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Mom, starting slow sounds good to me!

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Published: 16 years ago
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Mom, starting slow sounds good to me!

That's all I did...take olive oil and lemon juice as salad dressing, etc., daily. A few times I took a tsp of the oil and maybe a squirt of lemon juice, on its own, or in some water.

This was around the time that I had a bit of sharp pain in the gall bladder area, and felt something scoot and slightly scratch along the duct toward the stomach.

Then we took a four-hour driving trip and I fell asleep sitting up (head hanging forward).

When we arrived, I made straight for the bathroom, and passed an orange and yellowish stool with a black pullet-sized 'something' in it that had light green flecks.

I say 'something' because I have no idea what it was. I flushed too rapidly.

I felt lightheaded for a while.

Later someone told me that backed up bile turns the stool orangish or yellowish, so I figured that passing the lump/stone, or whatever it was, had released some bile.

I've slowed somewhat on the olive oil consumption, in favor of trying coconut oil in my food, but kept up on lemon juice and garlic. Now I'm finding that I want fresh ginger every day.

For several months I've been taking some Bio-Cleanse with lemon juice in water at irregular intervals. What a blessing this is! No irritants to cause bowel spasms, yet I am releasing plaque buildup, I am certain.

I've lost 35 - 40 lbs., and my experiences change as the months go by.

I also go for bio-resonance treatments every two or three months.

I had a sharp pain sometimes up under my right ribs, and it was suggested that I was bowel cleansing too quickly; that the Bio-Cleanse/lemon juice was also helping my liver. So, I stopped for a bit and then continued when I felt the need. Once or twice I took that mixture three times within thirty-six hours (on an empty stomach, one hour before eating) and it gave me good results.

Lately I've had gallbladder and other twinges - most recently an ache in back of the liver area. Somehow I feel that these are simply steps in cleaning my organs; time to renew the minor 'treatments' I know work for having very few eggs; almost cutting out bread and flour (and butter); and going back to sipping olive oil and lemon juice.

Other things help as well. Going to bed early...getting off this machine...taking up beachcombing and loving the rythmic movement, outdoors! I'm improving my posture, as well. I can't get over how I've let my chest sag... it folds up like a venitian blind, as Bonnie Pruden used to say. No wonder the liver and gallbladder act up!

More oxygen seems to help everything, especially in these days when it is the most expensive fuel we burn. My favorite breath is a gentle and complete exhalation. Then one can't help but fill up with fresher air. They say that if one exhales on the exertion of an exercise, then the oxygen from the next breath goes straight to the muscles that were tensed.

I proved this when healing a bad injury to my leg. Since I had crushed across a bundle of muscles on my shin, I couldn't tense the area very well. So, I tensed up my toes on the exhale. I figured that the oxygen had to pass through the blood in the leg to get to my toes and couldn't help but do the wound some good on the way. (Smile.)

I've read through this whole forum, seeking an answer about lemon juice. Does it break up gallstones? (I've been told that our livers LOVE lemon.)

I appreciate all the suggestions for Chanca Piedra, radish juice, Gold Coin Grass, and many more. I'll try them as I find them, if my developing intuition approves at the time.

Mom, I am really comfortable with 'sampling' treatments as I become aware of them. It's slower than many seem to report, but I feel so much better than I've felt in years. ...Which is the whole point, isn't it?

All my best everyone,


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