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Financial Considerations: global warming action stalled?   14 y  
big energy players and politicans enjoy the fossil fuel economy "as it is"
We have allowed, or decided, to let the biggest financial instiutions and their directors determine the direction of our economy. After all, they are the ones who will invest the money and hire us and so on, so they must know what to do to keep the economy healthy and my job intact. We trust them because when they prosper, we prosper [or so the saying goes]. They get a economy set up that we all participate in, but where investors who took the risk get the biggest rewards - fair enough. Most of the economy is dependant on fossil fuels for the energy we need to power the economy, and the ...   read more

Driving Experience - A practical meditation for the highway   14 y  
Passing hours quickly by disengaging thoughts of the future and past
I have wanted to write this for a long time, but it is complex and therefore a challenge to deliver it in a few paragraphs. I will try - ”DRIVING WHILE MEDITATING ON THE PRESENT MOMENT” When we are driving, safety is of course parmount. I assure you that this technique will only help your driving safety, not reduce it - it is about paying attention. For the long highway drives, the drivers and passengers have a lot of spare time without any activity to occupy their minds with. When alone, or when conversation is not happening, our thoughts can go anywhere but they almost allways g ...   read more

LiveEarth concerts July 7th - global warming awareness   14 y  
Live Earth concerts
Al Gore was the MC for the world-wide 24hr spectacle of music and some speaches in support of efforts to raise awareness of global warming. It ran for 24hrs because there were cities around the world that were hosting the concerts, and the numbers of people watching set a record for the largest ever global event of any kind. So it was all very big, and it ’shrunk our world’ a little more because now we are feeling like neighbors of communities far away, as it should be. It helps a growing awarensss that we do, or what they do, affects the air we all breathe, and the climate we all live ...   read more

Paying dues - secret society oddity   14 y  
Crimes that help you rise up - and that help them trust you.
note - I know I should just stay away from this stuff, IF I wanted to ever get published!! [I don’t]. This is all conjecture, but with backing from various sources I have read up on. These things are very hard to verify, but that doesn’t mean they are not real.In fact, I would like to cop-out and just say that this is a ”hunch”, but I do believe this kind of thing really does go on in groups like police forces, Masons, etc.. Two events this week inspired this thinking - one was a cop who shot a teenager, and the other is about Mason membership and child rape that I heard about this w ...   read more

Taking the pledge: "I will be helpfull today"   14 y  
Helpfull people can become servants, or change the world
Some people wake up every day with the thought that they will go out and find someone, someplace, somehow, to be helpfull. Not many actually do wake up thinking that, maybe the Dalia Lama and so on, but nonetheless, it is in the back of a lot of regular people’s minds. People in general do want to do good, but we get too stressed, stretched too thin, or have too many of our own problems, and stop being helpfull to others. Or, that the ones you help just keep on asking... and then it becomes more like sacrifice, or like you became that person’s personal helper. You will burn out quickly ...   read more

Are we not men? - Devo has a book out ["we are KNOT men"]   14 y  
Devolution of the human race is happening now, days DEVO, the art-punk music group from the late 70s.
Devo is a musical-political group from the late 70’s, whose message was that humankind is no longer evolving, and are now actually DE-volving. Devo. Devolution. They finally released some words to go with their act, in the form of a book that is largely autobiographical but contains their thematic material, the devo view of the world. Here is a link to reviews about the book: It really resonates with me to think about the Devo message. There is a story about a snake that went back to living in the ocean... humans are biological, and if other creatures ha ...   read more

Aboriginal National Day of Action [June 29th 2007]   14 y  
Native people's across Canada host a "Day of Action"
Canadian aboriginals are having a ”national day of action” that is partly protest and partly about raising awareness of the conditions they live in and the struggles they face. Too bad I cannot find a group to walk with, because I would like to show my support. It is mostly in the bigger cities where organised protests are occuring, and I am rural. So, I will write in my blog at least... Native people in Canada, and aboriginals around the world, are living in really rough conditions. The reserves are especially bad, without clean water supply and very very poor education for the yout ...   read more

Fibromyalgia pains are hard to explain   14 y  
Fibromyalgia pains are hard to explain
Realistically, the best hope I have for helping the world would be to just raise understanding of my disease. I started this blog with that in mind, but it gets boring advocating for one thing when there is a world full of problems for me to solve!! ha ha. My new living arrangements - I moved a month ago - have given me new people to ”educate” and so I am re-focused on ’how to explain Fibro’ [but I set my expectations very low]. ”Fibromyalgia” - thats what they call it. It has been with me for at least 25 years, from a time when nobody knew of it to where most people have heard of it ...   read more

"The RULES" are used by people who....   14 y  
Rules are just ways to break golden rules
The Rules are often used by people who want to have an advatage over others, or, ironically, for those who would break the rules. Otherwise, we would all just get along fine without ”rules”, other than basic golden rules which are not really rules: ”Respect” ; ”do unto others as you would have them do unto you” - what else do we need to know how to get along with others? I had a run-in with ”the rules guy” a few times since I moved to my new apartment. This ”rules guy” is just another tenant, and he is certified mental. Sorry dude, but you have that diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophr ...   read more

Birthrights of our Era   14 y  
Energy costs could be much less ; tyranny of elites through fossil fuels. It is the birthright of our era to produce our own power.
Today more than yesterday, this year more than last year, it is becoming obvious that we are living in another era where there is tyranny over the masses by a small portion of the population. The tyranny of elites over commoners has been the hallmark of civilisations for 5000 years or more, as far back a recorded history can see. It is a basic tactic for any people who have ”more to lose than most people do”. It is almost natural to have this situation arise, it is the standard set by elites over the ages. We are living in tyranny. We are being denied the benefits that are ’the birth ...   read more

GOOD NEWS about the environmental and social wellness movement   14 y  
Nobody goes back to being anti-environmental
My son gets the credit for this positive thought concerning environmental awareness and responsibility: Nobody who ”gets it” is going back to being a hold-out! Only ”our” numbers are growing! Ok, so it is not completely self-explanitory: - It means that more and more people might join the environmental movement, but nobody is joining the other side. There are hold-outs to the acceptance of the idea that global warming is real and is caused by burning of fossil fuels, we know them as ”the deniers”, and some of them are starting to see the reality of global warming, but nobody is de ...   read more

Touch the Sky, Be the Wind - go fly a kite [with fishing gear]   14 y  
Kite Fishing - flying a kite with fishing gear
I am nearly 50yrs old, and as I get to that hallmark age I am feeling that it is more and more important and meaningfull to ’act like a kid’. Sure, I do feel the social pressure to conform to ”being the typical 50 yr. old” personality, a role model for the grandkids and an icon of responsibility for my own sons. That might mean denying my ’natural personality’ in some ways, like restraining my enthusiasm for sillyness. Betraying my personality, in order to be seen as something that society wants me to be, is just not going to happen. I have been rebelling against ”normal” all my life ...   read more

Doing some "Cloudbusting" with Orgone   14 y  
Cloudbusting on a personal level - guiding Orgone
Unencumbered by devices or conspiracy theory or anything other than my mind my eyes and the natural elements, I go ”cloudbusting” by myself. I sit in a ’reclining lawnchair’ so I can look upwards without straining my neck. My backyad is so quiet in this small town, there are no distractions. I soon forget about where I am. All my thoughts go silent as the main thought crowds them out. When thoughts in our heads are ignored, they will go away - its only that we engage them in some that that they can survive at all. The sky is perfect - puffy white clouds that only occaisionally block ...   read more

Transforming climate change victims into fuel   14 y  
Turning dead humans into fuel
Really? link - Exxon presented a plan to a gathering of oil industry big wigs to produce ”Vivoleum” as a way to increase oil supplies. Vivoleum is made ”from the victims of climate change” - yes, from dead people. The crowd of oil industry people listened intently, and did not raise any objections. Many had recieved candles that we supposedly made out of this new oil product, and lit them up and smiled to see the warm glow they put off. That part was true, but in fact the ”Vivoleum” presentatio ...   read more

A Night at the Paris Hilton Lock-Up   14 y  
Paris Hilton is a jerk
We all saw Paris Hilton crying out for mommy and collapsing into total fear and humiliation, but few of us, including myself, were having much sympathy for her. in fact, I was almost weeping with joy to see her so messed up. I feel bad for having that kind of emotion at the expense of another human being’s suffering, and when that happens I try to change my attitude by applying a dose of ”INFINATE COMPASSION” [I.C.]. Infinate Compassion is the invention of the current Dalia Lama, and it means totally forgiving a person in a bad situation and then knowing that they didn’t get to this p ...   read more

yr.2050 - emissions reductions farce   14 y  
2050 is too far off to do any good with emissions reductions
”Reduce emissions causing global warming by half by 2050” is the buzzword for negotiations at the G8 summit this week in Germany. We must, at least, aim to stop the increases as soon a possible, that is paramount but it is not even being discussed in the talks now, as they distract us with meaningless target dates of 2050 - 43 years in the future. That is 43 years of doing nothing, despite that global warming is the biggest threat we hav ever faced as a civilisation! The ’responsible nations’ are calling for much stronger reductions targets, while PM Harper and Pres Bush are together in ...   read more

"Things we all need"   14 y  
The 'things we all use' must be declared essential goods, and not be profitted on
”The things we all use must be declared essential goods, and not be profitted on.” Michael Moore is challenging some of the basic ideals of capitlaism in his latest quest for humanity in America. This time it is the pharmaceutical industry, and the movie is called ”Sicko”. Oprah had Michael Moore on her show this week [June 5th 2007] and when such ”reasonable” people team up with radical like Moore, it says something. It tells us that Michael Moore has only been portrayed as a radical, but it in fact very mainstream, representing the actual opinions and moralities of a solid major ...   read more

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