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The audacity TO hope - Yes We Can!!   13 y  
Election Night Hope
We WANT to have hope, but we have learned to give up on that... and then Barack Obama was giving his acceptance speach, and for a moment there so many of us allowed ourselves to have hope again. Barack gives us permission to hope again. You could see it on the faces of the crowd in front of him - eyes wide open, tears flowing down their cheeks, tears that felt SO GOOD that nobody was wiping them away. Its been so long since we could dare to have hope. That moment felt so good. A promise of greatness? Maybe, but all that takes is to persue good things and not fear-based greedy g ...   read more

Renewable Energy - Pay for it ONCE, and then its FREE   13 y  
Renewable energy puts out electricity for many years after the initial cost of setting it up is paid off.
Its a song I am working on, the last line of the chorus goes: ”Renewable energy - Pay for it ONCE, and then its Free” And it is more-or-less true too, but it is not something the public is being made aware of. The big energy corporations, the ones you pay your gas and electric bills too, would rather that we KEEP paying. What I am referring to in the phrase ”and then its free” is that renewable energy installations, such as a wind turbine or a solar panel farm, will provide electricity for about 25 years after being set up - with no further costs other than small maintenance costs. ...   read more

History of CIA Involvement in Drug Trafficking   13 y  
The timeline of heroin traffic that has been aided by the CIA
I am offering the part below the line as an easy read of the general timeline of the ’more well known’ examples of Government involvement in heroin trafficing. The purpose of these posts is to try to bring awareness of the broader reality of heroin, as opposed to the view that has been shoved down our throats [i.e.”its bad”]. Heroin is NOT all bad; there has been a lot of suffering around heroin, but that is mostly due to prohibition. For one thing, the restriction of any drug that is addictive can only mean trouble for the millions of people worldwide that use it. People take it, ...   read more

Financial Crisis - lets hear the GOOD news!!   13 y  
Media is only reporting the bad news about the economy, but there ARE some good news stories such as lower gasoline prices.
Saturday, October 25, 2008 Good News in the Crisis Where is the good news in all of this economic upheaval? Surely, with all the bad news we are being told lately, there must be an appetite for the little oddities that end up helping the average person!! Hmmm, like WHAT you scream at me, through your furrowed brows... Well, like the fact that gasoline prices are dropping with the price of oil going down - last spring the price of gasoline was the major headline for several weeks, right into the summer. Was that only because it was bad news? In fact, right now we are seeing the ...   read more

Natural Heath Products - Got Milk?   13 y  
MILK should be restricted from making health claims, especially if other functional foods are.
In Canada there has been a big controversy about the Natural Health Products regulations [Bill C-51 and 52], where there were fears about vitamins and ”functional foods” [garlic, etc] being regulated to the point where we could no longer get them or use them. What about the health claims the advertise so regularly on TV about MILK? If ”health foods” get stomped on by Government regulations - no doubt as a favour to the pharmaceutical industry - then the one good thing that could come out of it, to my way of thinking, is that MILK would have to stopped being touted as a healthy dietar ...   read more

Heroin study results - improves health, reduces crime.   13 y  
Heroin trials show positive results when addicts given heroin ; Prohibition is the Problem.
There was a study going on where long term heroin addicts were GIVEN heroin daily for a year, and the outcomes were recorded. They did well!! Results were being reported in newspapers today [Oct 24th 2008] Some quotes: ”Results Show That North America’s First Heroin Therapy Study Keeps Patients in Treatment, Improves Their Health and Reduces Illegal Activity” ” significant improvements in reducing illicit heroin use and illegal activity, and improved health for participants” ”heroin assisted treatment (HAT) can attract and retain the most difficult-to-reach and the hardest-t ...   read more

Climate Change predictions - [not the] Worst Case Scenarios   13 y  
No predictions forsaw the melting that actually happened.
When predictions are made for any sort of pending problem, there would generally be three categories: 1] Worst Case 2] Most Likely 3] Least Possible However, in the climate change predictions we have been getting since the 1990s from various official bodies, such as the IPCC, NONE have yet to predict what actually happened - every year reality has been WORSE than the official predictions allowed for. Arctic sea ice melting and glaciers retreating are some of the most obvious effects of a warming climate ; they are easy to see and easy to measure. They do a lot to stabilise conditi ...   read more

Spread the Wealth Around, McCain   13 y  
Concentration of wealth at the top
McCain has the audacity to complain about Obama’s plan to ”spread the wealth around”. If America is a democracy, where democracy means doing the most good for the most people [and there are several definitions of Democracy], then at the very least most Americans should have enough to live on, and no American should have ”way much more” than another. Some semblance of ”equal” should apply for all who work all day long - is one person’s work worth millions, or 1000s of times more than another? how about 100s of times then? Maybe 10 times would be fair? All jobs are essential to keeping ...   read more

"Falling Down"   13 y  
Was my ISP slowing down my computer to convince me to upgrade?
Excuse me for this, but I am going to use this blog to do a bit of a personal rant. I am pretty sure that nobody reads this blog much anyhow, and maybe if you are reading it, this could be enjoyable. It ends well!! ”Falling Down” is a movie about a guy who is just fed up with the endless annyonaces and abuses that go on in our world. He goes a bit nuts, and crosses the line when he seems intent on hurting his ex-wife and child, but up until then it was a meaningfull movie. I can relate to the early parts of that movie!! I have been having trouble with my internet service for several ...   read more

Real [pocket] Change!!   13 y  
Prices going DOWN, incomes stay the same.
Prices going DOWN, but incomes stay the same - sound good? The ”credit crisis” has stimulated some hard thinking about out economy. Is it sustainable to allways need to have GROWTH in order to keep things running smoothly? It should have been apparent that house prices could not continue to rise forever, at least not without a lot of inflation or a devalued currency. Sure enough, when house prices started falling, there was a huge problem. And now, considering the climate change problem, we have to find different ways to provide energy. So how about a goal of helping average peopl ...   read more

Afghanistan War - is it time to leave?   13 y  
Pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq is better than staying there
Now that the attacks on America have subsided to just a few each year... No, start again... Now that the attacks on America have subsided to just that one [”9/11”] that we are not sure of WHO was behind it, what with all the unanswered questions such as how come so many WTC workers seemed to know enough not to come to work that day, and about controlled demolision evidence that was carted off so suddenly.... But no, I don’t want to go into that. The POINT is that there are no ”terrorist threats” of any great significance, and no attacks at all on American mainlands, so maybe it is ...   read more

Will the Sheeple Wake Up now?   13 y  
Economic Changes from Unsustainable to BETTER!!
I hope this does not sound too condescending, but the term ”sheeple” refers to the public at large who has had the wool pulled over their [our] eyes when it comes to, in the modern era, the corporate culture takeover of all aspects of government and commerce. We have seen deregulation, through corporate lobbying of government, resulting in massive pollution, cuts to education, health care costs that leave many of us untreated, and a concentration of wealth where 90% of a nation’s wealth is in just 5% of the people’s hands. It is UNSUSTAINABLE. Not many people wanted to admit to that, ...   read more

Credit Crunch - what ELSE was behind the credit crunch?   13 y  
Credit Crisis origins not just homeowners defaulting
I don’t think I can really swallow the ”credit crisis” story the way it is being told to us. I think that the truth of it is that the banks WOULD HAVE GOTTEN INTO TROUBLE EVEN IF THE HOMEOWNERS HAD MADE THEIR PAYMENTS. For one thing, not one person on mass media, from the main players to commentators, is asking ”What could we have done differently to avoid this mess, or at least to have a less costly solution?”. Asking that question seems pretty standard in these situations... the answer would maybe be ”we could have acted several months ago with much less government money by he ...   read more

Anti-Nociceptive systems and Opioids   13 y  
Chronic pain conditions might be due to an endorphin shortage
”The Anti-Nociceptive action” This seems to be a fairly straightforward part of the chronic pain discussion, but we don’t hear anything about it. There may be a reason why we don’t hear the full story, but first let me tell you what I have been learning about lately: ”Nociceptive” signals are, basically, those nerve signals that come from the body when something bad has happened, like touching a hot stove. Pains are a way of protecting us, without pain we would not survive long. The ”anti-nociceptive effect” is how pains are ended once they have got their message through. When t ...   read more

Iraq War Vets and Fibromyalgia patients - "Chronic Pain Brains"   13 y  
Iraq war vets and Fibromyalgia chronic pain conditions are very similar, and the evidence points to changes in the brain.
Iraq war vets and Fibros - ”Chronic Pain Brains” The researchers are now able to show that there are changes in the brains of some groups of patients with otherwise unexplained chronic pains. Interesting new insights are being gained from the Iraq war vets who are coming home not only traumatised emotionally, but MRIs are showing the physical changes in their brains. Most commonly, those are vets who were subjected to blasts from roadside bombs and from the forced entry technique where walls and doors are blown apart with explosives. Interestingly, those soldiers are coming home with ...   read more

Drugs and Government   13 y  
Governments have a long history of involvement in the illegal drug trade
Intro - In reading the book ”The Politics of Heroin”, it becomes evident that there is a lot of history that has not been taught in schools and that the public is unaware of concerning opiate drugs. I am writing this essay more-or-less off the top of my head and with some referances to notes I have made since reading a number of books this past year. It is meant to show that there are various reasons for restricting the use of opiate drugs such as morphine and heroin, and that those reasons have little or nothing to do with the health of patients. I am one of those who is directly impac ...   read more

C.N.S pain and Opiate medicine   13 y  
Opiate drugs help dampen the nerve-oriented pains of fibro
Hoping, coping, and doping: The real problem is not the addiction... the light came on tonight, now that I am out of morphine and I know that the end might be here for me... --- When I had hope, even just a long shot, that something might change with my pains, I was very carefull to stay within strict limits of morphine, never taking more than I knew I could afford to and still pay my bills. I had something to lose, even if it was a slim chance it was still something. I had that kind of hope when I was getting my bad teeth out because I was thinking that the mercury or j ...   read more

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