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Ok, it has been about 15 years on this site, I guess I can spill the beans - Karlin is a nicname, purposefully ”gender neutral” and as some or all of you know by now, I am MALE, no big deal.

The Near Death Experiencers say we are all pure love... someday we will come to believe it.

Someday we might all believe this one too - although it seems so crazy, but they also say ”we never do, and never have, and never will, make a mistake” - It is all perfect. We are all perfect, we only have to learn to see it and believe it.

In that context, gender means very little. 
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Path of my Life -
Welcome to my blog!! 
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I have allways been a big fan of little bugs - colonic flora, those microbiota, the first line of defense, the gut bugs, the creatures who’s total cell count is greater than the rest of our body’s cell count. We are what they are, 10 Trillion non-human cells that affect our Enteric Nervous System, which controls our moods. Be nice to your gut bugs!!
THOSE forums, and Breaking Health News. 
My Favorite Blogs
Remember Lapis? His, for one. 

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