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Re: Radish Juice may dissolve gall stones.

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Brother Avery Views: 87,601
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Radish Juice may dissolve gall stones.

Hi, I`m Brother Avery (to see why I chose this name, please see "The Prophet", one of the episodes in the "Invaders" TV Series starring Roy Thinnes as David Vincent). I have a large gallstone occupying virtually the entire space of the GB, which sent four liver enzymes haywire and gives me itching all over my body, especially at night - just like the "Invaders" burnt up in the TV Series.

At first, a few months ago, I had only one moderately-sized stone and lots of small ones. I had a few episodes of acute cholecystitis. In an effort to get rid of
these, I took Gold Coin Grass tea for about a week and then Chinese Bitters, Coptis and Curcuma morning and night. At that point, I was still OK. Then, I thought I should do a flush. But I balked at the idea of all the olive oil, so I simply took a bit of olive oil and lemon juice, and then sucked on a lemon every night working at the computer for about a week. Well, I forgot the gallbladder problem and dared to eat some fried noodles at around 2 a.m. I then got another attack.

The next day, I went to the hospital, had a blood check and another ultrasound.
This showed the high liver enzymes, the new large stone and a shrunken gallbladder with thickened walls - chronic cholecystitis. One week later, which is today, I repeated the blood test and ultrasound. Liver enzymes remain high, and the gallbladder didn`t even show up on the ultrasound. Only the large stone was visible. I don`t even know whether the gallbladder still exists at all. I won`t even bother to mention that the doctor wanted to do surgery to prevent further damage to the liver, which is understandable, but still atrocious - when we know that removing the defunct gallbladder will probably not provide a permanent solution.

I was very interested in Skye's post on radishes. I am now taking a Chinese
Liver Cleansing formula known as "Brown Juice", 1/2 cup per day for 6 weeks. My Chinese friend who runs the company told me to forget all about the stones, and deal with the liver first. For the second stage, he has a stone dissolving formula waiting in the wings when I finish the "Brown Juice", which has not yet been
commercialized however. For the third stage, he has an anticystosis formulation designed to deal with womens` cysts which he reckons will help to restore the gallbladder.

I wasn`t happy to wait 6 weeks to deal with the GB, which is why today I bought
two bunches of red radishes and ate them together with the evening meal. In addition, I`ve been drinking dandelion tea and peppermint tea since I know that
peppermint dissolves gallstones. For the same reason I applied a few drops of peppermint oil in olive oil carrier on the soles of the feet, since from there it
may be absorbed into the bloodstream. I did get some loose stools tonight, but whether there were any stone fragments in them I cannot say.

The doctor told me that with a stone this size, nothing can get in or out of the gallbladder, so Chinese medecines or cholesterol emulsifiers like lecithin could not possibly work. On the other hand, I reckon agents which are transported to the GB via its blood supply can transfuse through the GB wall, which is why I plan to take radishes and mint every single day from now on. I will continue to report on this unless unable to do so.

Until then, let me sign off with: "Has Brother John returned"?
God Bless.


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