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Script your life   15 y  
"script your life" , encouraging dependancy on phamceuticals
Ads on TV that say ”Script your life” can only mean one thing - they are saying drugs should run your life, alluding to writing the plan for your life, i.e being happy thru chemicals. And they are available at Wal Mart, come get what you want. The ads were like this: ”get your pills at Wal Mart because you are there anyways, so you save time. That way, you can have more time to enjoy life [pictures of outside games w/mom] Go ahead, ’Script your life - the Pharmacy at Wal Mart ” ------ k They are suggesting we take drugs as a way to ensure that we are in control of our lives beca ...   read more

War Escalating in Israel area   15 y  
global control by Elites is escalating the war to WW3 ; oil is funding BOTH SIDES on the war in the mid east
Its so childish on the surface - ”you hit me, I am going to hit you back”, and ”you hit me first”, ”no I didn’t, YOU hit Me first”. Thats Israel and Palestine talking... Adults, and nations, are supposed to be able to raise themselves above this kind of reactionary thinking. instead, what we have is a third party insisting on military action to raise the profile of fear so that they can continue their quests, install their agenda. Making the spread of war to other nations - Lebanon and Syria and Iran - comes as a direct result of israel hitting harder and harder. Someone had to ste ...   read more

Loyal to Oil vs. The Rest of Us   15 y  
Syriana movie raised the issue of oil domination and corruption, now go further and divide people into two groups based on Loyalty to Oil.
”Loyal to Oil” vs. ”Not Loyal to Oil” People of the world get divided into two sides, ”us and them” in some form or another. Generally, this leads to conflict.... it is often a pre-arranged way to create conflict too. Even so, risking the conflict, I still want to try one more way of dividing people into two groups, and in doing so I hope we will find that we ARE allready on one side, with only a few exceptions, just some Elites in a minority. This has been the problem all along - we never put ”us and them” tags on Elites. So the problem is the way we are divided... Maybe the ...   read more

Organics: "for the greater good"   15 y  
Organic foods, if subsidized, would be a major benefit to society
We hear all sorts of uppity language like ”for the greater good” in the constitution and other proclamations. Its good stuff - the underlying principles of a vital society are all there, If we followed our own best advice that is. It has become painfully obvious that ”for the greater good” , and ”whats best for everyone”, has been sold out to the private interests. They have done a remarkable job in keeping the public from seeing it though, by using these exact same phrases to distract us from the reality of Elitism. We were convinced that the rule of Kings and Queens was over in th ...   read more

Create the Problem , Offer the Solution   15 y  
CTP OTS is a catch-phrase for conspirathists
Create the Problem , Offer the Solution You may have seen this little catch-phrase somewhere before - it is the greeting that says ”I am aware of the tactics used on us” It has become a favorite quotation of people who protest ”the corporate/government conspirings, the goal of which is to control the consumer and dominate all political and economic activity worldwide”. It is used everywhere - we have heard of firefighters who set fires, so they can get the rush of saving people. A classic example, but we didn’t dream that we would ever hear of such a thing happening, we trust our ...   read more

filling up or plugging in: Who Killed the Electric Car?   15 y  
Electric cars can be plugged in at home from a solar panel, reducing the problems associated with gasoline and crude oil.
This makes explaining global power easy. ”Who Killed the Electric car?” is a new movie this summer, and it tells us of the battles to get an electric car on the road and into mass production. A system of re-charging batteries [much improved in recent years] at home saves much pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but mostly it heralds a change from filling up to plugging in as the source of energy for our cars. The reason it was killed is just that - ”they” don’t want people plugging in at home, its better for the corporate side to have us filling up. ”They” are the oilmen and ’ ...   read more

De-human Beings   15 y  
Hitler-esque tactics and dehumanising ways - recongise and beware.
After witnessing what Hitler did, we should have been vowing never to repeat such a situation. It should have followed that we would never tolerate the basic strategies, those things that lead up to Hitler’s power and control over the German people. Either we can fogive the German people, because they were ”tricked”, or we have to blame them for getting on the global domination bandwagon. Also, we could point out that they were mistaken in believing they could win. Without believing they WOULD win for sure, they were risking so much, including their humanity: justification in killi ...   read more

TVs' assault on our psyche - Its the ADVERTISMENTS   15 y  
Ads are not piffle, they are effective and a major source of stress.
Ok, I am just winging this, after seeing a replay of a hockey game from the early 1980s on TV just now. What I noticed was that I felt somewhat relaxed, sort of like the calmness we get from watching ocean waves; my mind was focused on the game and that seemed to relax me. What was the difference from that game on TV, and the live Cup final game I watched on TV two hours ago? - no ads along the boards... just white, plain, simple. It is really different, you think you are in a foreign country watching hockey. Then I saw another ad, selling us something. And another, telling me to wo ...   read more

June 6th 2006 passed without incident - no big plan!!   15 y  
Superstition ain't the way
666 = June 6th 2006 These dates come and go, and nothing comes of it. Thats because they don’t realate to anything, our calandar is just arbitrary as far as numbers go, not relating to anything real or in nature. When playing games with dice, we thinbk there will have to be some patterns, but no. When looking at the marvels of nature, we become amazed and start to wonder - there has to be a pattern, a big overall plan for it all, and a plan that created it all. But there isn’t. Why can’t life and all things in it just be what they are? Why the overlaying of a big plan, a creator ...   read more

Internet is Anomnymous - you can be Radically Nice   15 y  
Radically Nice can be used when anonymous - on the internet
I don’t like to put on a ”false front”, a masking persona, in place of the real me in real life situations , because it will come back to bite me. To be consistant and real is important in most situations. ”Putting on a mask” is usualy not a good idea. In real life, if we act too nice, it will be mere minutes until someone takes advantage of you. However, on the internet, in situations like game rooms where ”the real you” doesn’t really matter much, you can be a nice as apple pie [made without sugar or trans fats]and not have any problems. I find I can be radically nice, and it d ...   read more

Star Wars - the reality of military strikes anywhere anytime   15 y  
Star Wars - the reality of military strikes on the poor if they protest conditions created by industrial activities. We are about to be living in a society of total control fascism thru and for commerce with miitary assistance
Noam Chomsky released a new book recently called Failed States. In it I found a startling truth about how Star Wars will give the USA government the ability to strike a group of protestors, or whomever, from space within 30 minutes of deciding to do it. The reason for having Star Wars is not fighting terrorism per se, but rather , and this is quoted later on here from the lips of Clinton and Bush, to protect commercial interests. K - reading from page 10 - quoted: ”The militarization of space did not originate with Bush administation. Clinton’s Space Command called for ” domin ...   read more

GWD - Global Warming Denial: a threat to us all   15 y  
global warming denial is an industry funded by Exxon and other Fossil Fools. They are a threat to us all.
Ignoring a problem is one way to ensure it will harm us, and will likely be repeated too. Denying a problem exists is even more dangerous. In this case, we are facing a global climate upheaval that will harm us in many and various ways. Global Warming is fueled by CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels, but ”The Competitive Enterprise Institute” is running TV ads that says: ”Environmentalists say CO2 is a poisen, WE say it is LIFE” Wow. Pure bulltweet! Another quote about the CEI GWD TV Ads: ”Recently, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) initiated a national televisio ...   read more

World Contact Day - theme song   15 y  
World Contact Day in 2012? I have no evidence, only the same hunch others have had about 2012. Here is the theme song.
We often wonder about aliens coming to earth. It was a strong feeling in the early 1980s, something to do with being tired of waiting for the new millenium to come. There was the idea that such a big moment would have something special attached to it, like contact with other worlds. Then, the millenium passed and we didn’t think much about it. Too much other whacko stuff going on. Now, as 2012 approaches, it being a date found in so many predictions and prophecies that just might indicate aliens would visit then, despite all the distractions of gloabl wars and pandemics and Bu ...   read more

The Radical Middle: No left-right trap here!!   15 y  
Radical Middle political group is beginning to grow.
There are a lot of citizens who would fit the description of being in The Radical Middle of the political spectrum. We do not find any political party that stands for what we want to see happen politically. So many of us have voted but not for a winner, its always the ones we don’t want the get elected, and many of us have stopped voting altogether. We do not relate to either of the Left or the Right politics, that looks to us like its a tactic to get us to fight it out for one of their two sides, both on the same side actually... Like Clinton pretending to be a socially conscious ...   read more

Rule of Law - For All, not just for some?   15 y  
"Obeying the rule of law is for all" ;The hypocracy in stating this but breaking laws is found in Bush 2's tenure as President
Laws are for setting a standard of behavior in a society. When we all obey them, life works out better. Thats the rationale for applying laws to a society. They sort of sum up our collective morality too, like an agreement on how to act and how to punish those who trespass, in various ways, against others. Equal rights and responsibilities are also part of what law does. Personally, I am not a big law and order person. That is more of a conservative/religious mindset, where they believe everyone needs to be told how to behave. The other side of that coin, of the role of law, that I ...   read more

Mother's Day - originally was anti-war!!   15 y  
Mother's Day was meant to honour mothers who lost sons to war.
Mother’s Day originated when a American Civil War mother, who had lost a son in the fighting, wanted to acknow;ledge the pain of all the mothers who had lost sons in war. Details are not important. What is important is to see that the present commercalised verson of Mother’s Day is, well, just that, commercialised. The intent has been lost, like with so many good intentions, it was lost to greed and corporate control of our lives. Mother’s who lose sons to war have a very special pain. That society would honour that pain, that we would put our collective arm around all mother’s and ...   read more

Infinate Compassion   15 y  
Infinate Compassion is about seeing others in an understanding light ; heal with it, don't just deal with it ;
Infinate Compassion could mean various things to people, but I use it in practical ways, so to me it means that I will try to understand why another person is the way they are, or do what they do. {note- I got the idea, the term ’infinate compassion’, from the Dalia Lama, he has a different way of using it, although our definitions overlap a lot] When they do things that are inconsiderate or harmfull to others, there is likely a reason behind it. In fact, there HAS to be a set of circumstances leading up to their behavior and I will endevour to discover what that all is before I pas ...   read more

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