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Opposed to American Imperialism - Nations join forces   15 y  
Chavez-Iran create a new dynamic of co-operation against USA Tactics of globalism
Resistance to the American intervention into other nation’s around the world has reached new levels of cooperation between affected and interested nations. Venezuela and Iran sign agreements on a huge new oil project in South America, and also Belarus signs a $1Billion military cooperation agreement with Venezuela. Summed up in the Venezuelan newspaper about the opposition to Bush Regime agenda: ”the rapid, aggressive expansion of the global fascist threat that darkens the very globe, ...   read more

Choosing violent solutions to our problems   15 y  
Choosing violent solutions to solve our problems is the hallmark of our society.
Violent solutions to our national and personal problems has been a hallmark of so-called civilised societies throughout history. Is there any reason to believe that the political/cultural choices and personal choices to use violence are not linked? That the Montreal college shootings, several school shooting rampages, and even domestic abuses and violent deaths, are not directly related to our national obsessions with solving problems with violence? Some would dismiss this relationship, citing different circumnstances, but it is often the very same person making the choices to use vi ...   read more

War on Terror meets War on Drugs - Afghan poppy crops   15 y  
Bring home the Afghan poppy crops for Canadian addicts will kill two birds with one stoner.
The heroin made from the record-breaking poppy crops cultivated under the protection of the War on Terror military forces in Afghanistan is coming straight to the heroin addicts in British Columbia [BC], Canada. For several years now, I have been declared by others to be ”on the front lines of the conspiracy”. Its a sexy title indeed, but now I see that its more true now that ever. Many people are prescribed morphine for my chronic pain by doctors in BC. These doctors are under heavy authority pressure, and even punishment, if they hand out too much, or even enough. Regular increases ...   read more

Creating a new World - Golden Rule of "non-interferance"   15 y  
opiate use must be the choice of individuals and not authorities
The War on Drugs is creating the drug problem. It has been tried for long enough time and has failed us. One way we went wrong was in trying to engineer a perfect society by ”steering people”. It was thought that we could nterfere with their choices so they will choose the right way. Drugs were thought to be a problem because the use of them would make peope irresponsible. Well, we have an abundance of irresponsible people anyhow, and more drug use than would have normally occured. When people do activites like taking drugs, or being gay, nobody is being forced to take part. We mad ...   read more

9-11 "anniversary Propaganda" running rampant   15 y  
9-11 wasn't worse than other horrors that occur every day. American security is not more important than any other nations security.
American TV is coming out with news and mini-series showing the personal tragedies and horrific scenes of that day. Similiar scenes could be show fromn everyday car crashes and the War on Drugs persecutions and even the year-old flood in New Orleans. Personal tragedies and horific scenes. They could find the same things in much larger numbers in those nations in which AMerican forces are causing such havoc, personal tragedies and horrific scenes of the innocent civilians in those countries. I make this comparison to remind people who might view those 9-11 shows that it was not an iso ...   read more

Holding you to your Words:Make climate change deniers pay   15 y  
Make global warming deniers pay later on, register now.
How about all those who continue to deny global warming is real and the ”tipping point” of it is fossil fuels emissions be registered as ”global warming deniers” if they want to comment publicly, or even just to have their opinions recorded for posterity. This may offend some Free Speach concerns, but it is just one issue... With them registered, we can identify those who stalled the process that so many of us are passionate about - reducing fossil fuel emissions. Then, at about the date 2012, when we see the reality of global warming climate changes [as if we don’t see it now], we can ...   read more

Justifying the Wealth Disparity is an empty path.   15 y  
Being separated from the problems of poor people requires justification in a civilised society, but this justification does not exist
The Competition I was inspired to write this by Jamie Lee Curtis’ new children’s book about ”The Human Race” where we are ”racing” like in a competition. The race that we find ourselves running is just a way for the wealthy to not have to be involved with the troubles of the poor people. This has been the ”way of life” of the human race, in almost every culture now, ever since money was created. Money allows us to measure our wealth, it is the vehicle for the competition.We jump on the vehicle in our childhood and never get off of it until we die. Every day of our lives revolves a ...   read more

Hey - MORON !!! - Stupidity movie hits the head on the nail   15 y  
Stupidity is a modern epidemic
This movie is right up my sphincter, me myself being so critical and sarcastic towards general public and consumer habits. Quote from link: ”The documentary is a controversial investigation into what may be a characteristic unique to our species-a chronic resistance to intelligence. Stupidity sets out to determine whether our culture is hooked on deliberate ignorance as a strategy for success. From Adam Sandler to George W. Bush, from the IQ test to TV programming and the origins of the word ’moron’, Nerenberg examines the ”dumbing ...   read more

Coincidence and Spirituality   15 y  
is there such a thing as "Meaning" in our lives ?
Below this are the defninitions for Spiritual and Spirituality, and coincidence. Interesting that coincidence defn #2 says ”although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.” Thats what this topic is about - was it arranged or was it coincidence? Every day we come across events that seem to beg for an explanation. Eg. 1} Two movie stars were making a movie about meeting at a dentists office after chipping a tooth, when coincidently they had an accident and both ended up with a chipped tooth [in real life]. Meaning? - well, it could be that they were thinking of chipp ...   read more

Bush Hypocracy August 21 2006   15 y  
Bush claims democratic ideals with only 29% support
Pres Bush held a press conferance this morning. Questions were asked about the middle east turmoil, and Bush reiterated much of his tired old rhetoric. Therefore, I will too!! Pres. Bush declares that it is unnacceptable to allow A ”State within a State to be launching attacks on a soveriegn nation” [Hezbolla in Lebanon attacking Israel]. Bush also says that Al Queda is doing things like blowing up those mosques in their effort to create the civil unrest and internal war of Shia and Sunnis in Iraq; that America must stay there in Iraq to ensure they can become a democracy where ...   read more

How to React   15 y  
choosing to react to negative events with calmness eases pain
When something happens to us, we will react. It is partly instinct and it is partly ’cultural training’ in how we react. For eg. we stub our toe on the chairleg and we might react violently by #1]’kicking the damn chair’, or we might be more mature about it and #2]simply grit our teeth in silence and move the chair over so it doesn’t happen again, or we could #3] even try to experience the moment as ’part of being human’ and actually feel the pain coursing thruough our bodies like it was interesting. Those are just three of the types of reactions we might have, depending on who we ar ...   read more

[pretend] MESSAGE FROM GOD   15 y  
Just a little fantasy about what I think god would say if he was to talk to us all, recruiting for heaven.
Hi, its God here. I’ve been silent for quite awhile now because I had hoped you would learn the things I am going to tell you today on your own, but you didn’t. I am speaking out now because, frankly, we are having a shortage of new spirits in heaven lately - hardly anyone from the 20thC made it into heaven, and not one from the 21st far, so I decided to say some things to help get you back on track. Also, there is a large war about to break out and I hope you can avoid it, and of course global warming - I have some facts to tell you that might change your minds. For one thi ...   read more

MidEast clash - never tried love!!   15 y  
Love is all they need, but it has never been tried.
This is way too simple, but I have to point out that that I see revenge, I see growing hatreds, I see nothing but bluntheaded violence being used to try and solve the conflicts there in the mideast conflict. No love in sight. Israel and Lebanon are creating many more individuals with ”nothing left to lose”, and so utterly devastated that they are consumed with hate. Israel is creating more of those in Lebanese civilians right now, but Hezbolla is also creating many Jewish who will be consumed by hate for years to come too. The childish positions of ”you shot first - no you did”, or ” ...   read more

Selling out over Generations - morality squandered   15 y  
Selling out - 1960s and 2006. Morality is known to all but ignored by most due to the addiction to being sucessfull.
I remember being in school in the 1960s and thinkg that ”boy, when my age group gets into power, we are going to cahnge a lot”. I was probably thinking of pot laws, and how cool it would be to smoke a joint legally, without the paranoia of getting caught. Then I saw some of my peers going into the corporate culture, essentially ”selling out” their ideals so they could make some money. I didn’t critisize them directly, I tried to understand their needs and let them make their own choices - after all, that was one of the main points about things I wanted to change in our culture was fre ...   read more

Aesthetics of Drug Use   15 y  
Aesthetic Drug Use is preferrable to abusing drugs
If drugs has been legal all this time, throught the creative periods in the 2nd half of the 20th C., we would have developed a more cultured approach to taking them. This is the ’aesthetic’ approach {Def.of aesthetic -”The study of the psychological responses to beauty and artistic experiences; deals with the nature and expression of beauty ; the branch of metaphysics concerned with the laws of perception”} For eg., when a person takes opiates, the effect can be to numb the pain, to block out negative thoughts or become mentally numb, or in less practical terms the user could focus o ...   read more

The THING that negates all health treatments   15 y  
Dental infections can cause many symptoms, yet medical authorities are in denial, or worse.
Chiropractic treatments helped ease some muscle pains, and of course the Chiro said he could resolve all my health issues. Acupuncture helped relax me and it did stimulate blood flow and of course the guy with the needles said that my immune system will be restored and all my health issues will be better for it. Those are just two examples of things that should work, but don’t, in people with a chronic dental infection. ------ Long ago, when I was 7, the dentist told me that ”with that much local anesthesia, there is no way you can be feeling this”... but years later it is wi ...   read more

Wartime Pollution - Global Warming   15 y  
Wars create Global Warming
Its just another inconvienient truth for the warmongers who cannot see past the threat they are facing or dreaming up. It is understandable, after a whole carreer of starting death in the eye. What combat soldier would care about the long term problems - ”I gotta save my life right now!! ” ? This is a crucial time: - just as the earth is feeling the strain of existing at the edge of its tolerance for overcrowded polluted genetically modified intrusions into her intricate and interlocked ways that all life exists under - right at the time when it is changing in so many ways due to ...   read more

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