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Getting Even - Revenge in Israel.   7 y  
Lopsided reaction by Israel has never solved anything.
The headline reads: ”120 Palestinians dead and several Israelis injured” This is in an exchange of attacks from both sides after the three Israeli teenagers were found dead earlier in July, 2014. It does seem a bit lopsided - how many deaths will it take to avenge the death of those three teenagers? It is a more complicated story than just today’s headline, but this is obviously NOT the answer. Israeli fighter jets and tanks pounding Palestine only guarantees that there will be more attacks. Palestinian rockets fired into Israel brought the Israeli jets out, ...   read more

Flouride - more than just "harmful to teeth and bones"   7 y  
Flouride causes much more serious problems than just making our teeth brittle... it causes neurological damage, including brain damage!!
New information, from new studies, has come out about the harm that FLOURIDE does - you may have heard that it can make teeth brittle and cause decay, and that flouride does NOT actually protect teeth. That is old news, and there are 100s of cities and towns that are taking flouride OUT of their drinking water because that ugly truth has become well known - there is NO BENEFIT from flouridated water.   What is NEW is that flouride causes brain damage, and other neurological damage!!   If you want the quick route to the source, go here> ...   read more

Conspiracy - Toxic Sewage Sludge and EPA Rule 502   7 y  
Government Agencies can create their own false reality to suit their purposes.
    Right away, it gives any reasonable person reason to pause when they smell a sewage rat and then see it sitting in the salad bowl they are eating from.                                                                      & ...   read more

Heartland Institute Doozy!!   7 y  
Heartland Institute Deniers mental block
Global Warming Denier for the Heartland Institute, Prof. Rust, has an opinion on the effect of the new EPA rules that limit planet-warming CO2 emissions: “ Lives will be lost as people forgo air conditioning in times of extreme heat .” - Professor James H. Rust, Policy Advisor to The Heartland Institute ----------My Comment on that Quote:   So, Prof. Rust, do I have it right then that we MUST continue to heat the place up by temporarily cooling ourselves with electricity that has LOTS of heat trapping CO2 emissions.... because if we don’ ...   read more

USA halts Russia's lifeline to Europe - South Stream pipe.   7 y  
Russia-Europe pipeline stopped construction after USA senators demand it.
 The Americans are getting the E.U. turf ready for their gas exports to Europe:    Step one was to destabilize Ukraine so Russian gas would be seen as a risky source of energy supply.    Step two is to kill South Stream pipeline to minimize and eliminate Russian competition to their future LNG deliveries.   It would be the cheapest natural gas option for Europe, and it will be needed THIS year, so this delay is going to hurt Europe a lot. Today’s Announcement:      "Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Oresh ...   read more

What costs more? - Global warming or reducing emissions?   7 y  
Global warming costs $175 billion in storm damage alone - there are other costs too. It is wrong to say our economy will be harmed more than that by reducing CO2 emissions.
The argument that the ”deniers” and fossil fools keep using for not restricting CO2 emissions from fossil fuels [the main source of CO2 that causes the warming] is that ”it will harm our economy”. Well, it is only going to get worse and already it is costing us in a lot of ways... storm damage is only one of those ways. Here is a statement from NOAA: In the last 2 years, the United States experienced 25 climate- and weather-related disasters that claimed 1,141 lives and each exceeded $1 billion ($175 billion total) in damages. $175 billion total in damages. It is right here at th ...   read more

Tidy and Clean - INTERNET??   7 y  
The Truth is Out There - but disappearing fast as internet censorship wipes it out
Whereas this Virgo guy does have an attraction to things being neat and tidy and clean, I never thought the Evil Overlords of the Internet would be so blatant about censorship. Pages that I used to be able to access are just gone... Entire websites with alternative histories and attitudes have disappeared... and even the official Canadian Government weather records have been edited to the point of being meaningless [which is what they want, obviously]. For example, weather records used to go back as far as when records were kept - a very logical starting point!! NOW, however, the ...   read more

Where has the Higher Consciousness gone?   7 y  
The prophesy of moving to a higher consciousness is showing no sign of happening.
Remember the hope we felt as December 2012 came around? - that idea of ”a slow transformation of consciousness in which people experience a higher unity consciousness”? Well I am sorry to say there are not many signs of it, not that I can see anyhow. I realise it is a slow process, perhaps over 400 years to take one step, but ”going the other direction” is certainly not a good sign. [sigh] The Ukraine situation, with it’s acceptance of Fascism, is especially troubling. Fascism is about people giving up their individuality in favor of ”letting the all-powerful leader tell u ...   read more

Do you feel it coming?   7 y  
America is the problem.
America is trying to get a war going with Russia. America is going bankrupt and they won’t lay down and take it, they won’t be ”a good loser”, they will take the world with them when they fall. Their one last hope is to be able to create enough new money in a hurry, and money is created with debt and nothing creates debt faster than WAR. America has been the troublemaker for a long time now. They installed the dictators and despots, they supported communists and fascists and terrorists, and they supplied the guns and bullets for both sides of every ugly and deadly civil war since ...   read more

Prime Minister Harper and Pres. Obama - examples to follow?   7 y  
Elected leaders embracing coup leaders - setting an example?
When Prime Minister Harper and President Obama invited and welcomed the leader of an armed coup that removed the elected Prime Minister of the Ukraine, were they setting an example that we should follow?    Obama and Harper did not call for the elected government of Prime Minister Yanukovych to be restored to the Ukraine, but instead they both gave their approval of the coup leader -m "Acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk" - by inviting him to the White House and to Canada and welcoming him with open arms. Only days earlier Yatsenyuk had led armed thugs i ...   read more

Ukraine Propaganda - and Elections??   7 y  
Ukraine elections would have been held now under the former government.
I am not in a position to KNOW for sure, but it is very obvious that the NATO/Ukraine warmongers are trying to provoke Russia into starting WWIII. There was an attack on a border station yesterday [May 8th] by men dressed in black, no flag. They were almost certainly the forces from Kiev’s fascist, criminal, unelected government. It is also important to know that RIGHT NOW, in May 2014, there would have been ELECTIONs held in the Ukraine - the deposed government, tossed from parliament by the armed coup, had promised ”early elections” due to the tension building in late 2013. ...   read more

Earth Day is a Vote and a Test   7 y  
Earth Day is not a big deal to most people.
Earth Day is a Vote and a Test      Earth Day is today, April 22. It is not obvious that it is Earth Day, most of us would not be aware of it except for the "Happy Earth Day" greetings on the news and on the sides of public transit.      It means something that Earth Day is not a big deal - in a way, we have voted "with our feet" and the results are in: * Earth Day got 5% of the votes, * Normal Busy Day got 75% * Keep The Weekend Going got 20%      Walter Cronkite announces it - &q ...   read more

The whole thing makes sense [reflections on previous post]   7 y  
human wretched race headed over a cliff
  I expected to get flack for that previous post, for saying that "ordinary people are just as bad as our evil leaders" - but people seem to be nodding in agreement.    Maybe our leaders are just like us but in a position to take bad to a higher level... and they rarely fail to respond that way.     So, is the world in BIG TROUBLE? Yes, on several fronts... and maybe that is exactly the way it has to be because of this uglyness in humans... we are bad, we create a bad world.      I don't see that con ...   read more

Not just the Leaders   7 y  
Most average people are just as bad as our leaders
We see our leaders in government and in the corporate world abusing people, as if ”we the people” are just dog shit to be used for cheap labour and cannon fodder. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are very disrespectful towards each other. If we look at the world of humans as being two groups - the powerful elites as one, and ”we the little people” as the other, it could be said that WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET because so many of us really are just dog shit. This is coming from seeing the many SCAMS that people perpetrate on each other, often using our own nat ...   read more

Ukraine = Coup; Crimea = Treaty.   7 y  
It was an armed coup, no election; Russia was already in Crimea.
If World War Three breaks out over Ukraine, we must not lose sight of two facts not being reported in the mainstream press 1] that the new government took power in AN ARMED COUP. They stormed the Parliament with guns ablaze!! Why not wait for the next election as most nations do, and then allow the majority to have a say? Not everyone in the Ukraine was unhappy with the old, or happy with the new, government. And then America’s Obama had the new leader at the White House within three days. Soon my own nation, Canada, will see our P M Harper meet with Arseniy Yatsen ...   read more

Ukraine Coup by Nazi Militants - Supported by America!!   7 y  
Ukraine Armed Coup by Nazi extremists
                                                        Ukraine, Crimea, Russia and America   Have you heard about the situation in the Ukraine?  Well, ya, it is all over the news....  but WHAT have you been hearing, and do you believe it? First, some definitions and facts:  &n ...   read more

CLSID Computer I.D. scam - By Phone - BEWARE!!   7 y  
Another Phone Scam - asking you to let them into your computer. Never allow strangers to get inside your house, your car, or your computer!!
 Although this scam is 10 months old, at least, they are still at it.  Read the Secure List website [the good guys] page before the CLSID scammers [the bad guys] call you [read it now, since you don't know when they might call you.. be prepared!!.] - the link is at the bottom of this post. If you get a call from a call center about your computer being infected and they say something about "CLSID" - BEWARE!!! - And don't follow their instructions about getting into your computer - IT IS A FRAUD!!!   In fact, it is probably NEVER a good ...   read more

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