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Radish Juice may dissolve gall stones.

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Skye7W Views: 110,490
Published: 17 years ago
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Radish Juice may dissolve gall stones.

When I first had gall bladder problems I thought I had a muscle spasm in my lower back, and having had back problems since a car accident in 1982 I tolerated it and used some mild pain medication. But it became worse and worse. The pain was excrutiating just for me to twist enough to wipe my backside after using the toilet, something I came to dread.

During a visit from some friends who both had had their gall bladders surgically removed, they told me that the problem was my gall bladder, that they had both suffered this unbearable pain before their respective surgeries. This made sense to me as I was overweight and had had a high cholesterol diet most of my life. AFter a couple of months of the back pain, I began to have sharp pains in my right side.

Since I did not have have health insurance, or money for surgery, and because I don't subscribe to the school of thought that the way to treat injured organs is to cut them out I began to research. I did not choose to do the Hulda Clark e flush as I had not yet done the parasite cleanse. However, I did go to a source that has never let me down and that is the book "Health Through God's Pharmacy" by Maria Treben.

She suggested a regimen of radish juice over a period of six weeks, beginning with about an ounce of radish juice on an empty stomach each day gradually increasing it to about a 1/2 cup of juice midway, and then decreasing it back to 1 ounce by the end of the six week period.

The reasoning for this, and the reason I chose to post this story here, is that the reason this treatment was formulated was because a woman who had her Gallstones surgically removed saved them and for the heck of it had them mounted on the handle of a knife. While she was peeling radishes one day, visitors arrived and she put the knife into the bowl of radishes. When she returned the gall stones in the handle of the knife were dissolved in the radish pulp.

In addition to the radish juice I took a combination of dandelion and yellowdock, four times a day. I ate a completely cholesterol free diet, and almost a non fat diet as well. I ate a lot of brown rice and vegetables topped with 2 T a day of Flax Oil.

I have to tell you that at the end of the six weeks I was ready to go to the ER and tell them to cut out my gall bladder because I frankly could not stand one more drop of radish juice. But amazingly enough, the pain soon thereafter went away. I had cured my pain by apparently dissolving the gall stones with the radish juice each morning.

It is now two years later. For the past 8 months I have had excruciating neck and shoulder pain, shooting pains all over my back, and a generalized back ache from shoulder to hips that was unbearable. I went to the ER mid December 2003 despite my poverty and spent $1400 to find out that nothing was wrong that could be diagnosed with only bloodwork and xrays. I was told that back injuries could often take $10,000 to diagnose, much less treat. I was given some pain medication and referred back to my regular MD who actually refused to treat the extreme pain I was in. I think she thought I was scamming her for narcotics.

I found a pain support group online and found an online doctor that would prescribe the narcotics I needed to lead a relatively normal life. I got regular chiropractic adjustments which did not alleviate the problem. I began to get weekly massages which worked out some knots in my muscles, but did not alleviate the pain. I began to become heartsick fearing I would be in this type of back pain the rest of my life.

Then one day last week, I got the sharp pain in my right side that I knew was my gall bladder acting up again. This time I did the Hulda Clark flush. I only got out about 13 stones 3 marble sized, the rest the size of large peas.

Then something amazing happened. The back pain that I had suffered from for 8 months suddenly was gone. However, I had excrutiating pain in my right side and I knew something large must be stuck in the duct of my gall bladder.

Tonight I have, at the suggestion of this website, taken a cup of grapefruit juice with a T. of Epsom Salts to try and relieve this attack. But three days ago I also started again of the radish juice treatment. I'm following it up with fresh apple juice daily as well. Yeah, it's horrid but I do believe that it does dissolve gall stones that are stuck or are too large to get flushed out during a cleanse. I can't prove it. But it worked for me once before when it was all that I did besides the other two herbs. And I believe that at the point I started the radish juice treatment the first time, that I had waited far too long to deal with this problem because of the deceptive nature of the symptoms mimicking a muscle spasm in my back.

What horrifies me even more is that I may have let a recurrance of liver/gall bladder congestion go untreated for 8 months because the symptoms this time were upper back and neck pain which I would not in a million years associate with the liver or the gall bladder.

I, for one, will do these cleanses on a regular basis the rest of my life, never waiting for symptoms to let me know that it needs to be done. If I can make it through this episode I'm in the midst of right now, I will never neglect the health of my liver and gall bladder again. I shudder to think of the condition of my gall bladder right now after doing nothing for 8 months besides take narcotics for the pain. But I could not afford to keep going to a doctor who was virtually useless. She'd just throw up her hands and say I just don't know what is causing this pain. In addition to the upper back pain, I was having pain in my Left side, not my right side. The ER doctor decided that it was pain from my back being referred there, just as a pinched sciatic nerve in the back is usually felt in the legs.

Is it a coincidence that a liver cleanse took the pain from my upper back and neck? After exploring the links here to the Chinese medicine pages and seeing the gall bladder meridian, such pain is actually quite common.

Sorry for such a lengthy post. I guess the bottom line for me is from now on, regardless of what kind of pain I have, the first step I will take is a liver cleanse.

And for those of you who find yourself in bad pain AFTER a cleanse, try the radish juice daily until it goes away. I've also ordered the Gold Coin Grass online which is also suppose to break the larger stones up into smaller pieces. Between that and the radish juice I should be able to heal this in less than the six weeks it took last time. I just wish the mail was faster.

I would also like to also thank the pain support groups online and the sympathetic doctors that help treat chronic pain. While there are weaknesses of Western medicine in the realm of proper diagnosis, if I did not have pain medicine that worked, I probably would have put a gun to my head long ago. The gall bladder can be a very deceptive organ, dangerously deceptive.

Those of us with back injuries expect back pain and do not immediately think, "Gee, I wonder if something is wrong with my gall bladder." And obviously MD's do not make the conneciton either.


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