NOT consent to any Covid 19 Treatment using the sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocol treatment. Administration of the foregoing, whether individually or in combination, shall be deemed AGAINST ...   read more

"Obstructions are Blockages of Energy Flow"   15 mon  
Bringing conscious awareness to your emotional field of expression
January 5, 2023 - To Research - ”...Each individual’s constitution has a self-regulating capacity or power, called tabiyat ... to keep the seven components in equilibrium.”[2] -- Comment: Just discovered the above at the top of search results for: ”Unani” as it was first mentioned by David Lee (a Korean Medicine practitioner) in his reply moments ago along with several other approaches in his unified constitutionology. - *** December 27, 2022 - Our Inherent Systems of Water and Blood Flow - Dr. Stone, creator of Polarity Therapy, explains that the emotions get stuck in holdi ...   read more

Re: "The Attack on Food" - Home Pasture + Good Shepherds!   20 mon  
If you have leads on possible locations for a long-term agricultural lease please reach out.
March 3, 2023 - The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back - ”Join us for an exclusive CHD.TV event this Saturday, March 4 at 12 p.m. EST / 9 a.m. PST: The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back. The symposium, hosted by Meryl Nass, M.D., will feature a variety of experts discussing past, present and emerging threats to our food quality and supply, soil, agricultural systems and the planet, as well as solutions for how we can fight back, including how to grow your own food, create community resources and become self-reliant. The lineup of experts includes: ...   read more

Message to "Mayor Adams"   25 mon  
Food policy for New York school children?
February 11, 2022 - The longest-standing accounts of the nourishing traditions of virtually all peoples included animal-based foods in their diets. Dr. Weston A. Price documented this in his work: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Please read at least a summary of this before proceeding with any animal-based food restrictions for children. Of all the people that need the very best nutrition choices children are at the top of the list.   visit the page

Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sircus on Baking Soda   26 mon  
"The secret for the few interested in medical truth..."
January 11, 2022 - ”Dr. Joseph Mercola, one of the heroes in the Age of COVID, published 22 top tips for a healthier 2022. With all the subsets, it must come to at least 50 recommendations, all solid, but it is impossible to prioritize or employ them all from a practical standpoint. By the time you get down to tip 18, one can feel burdened by all the recommendations. I agree with his number one recommendation, Vitamin D. However, number 18 should be number two. He says: ’Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, so the earlier you take steps to prevent them, the better. The good news i ...   read more

Life Depends On Nutrition   3 y  
Most Conditions Are Underlined by Nutritional Deficiencies
September 18, 2022 - Food - ”the specific therapy for malnutrition” - ”...The New York Times printed a story about how in 1965 an impoverished rural county in the Mississippi Delta, the pioneering physician Jack Geiger helped found one of the nation’s first community health centers. Many of the children Geiger treated were seriously malnourished, so he began writing ’prescriptions’ for food—stipulating quantities of milk, vegetables, meat, and fruit that could be ’filled’ at the grocery store. The grocery stores were instructed to send the bills to the health center, which was paid o ...   read more

Soap and Water   4 y  
Apparently viruses get consumed by the soap molecules!
March 25, 2020 - Just sent the following to Dr Bronner’s (The world-famous original ”Pure-Castile Liquid Soap”-Maker): Greetings! Have you seen this article: In reading that I thought of your quote: ”cleanliness is next to Godliness” along with the Anthroposophical perspective regarding viruses as presented in this webinar: (See the slides at about 18’20” into this record ...   read more

Water   4 y  
What a person really needs to get healthy again.
May 30, 2023 - Water Fluoridation - ”The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty...”[4]* - *** November 11, 2022 - Can Be Medicinal When Hot! - ”When you catch a chill, instead of first swallowing all kinds of medication, drink several cups of very hot water and also take the hottest footbath possible so as to sweat and eliminate the toxins. This is how you will get better. Especially because when you take a hot footbath, you affect your solar plexus – which is linked to the feet – and that wi ...   read more

Doctors, Investigative Reporter & Heretic on "CoronaVirus"   4 y  
Coronavirus is in one of seven families of viruses that we all have in our human Virome that consists of an estimated 380 trillion viruses. Science has only relatively recently begun to study this system! In other words we all are largely ignorant of the symbiotic relationship that our bodies have with viruses and it's this fear-breeding ignorance that certain profit-making interests are exploiting now!
January 20, 2022 - ”Quite a good image ... Omraan has shown with this metaphor! I’m laughing.” - A Comment to the following: ”Picture a sphere with one person inside and another on the outside. The one on the inside sees it as concave, whereas the person who is outside will see it as convex, and however much they argue and bicker about it they will never agree. Now let us interpret this: the person who is inside the sphere is the religious believer who looks at life from within, subjectively; who sees things from the point of view of the heart, of feelings. The person on the outside ...   read more

Got Spirit and Soul?!   4 y  
Something Truly Essential That Is Largely Missing In The World
September 20, 2020 - The Inherent Spiritual Nature Within Each of Us - “Because of the inherent spiritual nature within each of us, there’s a need to be spiritually grounded and knowledgeable when analyzing any health issue, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.”[2] - *** March 9, 2020 - ”An authentically empowered male will not be embarrassed or feel less than fully masculine by showing concern for Life, and for the many creatures on our planet. That is very much the energy of reverence. Therefore, the decision to approach Life with reverence often requires courage, ...   read more

Mediation For Health & More!   4 y  
The many benefits of conscious self-directedl contemplation - aka meditation.
October 26, 2023 - Shift Your Awareness - ”Achieving The 0.1 Hz Brain Coherence - Gregg Braden”[2]* - *** February 23, 2020 - Enter The Realm of Health! - ”... On the spiritual, divine plane, you just have to focus your thought very intensely and it will take you exactly where you want to be. If you think about health, you immediately enter the realm of health. Think of love and you are in the realm of love. Think of music, and you are in the realm of music. This is why the disciples of an initiatic school devote some time every day to the work of meditation, so as to visit the ...   read more

Agriculture - The Greatest Discovery of Humanity   4 y  
Food For Thought.
June 8, 2023 - Current Question - Is the disconnect with nature that can be seen within the ”Green” agenda (and its apparent bastardly off-shoot of ”alt-meat”) of a cultish nature that is fueled by an egregore of anti-life and that probably could be compared to the Nazi egregore? .........[2] - *** January 30, 2020 - Inspired to start this blog upon reading ”the 52nd gate”[1] - *** This Blog-writer accepts the assertion that’s declared in the title of this blog (thank you Ra!). He suggests that the second greatest discovery following ”agriculture” was the domestication of m ...   read more

Essential Physiology For These Extreme Times!   5 y  
Given the extent of stress that people live with these days you may want to know how to better manage your stress!
Christmas 2019 - ”Chill”! - ”... heightened vagal activity counteracts the stress response, which involves the sympathetic nervous system. ’The sympathetic nervous system is fight or flight, while the parasympathetic nervous system is more chill out,’ says Stephen Silberstein, MD, a professor of neurology and director of the Headache Center at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. Silberstein co-wrote a comprehensive 2016 review of the research on the vagus nerve. He says that heightened vagal activity slows heart rate and also switches off inflammation, in part by tr ...   read more

Obesity Diets, Obesity Genes and Magnesium   5 y  
"Non-personal" perspectives on Obesity.
October 22, 2019 - Amylase and Starch Tolerance - ”Although there are certainly exceptions, meat-free diets tend to be higher in carbohydrates than fully omnivorous ones [i], [ii], [iii]. In fact, some of the most famous plant-based diets hover around the 80% carb mark (coming mostly from starchy grains, legumes and tubers), including the Pritikin Program, the Dean Ornish Program, the McDougall Program and Caldwell Esselstyn’s diet for heart disease reversal [iv], [v], [vi]. While these diets have an impressive track record on the whole — Esselstyn’s program, for instance, effectivel ...   read more

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