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by Karlin

Coincidence and Spirituality

is there such a thing as "Meaning" in our lives ?

Date:   8/28/2006 4:06:24 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1199 times

Below this are the defninitions for Spiritual and Spirituality, and coincidence.
Interesting that coincidence defn #2 says "although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged." Thats what this topic is about - was it arranged or was it coincidence?

Every day we come across events that seem to beg for an explanation.

Eg. 1} Two movie stars were making a movie about meeting at a dentists office after chipping a tooth, when coincidently they had an accident and both ended up with a chipped tooth [in real life].

Meaning? - well, it could be that they were thinking of chipped teeth due to the movie scr1pt and their involuntary bodily/mind awareness sort of aided them to get chipped teeth - this is that natural explanation, basic psychology.

Or pure coincidence, but nobody believes that. Why do we toss out that possibility [of coincidence] so fast? Is it because there are so many possibilities for "meaning", or because we crave "meaning" in our lives so badly that we will grab onto anything that shows we are driven by ethereal forces to connect with each other?

Spirituality is partly the drive to apply meaning to our lives, that the way we live, the choices we make, have some impact on life on earth. I think people could relax about that, there is no doubt in my mind that EVERYTHING we do, every choice we make, and even every mood we have affects life around us, and for some time in the future too.
There is no need to involve "god" in that, its there anyways.

Spirituality is often about death, fear of death, and avoiding death by living in some other form. I think we can discard that notion as being borne of fears and is simply a way to avoid the reality of death. On that topic, death is good, it allows new life room to develop, and it allows for evolution in its many forms. To me, its best if the dead are completely gone other than their basic nutrients which feed the soils, simply an organic view of death.
There is no need to involve god in death either, it happens regardless.

EG. 2} Praying for weeks for a little girl with cancer, and the cancer disappears. Good work everyone!! Bringing meaning into our lives thru prayer. Giving our lives meaning, as conduits for god's work. Or just coincidence, the little girl's own body found a way to beat the cancer, and it was helped by the prayer but because she knew others were hoping for her, not because of 'gods interventions'.

So as we search for the explanations, we will find that the search itself will be the best part. When the answers appear clear to us, the fun will be over as we use what we have learned to make life on earth better.

I am not trying to pounce on religion [again, as Ive done so often], I am trying to embrace all the options in our quest for meaning in our lives. Actually HAVING meaning in our lives is really an elusive thing for most people, and I doubt any of us really know what it means to have meaning in our lives. Perhaps it won't be "spiritual" when we discover it, it will be natural and not supernatural.

co·in·ci·dence (k-ns-dns, -dns)
1. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space.
2. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.


n 1: property or income owned by a church [syn: spiritualty, church property] 2: concern with things of the spirit [syn: spiritualism, otherworldliness]
2.incorporeal or immaterial nature.
3.predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc.; spiritual tendency or tone.
4.Often, spiritualities. property or revenue of the church or of an ecclesiastic in his or her official capacity.
[Origin: 1375–1425; late ME < ML spīrituālitās. See spiritual, -ity]

spir·i·tu·al (spr-ch-l)

1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material. See Synonyms at immaterial.
2. Relating to or having the nature of spirits or a spirit; supernatural.

3.closely akin in i
nterests, attitude, outlook, etc

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