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Star Wars - the reality of military strikes anywhere anytime

Star Wars - the reality of military strikes on the poor if they protest conditions created by industrial activities.
We are about to be living in a society of total control fascism thru and for commerce with miitary assistance

Date:   5/31/2006 9:54:25 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1690 times

Noam Chomsky released a new book recently called Failed States.
In it I found a startling truth about how Star Wars will give the USA government the ability to strike a group of protestors, or whomever, from space within 30 minutes of deciding to do it.

The reason for having Star Wars is not fighting terrorism per se, but rather , and this is quoted later on here from the lips of Clinton and Bush, to protect commercial interests.

K - reading from page 10 -
"The militarization of space did not originate with Bush administation. Clinton's Space Command called for " dominating the space dimension of military operations to protect U.S. interests and investment" much in the way armies and navies did in the earlier years. The US must therefore develop "space-based strike weapons [enabling] the application of precision force from, to, and through space". Such forces will be needed, U.S. intelligence and and the Space Command agree, because "globalisation of the world economy" will lead to a "widening economic divide" and "deepening economic stagnation, political instability, and cultural alienation", thus providing unrest and violence among "have-nots", much if it directred against the U.S..
The space program fell within the framework of the officially announced Clinton doctrine that the U.S. is entitled to resort to "unilateral use of military power" to ensure "uninhibited access to key markets, energy supplies, and strategic resources".

Clinton planners {STRATCOM} advised further that Washington should portray itself as "irrational and vindictive if its vital interests are attacked", including the threat of first strike with nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

a bit more:
Carter's defense sec. Harold Brown said the Third World, "largely for economic reasons" , there is "increased turbulence from within, as well as intervention from the Soviet union"

Bush planners extended Clinton's doctrine of control of space for military purposes to "ownership of space", which "may mean instant engagement anywhere in the world".

Weapons expert John Pike comments that the new programs will allow the US to crush someone anywhere in the world on thirty minutes notice with no need to a nearby air base., a substantial benefit given the regional antagonism aroused by the hundreds of US bases placed all over the world to ensure global domination.

Rumsfeld signed the national defense strategy in 2005 , saying that it "enables us to project power anywhere in the world", influencing events before challenges become more dangerous and less manageable", in accord with the preventitive war doctirine

Nuclear weapons will be used, as they say, because there is little that can be done to help victims and destruction is total. It will help ensure that nobody even tests the system, as contamination will sicken the population for centuries.

--------- end of quotes from Failed States... now my turn:

K - now, to me this all sounds like [Chompsky is saying that] the "USA-government controlling Elites" will be able to kill a crowd of protestors who gather in any nation on earth, within 30 minutes, for eg., of protesting their political leaders refusals to help the poor of that nation, or over environmental issues. It never has to be used to be effective, it is a threat to anyone anywhere, just for posting a comment critical of the government and the entire community will be destroyed, erased.
It is corporations doing global business and their wealthy owners that will benefit from Star Wars. The world is in the grip of the wealthy elites who are afriad of losing their position over time, and constantly work to gain greater and greater control and distilled ownership of all business and commercial enterprise on the planet, as well as gaining a greater share of the world's total wealth: the top 5% wealthy now have 85% of wealth everywhere and it is moving towards being 99% with just 1% left for the labour classes to use for currency, without savings; a mere handful of family lines now own more than ?{what is the figure?-50%?] of corporate entities throughout the world.

We are therefore moving towards this "total control fascism thru commerce with miitary assistance" kind of society. This is real I think, it is happening now in major steps after a century of preparation. The elites feel this is necessary due to the pending global climate catastrophe - perhaps GW is a kind of catalyst they planned on all along as a way "to bring on the need to install this kind of security measure"... as is their modus operandia we have seen recently with Iraq and 9-11.

They see the poor as a threat when the food and money stops flowing, or if the air and water become too disgusting, or expensive. Whatever it is, there are plenty of triggers where people will be getting very upset - the Elites are afraid but prepared. They can "hunker down in secure abodes" and have a labour class out in the fried surface to supply them with what they need, and services they desire.

There will likely be about 144,000 of the Elites chosen to hunker down in secure facilities, as the christian apocalyptic theme keeps rising it's head lately. In any case, thats a good estimate for a sustainable Elite survivor class. The rest of us are fodder for whatever the surface of the earth becomes... and the Elites are making sure it isn't paradise - they know they have to destroy the underpinnings of all biospheres - forests, clean water balance of CO2 and oxygen, and stable climate - life is persistant and every option is being used to ensure nothing will thrive on the surface - earthquakes and volcanoes triggered by HAARP, cutting down forests, climate change

Its also important to weaken people too - give them viruses to deal with - some have allready been spread, and likely precursores for new strains coming along to soften us up or prepare us. Make their teeth rotten and hide a terrible bacteria there too, root canals - one per person is enough to cause chronic pain conditions and fatigue, perfect for a labout class that won't protest. Too tired. And fat. Like we are now, and thats mostly from the drug known as sugar, to whcih most of us are adicted to the point of getting surgery so we can continue to consume it after we become obese.

This is no longer a long ways off, it is starting to move ahead quicker and quicker every month. Much of the catastrophic events will happen before 2012, which is only 5 years away now. There is some natural event coming that they know about, I suspect, that will occur on or before 2012 , and thats why things have to happen now, beforehand.

The reality of it all is found in Chomsky's words, the military moves cannot be what we are told they are and they fit this bill so well. I hate to sound an alarm - so many false ones leading up to the 2000 yr. have taken away the power of the 2012 predictions[not the prophesies, but the concrete and recent analytical predictions based on actual events and words spoken].

And thats what Star Wars really is all about, and what all the trouble is these days - protecting the greedy ambitions of global corporations as their excesses have become intolerable to the masses.

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