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Latin American nations ending drug prohibition   12 y  
Latin American nations ending drug prohibition on the basis that the War on Drugs does more harm than good.
Latin American nations are starting the process of ending drug prohibition. Several of those nations have allready made changes to their laws so that personal possession [of small amounts] is no longer a crime. Here is a list of those nations so far, as of Oct. 10th 2009: Mexico – Mexico has passed a law eliminating criminal penalties for possessing small amount of Marijuana (5 grams is maximum allowed), Cocaine (half of a gram), Heroin (50 milligrams), LSD (o15 milligrams), Methamphetamine (40 milligrams). You can have this amount of each drug at the same time in your poss ...   read more

Responses to the "You Scare Me" letter to Pres. Obama.   12 y  
Here are the excellent responses that someone wrote for each of the paragraphs in the Lou Pritchett "You Scare Me" letter to Pres. Obama
The italics highlights in the copy below are the new responses to Lou Pritchett’s letter to Pres. Obama; the first line is what Lou wrote originally. {I could not find out who wrote the responses, maybe someone out there knows? }  The original Lou Pritchett ”you scare me” letter can be found here Dear President Obama: You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me. You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you. I don’t ...   read more

Compassion, Truth, Suffering - Three Thoughts   12 y  
Wisdoms about the human condition
These are not my own, by the way. I heard them long ago, at various times in my life, and I have found them to be true so I offer them to you, dear readers: * It is compassionate to understand why people are the way they are, as opposed to simply judging them on the basis of their actions * It is a common mistake in our culture that we accept authority as truth instead of seeing truth as authority * Most of the suffering people experience comes from having attachments, and allowing desires to take over our lives   visit the page

Fibromyalgia Pains - new research into Sensory Processing!!   12 y  
Fibromyalgia, M.E./CFS illnesses could be called "sensory processing disorders of the muscles". This research backs up that idea.
I have posted here before about the theory called ”Sensory Processing Pain Disorder”, which is about Fibromyalgia [”Fibro”] [and M.E./CFS] pains. It was only a matter of time until research found more clues... and now Dr. Light has done just that. It is all a bit too scientific for me, but I will attempt to spell it out in layman’s terms here anyhow. Dr. Light, please forgive me, but I am going to quote liberally, and sometimes in my own words, from your research articles. Also, I am substituting the term ”Fibro” for the other names used for this disease, and to keep it simple I am l ...   read more

Broaden Your Comfort Zone   12 y  
Humans are adaptable, we don't need to limit ourselves to a narrow range of comforts.
”Broaden Your Comfort Zone” We are so concerned with being normal, and living up to the expectations of normal, that we have forgotten how adaptable we are. For example, the most basic things such as the air temperature around us have to be ”just right” - if it is warmer than 72oF or 22oC, we turn on the air conditioner, and if it is colder than 60oF or 15oC we turn on the heat, and in both cases we avoid going outside if the air outside is not within that narrow range. However, except for the most frail amongst us, the human body is perfectly capable of adapting to working 100oF ...   read more

The First 9/11 anniversary without Bush at the helm   12 y  
Sept. 11th 2009 is the first anniversary of 9/11 where Bush is not still President. Some of the fear is gone, people are speaking out. There is a new documentary online.
This is the first anniversary of 9/11 where Bush is not President. Maybe we can start to get some action by next year, if we push the new American government. Pres. Obama had has his hands full since becoming President, but by next year? Alas, the TV news today did not so much as mention the fact that there is such a thing as the ”9/11 Truth Movement”. Maybe next year... but we have to push them! If we let the liars and perpetrators get away with this sort of thing, it will happen again.... and the true story has not yet come out. Perhaps the Bush government or it’s agencies simply ”let ...   read more

Obama Health Care Reform Speach - 09/09/2009   12 y  
American health care reforms - President Obama's speech of Sept 9th 2009 is a great moment for America.
Obama Health Care Reform Speach Sept 9th 2009 The speach just ended, and I post this an hour later: There is no doubt in my mind after hearing that speech - you Americans have a real gem there in President Obama. For the first time in my life I am a bit jealous about not being an American. Wow, he is something!! President Obama laid a golden egg tonight with that health care speech. People like me, from Canada or any nation with full coverage for everybody, just cannot believe some of those stories he told tonight about how sick people get turfed out on their asses, even whil ...   read more

United Nations announcement of pending Climate Disaster   12 y  
Observations of the changes in the Arctic have convinced Ban Ki Moon of the urgency needed to address global warming. That link to the article reporting Ban Ki Moon’s statement on climate change and global warming. It is the strongest statement yet by an important official. In many ways, it is the definitive statement of pending climate disaster due to global warming. Quotes: ”Not only is the Arctic serving as a warning, the warming there is accelerating global climate change” ”Instead of reflecting heat, the Arctic is absorbing it as the sea ice diminishes, thus speeding up global warming; ”Methane, trapped in permafrost and on t ...   read more

Crop Circles 2009 - Stay Tuned!!   12 y  
crop circles are changing slightly... more intricate...
Crop Circles 2009 Yes, they are still appearing - at a rate of two or three a week, sometimes a few in one night. Mostly in England, but a few elsewhere too. They seem to be more artistic than before, and even a few that are square now. The mystery is no closer to being solved. There hasn’t been anyone spotted doing them, no definitive alien or UFO contacts. It would just about as startling to find out humans ARE making them, with the intricate weaves and quickness that the circles appear. There were two small ones by themselves this year, dubbed ”Tweedledum” and ”Tweedledee”, ...   read more

The Musics Over, Turn out the Lights   12 y  
Listening to the Doors song "When The Musics Over" inspires by it's poetry.
Life on Earth Our perception of the world around might not be perfectly accurate. That is a big surprise for some people, and not so much for others. For one thing, we are spinning so fast that when the Space Shuttle takes off, it gets a big boost from the spin of the earth because it flings it up at a greater speed than without the spin. That is why they like to launch from the most southerly point possible, i.e. Florida instead of the North Pole; it would be even better at the equator but they don’t go there to launch because of ”national pride”, and because politics and security h ...   read more

Beating Fibro?   12 y  
Dietary changes might have helped me overcome Fibro!
I have had a wonderful thing happen to me in the past few months - the muscle spasms that have plagued me for the past 25 years have let up! I would get major cramps in my calves from doing the slightest thing, such as just washing the dishes. Well, it stopped happening!! What a huge difference it is. I have been able to ride my bike, and climb stairs again. Fibromyalgia can apparently have remission when a person hits their 50s. If it is that simple, it seems bizzare because there is no control over the situation...stuff doesn’t just happen, does it? On the other hand, it may hav ...   read more

"The Tragic Developments of the 20th Century"   12 y  
Society and personal responsibility
I feel I must post this one idea, perhaps just for safekeeping, to store this working idea here... please feel free to expand on it, or correct it. June 15th 2009, Karlin =========================================================== The Hypothesis to Explain ”The Tragic Developments of the 20th Century” The Tragic Developments of the 20th Century that led to the current threats of global warming, economic imbalances, and a toxic world where even the oceans are affected in severely negative ways; we are still invading soveriegn nations and implementing our views on other peoples; m ...   read more

Done here?   12 y  
bye for now.
I have not been posting much lately, and I guess that portends for the future - I probably won’t be posting much anymore. This is just a signal of changing priorities for myself, where writing my opinion on the internet is no longer important to me. I have written about my experiences as a morphine addict, and tried to show that the attitudes towards opiate addicts are mostly mythical and wrong. It seems that there is little hope of changing attitudes on that subject [the War on Drugs wins]. Also, about global warming - people would prefer to deny it is happening, but only because pe ...   read more

Being Considerate   12 y  
Being considerate has tangible benefits.
I have a friend here who has the potential to be a good person but he isn’t one now, at least not most of the time. He could be... it seems to me that the only thing missing is that he just doesn’t seem to be able to be considerate of other people. He is just making life harder for himself and everyone around him because he cannot catch on to the idea of building confidence and trust in others by simply considering other people’s needs. It works, it really does, at least most of the time - I have been doing it consciously for many years, and everybody I know is willing to help me now. ...   read more

Deniers persist - how about a contract?   12 y  
Global Warming deniers should put their money where their mouth is - I would.
Since deniers are still managing to delay the gelling of public opinion into concrete action to reduce emissions that are contributing to global warming, how about some sort of contract that would mean paying a real price ”if and when global warming is so obvious, and obviously from CO2 emissions”? Perhaps if deniers were contracted to forfeit their savings - whatever they have by 2025 when it will be well known that global warming is real and a big disaster, or not, as the deniers claim - to back up what they are saying, or shut up, then maybe they would not be so willing to say things ...   read more

Illegitimate Prosperity    12 y  
Our prosperity was based on unsustainable means, it was never legitimate, cheap energy fueled it and now we pay the price.
Illegitimate Prosperity It is not real, in that it can all just disappear in an instant. Thats what a person has if they get their wealth by robbing banks. At any moment, the police can swoop in and arrest you based on the video evidence of the banks’ security cameras. You can be found out, your crime can be exposed, and then you realise that all you had was just ”pooftah”. It was real, but not real. Or the person who has a steady stream of money that they get by making several smaller holdups, of convenience stores for example, where the next one might be the last one where the c ...   read more

Pot Prohibition is discouraging dialogue.   12 y  
Pot Prohibition is harmfull, it is time to end it.
Pot Prohibition - reasons why not It is almost certainly true that prohibition of drugs is more harmfull to society than the drug use is. There is a monetary cost to enforcement, propaganda, prisons, and the overall agencies that run the drug war. There are also a lot of personal and societal costs that are difficult to measure, such as alienation of users and other barriers between people over drugs, plus that the basic dialogue over drug use is stunted due to prohibition stigma. There are lots of different issues with the various drugs being prohibited, but for now I just want to w ...   read more

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