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Media Blurbs - some thoughts

Unvaccinated kids - What danger?
War on Terror - what terror?

Date:   11/15/2007 6:27:48 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 1320 times

From Vaccines to Airline Security breaches, I have some thoughts to ponder about the message the 'popular news media' is sending these days.

Unvaccinated kids - What danger?
War on Terror - what terror?

For starters, we have seen that some States are getting tough with school kids/parents who refuse to get their vaccine shots.
Parents and School officals alike are getting air time by saying:
"We cannot have those un-vaccinated kids roaming around public schools"
...but who the heck is threatened by them? - don't the "vaccinated kids" have the protection they need against those exact same diseases the un-vaccinated kids do not have? So, if the Un-Vaccinated kids get sick, the vaccinated ones are allready immunized against those diseases. If it is a different strain, well then the vaccines would not help. Besides, the unvaccinated ones will have stronger immune systems [*for two reasons], and therefore will not be as likely to be the source for ANY contagous diseases.

[*those reasons are 1]that they don't have mercury from the 'multiple diseases vaccines' hampering their immune systems, and 2]that, if they do get an illness their immune systems get stronger from fighting it].

I do not see any justifications for demanding anyone gets vaccianted; I DO see several reasons why I would not ask my kids to get most of the vaccinations these days.
Also, when I was a kid, we got immunized against all of 5 to 7 different diseases, and now that number is getting closer to 20!!! Good for big Pharma.



We have been fed a steady diet of those stories about how government security workers ["transportation authority"] take potentially dangerous articles through airline security and don't get caught. It is stunning to see how knives and bomb-making materials are missed by staff whose only job it is is to notice this stuff and alert their bosses.

Now, compare these news stories, which go so far as to tell the viewers how it is done and even where to go online to get the equiptment, to the refusal of Pres.Bush to answer some basic questions on the basis that "we cannot give the enemy any potentially dangerous information that they might use to harm us with".

Conclusion? The airline security stories are just there to scare us. Maybe none of those items actually got through, or perhaps it was arranged before hand to have the right person on duty so the story could be made... nobody ever seems to lose their jobs over the breaches.

Why scare us? So the War on Terror will seem necessary. And THAT is getting almost silly anymore, it being 6 years after 9/11 and STILL no 'more' attacks on America from 'terrorists'. If they did want to hijack a plane or bomb a shopping mall, the news had told us it is entirely possible, even EASY, to be done... but nothing has happened. Perhaps the threat is somewhat less than it is being made out to be. Perhaps it never was very real.

Furthermore, I want to compare Iraq now to Iraq before the 2003 USA invasion. For starters, imagine if just one city block in any American city was bombed the way 'some city block' in Iraq is bombed almost every day!! Obliterated, a huge bang and an echo that rolls on through the whole city. Just imagine the reaction, the news, the horror in the eyes of people who could never imagine such carnage. And now realise that it goes on every day in Iraq, going on 5 years next March.

The rationale that "Saddam had to be removed" is still being bandied around by Pres. Bush. Ok, but the brutality by government forces against the citizenry in Burma [Myanamar] is worse the locals there say [not that they would know what life was like under Saddam, but they dare comapare]... and African nations are at lest as bad as Iraq with Saddam.

One bottom line would be to know how many citizens were being killed under Saddam each year, and how many jailed, tortured, etc. , and compare that to today where, even though some are "militants", and others are "imports" who came to fight the war[s] in Iraq, there are about 100,000 regular civilians killed each year since 2003. I doubt Saddam was killing that many!!

US foreign policy is the problem. They even supplied the poisen gas that Saddam used to masacre all those Kurds with back in the 1990s.

Ok, moving on....
Thanks for reading :)

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