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by Karlin

9-11 "anniversary Propaganda" running rampant

9-11 wasn't worse than other horrors that occur every day.
American security is not more important than any other nations security.

Date:   9/9/2006 12:12:37 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 2490 times

American TV is coming out with news and mini-series showing the personal tragedies and horrific scenes of that day.

Similiar scenes could be show fromn everyday car crashes and the War on Drugs persecutions and even the year-old flood in New Orleans. Personal tragedies and horific scenes. They could find the same things in much larger numbers in those nations in which AMerican forces are causing such havoc, personal tragedies and horrific scenes of the innocent civilians in those countries.

I make this comparison to remind people who might view those 9-11 shows that it was not an isolated horror, that this kind of thing is perpetrated every day by typical American actions and habits.

Perspective is important now - MORE USA troops have lost their lives in Iraq than American deaths on 9-11. Are these troops not so important? Are they "disposable"? Less valuable than the "elite business class" of people killed high up in those Twin Towers that day? What did America gain by losing 3000 troops to revenge the deaths of approx.1500 Americans [among the ~2950 deaths of all nationalites on 9-11] ??

Oh ya, its not revenge, its about "Making America safer".
At what point does American security stop being a reasonmable excuse to be killing the more than 150,000 INNOCENT CIVILIAN DEATHS of Iraqis? It is not justice to invade and occupy other nations for five years just to increase USA security, and especially not when there is LESS security for the USA due to the rage they are growing in Islamic nations by their "security actions".
Bush also uses "American enmergy security" as justification for his foriegn policies. Do other nations not also have energy needs? Security needs? Why are American lives more valuable than foriengers?

All of those foriegn policies ring hollow when we see how New Orleans was treated - these are American l;ives, just not Elite American lives...

And what has been accomplished over the 5 years since 9-11? No reconstruction of the damages the USa forces caused in Iraq, but in the farcical efforts of that reconstruction, the American corporate Elites that supported Bush Election wins have been richly rewarded, with BILLIONS of dollars going to line the pockets of those executives and owners of those corporations, and the Bush Family Fortune. Oil interests have done really really well, with Exxon scooping up the LARGEST PROFITS OF ANY CORPORATION, EVER. This is no coincidence, it is a purposefull plan that has been successfull. Crude oil futures have been bid so high, with NO INCREASE IN PRODDUCTION COSTS to defray those high gasoline prices-profits, that the Bush Family Fortune, and Fortunes of the Friends of Bush, have grown exponetially. There is a direct link between USA foriegn policy , the War on Terror, and those growing fortunes of Elites.

Meanwhile, the average American, as well as the poor around the world, has seen their personal situations worsen, often tragically. More victims of economics have been claimed than if 1000 9-11s happened. This is as much a USA Crusade on Islam as it is a War on the Poor and defenceless, the innocents... Elites VS the Poor, and yet "the Poor continue to be a great source of Wealth" [Rockerfeller quote from the 1920s].

The fact that such one-sided views of 9-11 are the ONLY viewpoint being shown on mass media tells us that this is a concerted effort to win support for Bush policies and the War on Terror. Even if people start to see the American attacks on Islamist nations and peoples as the "Modern Day Crusades" , this time USA against Islam, these films will win support for that too.

It is also vitally important to realise that MORE AMERICANS HAVE CONVERTED TO ISLAM RELIGION IN THE PAST 5 YEARS THAN ANY OTHER RELIGION ; WOMEN are just as eager to move to becoming Islamic as males are. The numbers are significant - up to one million such conversions have occured in the USA.

How could this be , when the USA fighting forces are killing off Islamics by the score in other nations like IRaq and Afghanistan? would these conversions not be seen a traitorous?

Which makes the "Bush Crusade on Islam" even more poignant. The Islamists are Americans now. That might be driving Bush Policy more than energy security or those pin-pricks of terrorism that are used to win support for the War on Terror.


The viewpoints shown on thse 9-11 rememberance shows have excluded any conspiracy ideas. After five years, it would be reasonable to at least look at them, since so many Americans are embracing them now. Unless they are afraid of these views because they are hitting the nail on the head. Thats WHY the idea is catching on that the Bush Plan for his term in office included the events of 9-11, "as a way to get all the way into Baghdad". People are hearing that Rumsfeld quote where , in 1991 after the first Gulf War,he said "we would need something like Peral Harbour to occur, but on the American mainland". And 9-11 fit that bil perfectly, and it worked, it got them "all the way into Baghdad".

This neat and tidy bit of conspiracy thinking will not air at all, not one iota, on these numerous tv shows remembering 9-11. That does not make it true, but it certainly gives that conspiracy theory credibility as a fear of the Bush Regime.

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