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Selling Out - a Message for Today's Youth   14 y  
Selling Out is something we do without knowing it.
Selling Out - a Message for Today’s Youth I have a message for the youth of today, those who were born after 1975 or so, whose parents are my peers - the tail end of the Boomer generation. When I was graduating high school, in 1975, it was the time of post-mortem of the 1960’s politics - hippies and Vietnam and the Military Industrial Complex that was the focus of the protests {see: Dwight D. Eisenhower’s ’Military-Industrial-Complex’ Warning speach [google it]]. There was, way back then, an awareness of over-population of the earth, of environmental problems of deforestation, ...   read more

Losing History - Pres Ford and Saddam Hussein   15 y  
Dying and Hung leaders are silent now
When President Ford pardoned Nixon back in 1974, the world lost the opportunity to find out a lot more about how American elections work... The whole Watergate reportage missed out on telling through the mass media the real purpose of the break-in, which was to get materials from the Democratic election campaign which would help the Republicans/Nixon win the election. I never really saw how that would help win that election, or what materials they did get. That was central to the whole period of history, and we never got to hear about it. The Republicans were cheating on an election!!! ...   read more

Jesus died for Individuals, not for a nation   15 y  
Jesus didn't die for nations but for individuals
Jesus didn’t die for a country or a religion or a certain type of people, he died on the cross that day long ago FOR INDIVIDUALS. This is important this year as we see the world spiral down into religious conflicts, and wars between nations and various sectors of nationalities and cutlures. None of these would have been important to Jesus, he would have railed against people joining up into any groupings like that. Jesus was preaching about individuals and their morality and salvation. JC often adminstered to one person at a time, and when speaking to crowds or people he still addres ...   read more

Our culture of 'personal competitive elitism'   15 y  
Our culture produces elitist thinking at an early age, and it has come back to haunt us.
I feel a strong need to post/blog today about our culture of competitive elitism, not about the higher-up Elites, but ordinary people, the citizenry, who has become ’mins-elitists’ in their own worlds. We place such a hig value on star power, on heros, and we even adore the wealthiest people like they are our saviors, and indeed some of the wealthy actually believe it, but without having the responsibility that should go with that. There are all sorts of re-inforcing behaviors for this elitism, things like LOTTERIES, and competitiveness in the workplace. From day one we are give ...   read more

Tactics used to create the War on Terrorism   15 y  
"The Master Class has allways started the wars ; the Working Class has allways fought those wars"
This post was largely inspired by reading the transcript of the interview with historian Howard Zinn ”The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism” [links below]. He tells us that we are not getting an accurate history of the American war machine, and he outlines the ways that the American public is tricked into supporting, and fighting, those wars. Personally, I see wars as being as inhumane an activity as there could be, we should be avoiding them ”whatever it takes”, but instead Bush and others before him do ”whatever it takes” to create the conditions for wars. Here are exam ...   read more

Buy Nothing Day Nov 24th: "Consumer Detox"   15 y  
Consumerism is a manic behavior that will bury us under a pile of trash
”Take a consumer detox and stay out of the stores” on Friday Nov 24th. This is the 14th annual ”Buy Nothing Day”, a global phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada. It occurs on the the busiest shopping days in the retail calendar. Our aggressive aquisition of material goods, an advertising-driven manic behavior, will bury us under a pile of garbage someday soon. There are personal and environmental reasons for participating in Buy Nothing Day: Participants could do the ”zombie walk” thru malls to draw attention to the idea of reigning in our rampant consumerism, or ho ...   read more

Eco-Rage   15 y  
Eco-rage is when people get angry when they see abuses of the environment
Eco-Rage: Eco-rage is when people get angry when they see abuses of the environment. For eg., someone tosses litter on the ground and another person observes that act and reacts by tossing it back at the litterbug - thats an act of eco-rage. Or, on-going cases of environmental abuses like global warming or depletion of clean water resources [especially when it is done for profit] - these tend to create hardened kinds of anger and resnetments. People who have been fighting for reduced emissions from burning fossil fuels for 30 years, ever since the first evidence of the vario ...   read more

Cancer Risk for Women - Cosmetic Carcinogens - Hotlist [its about respect]   15 y  
Common Cosmetics Cause Cancer
Its really such an UGLY situation women find themselves in today in western society - being encouraged to ”look pretty”, but having a much higher cancer risk for doing so. That modern image of pretty is impossible to attain when compared to the air-brushed photos of models who are selling stuff that we see everywhere. Women , unfortunatly, seem to compare themselves to other women as part of a competition of some sort... and they feel they must try to look as ”pretty ” as possible. In our society, that image is created with cosmetics. And those cosmetics do not have to be labelled ...   read more

HUMANISM - the new politic - beyond Left and Right   15 y  
Humanism is creeping into our world now.
The recent mid-term elections in the U.S.A. were a sign that people have had enough of the Bush regime and his ”whatever it takes” approach to problems. These election results were a sign that people are rejecting the carnage and suffering caused by Bush’s drive to control oil and to control Islamism, and the way they block any and all attempts to come to agreeable terms with those whom America is doing battle with. The American voters have given the world a sign that there is now an opportunity to usher in an era of HUMANISM. This is not ”left VS right” or ”socialism VS capitalism” ...   read more

Saddam urges Iraqis to reconcile, but Bush doesn't....   15 y  
Occupation of Iraq benefits Bush and Friends. Thats why only Saddam, and not Bush, is calling for reconciliation of Shia and Sunnis.
Saddam urges Iraqis to reconcile That link to the AlJazz story about what Saddam was saying at the time his death sentence was handed down this week Nov 9 2006. He was thoughtfull enough to take that opportunity to urge the two main factions in Iraq’s civil war to reconcile. We have not seen any such initiative from the Bush forces. There has not been anything like trying to arrange a meeting of the Shia and Sunnis to even discuss their issues. That would be a concrete step to try and avoid escalation o ...   read more

Where are the voices of the oilpatch about Global Warming?   15 y  
The CEOs of the fossil fuel industry are not saying anything about Global Warming anymore, despite imminent legistlation that will regulate emissions. WHY are they silent now?
Whats with the silence from the primary players in the global warming actions being legistlated now? They used to have lots to say, and were quoted and interviewed continiously about the subject of global warming for the past decade or more. Not a word lately tho... Have we created the conditions where it has become impossible for some of Canada’s citizens to say what they believe? I am referring to our embattled hard-working CEOs of the fossil fuel industry, the major oil, pipeline, and power producing corporations. These ’unfortunate few’ have the same rights as the rest of us h ...   read more

Bush knows the reality in Iraq - more to it than denial   15 y  
"Denial" and "disconnects from reality" are just symptoms of a hiddden agenda, Bush is not really in denial...
Bob Woodwards reports that Pres Bush is ”in denial”, which could be the case, or it could be that ”denial” is just a polite way of saying that Bush must have other motives for being there because his stated objectives are so far from reality. Then, there is Gen Dannant who spoke up about getting the Brit troops out of Iraq soon. Iraq is a mess, and powerfull people are starting to say so publicly. Plus, behind the scenes there have been reports of British soldiers either leaving the army in Iraq, or even actually going over to the other side and helping the insurgents fight the occup ...   read more

2 news items not in the news - 9/11 and Nuke plant near miss   15 y  
un-reported news items Nuclear meltdown 'near-miss' in USA ; 9/11 theory reaches airwaves
There were two news stories that were not reported, but that I heard about today: 1] a nuclear power plant nearly went chernobyl two weeks ago, and 2] an ’opinion’ on 9/11 that has been banished from the airwaves until today. --------------------here is what I have so far: Dr. Helen Caldicott , from the Nuclear Policy Research Institute, was being interviewed today [Oct 11th 2006] on CBC radio. They were talking about nuclear power issues, and Dr. Helen mentioned a ”near-miss” nuclkear event within the past few weeks had occured in the USA mainland, she may have said it was at 3 ...   read more

Forgiveness - ask the Amish how to fight terrorism   15 y  
Sins of all sorts follow the evil ones
GW Bush pretends to be a good christian, but he doesn’t seem to have a clue HOW to be a good christian, it does not show up in any of his actions. He seems totally clueless about the benefits of practising forgiveness, and in alll the opportunities he has had as President to show forgiveness, he has never shown any. ”What would Jesus do?” is a brilliant comeback to the Bush regime when they are pretending to be ’good christians’. GW Bush NEVER asks that question, he would be more likely to TELL Jesus what to do, hell ya!! It is clearly stated in the bible, all of them, that Jesus would ...   read more

News Coverage of School Massacres causes mental disturbances   15 y  
News coverage of school shootings inspires copy-cat killers and adds to the trauma of survivors and the familes of the dead.
There are some curious undercurrents in the way the news coverage of the recent school shootings is done. Since we know that these last two may be ”copy-cat” killings, the news producers might decide to just do a basic reporting of the facts, no pictures of the scene or interviews with the distraught survivors, or with family members of the dead. This would minimise the copy-cat motives and might be less stressfull on viewers. We, the public, still get the story, but without the added tramua that the extra-heavy news coverage causes people. Experts in psychology have been interviewed ...   read more

Corporate Tresspasses - effects of advertising on toddlers, and society   15 y  
The effects of advertising on toddlers is an example of how we are brainwashed by media's "weapons of mass consumption" - That link to a CBC story about how toddlers are humming MacD tunes used in their advertisements. This shows a ”compliance factor” on the part of watchers of television, where we - not just toddlers - get the messages they send out and we do not resist that message very well. ”Resisting messages” is not taught to people, so how would we know that it may be an art form that would make our lives better? With the overwhelming, saturated, ingeniously designed advertisements on the one hand, and very little mechani ...   read more

The Horse Whisperer - "Gentling" rather than Breaking them   15 y  
Humanity needs to be treated humanely [all life does]; We are HUMANS, but we are not yet HUMANE.
I am just getting started into the book written by the horse whisperer himself, a book called ”The Man Who Listens to Horses”, Monty Roberts. {You may remember the more popular ”The Horse Whisperer” that was made into a movie.] Essentially, he talks about how he learned to read and ”speak” horse language, which is almost totaly done with the body, not sound. From that, he found he could communicate with horses, understand them, and then just ”coax them into a partnership of trust”. Breaking horses - the ”usual” way is essentially just removing the horses’ willpower and getting him ...   read more

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