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in chicago hospitals, mds give estate transfer forms to captive dying
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Published: 13 years ago
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in chicago hospitals, mds give estate transfer forms to captive dying

in chicago illinois hospitals, glossy brochures are printed up by the hospital legal depts with legal forms inside transfering patients property and assets to the attending mds. the mds force the dying people to sign these forms after they drug the patients out of thier minds.
this murder and robbery has been going on decades.

as long as baby boomers and older continue to worship doctors and disease, this false idol worshipping, medical robbery and murder will continue.

in chicago it is so bad, hospitals, banks, stock houses, social workers, social groups, organizations, judges, crooked lawyers and mds screen for rich people who own lots of property or have a lot of assets, these targeted rich people are hit in the head with 2 by 4s by hired thugs, then paid off ambulence drivers, (drivers get 50 to 100 dollars per head for re routing ambulence cases to specific hospitals)

predesignated hospital where the medical murders and robbers are waiting to butcher and fleece the wealthy person via asset transfer forms.

they try to target wealthy people whose relatives live out of town, it is super organized crime. and it happens every day in chicago hospitals

if the target has relatives nearby, the targeted victim will be drugged and robbed via signed assets transfer and no one in the hospital will call the family

that is why big hospitals in chicago like to hire non english speaking staff, phillipine nurses etc, who only get 6 weeks training in non english speaking classes.

there is nothing new here, the wealth of chicago has been transfered thru robbery and murder by allied med organized crime, for decades. those mds need to pay off thier mortages, student loans, buy new condos, etc., and all the greedy allied med employees want money too.

the chicago police chiefs are paid off, richie daily, next rahm emmanuel, and chicago pd will not enter most chicago hospitals.

hospital ceos and judges in chicago are in bed together, best of friends. sharing a percentage of allied med robbery and murder loot.

millions have been murdered this way in chicago, and every day more are being tortured and robbed in chicago hospitals this way as i type, same old same old.

chicago does not bother to site bs disease statistics, the murderers in allied med just kidnap, drug,torture, rob and murder people, and call it allied medicine.

if you dnt believe me take a tour of chicago hospitals and talk to the captive patients and families there. if you dare...
decent chgo attys will not even set foot in chgo hospitals. if you go to chicago hospital to investigate, bring armed marines with you, or you may not make it back out.

mds in chicago threaten to murder each other every day as mds murder and rob other mds, parents, relatives, etc.

business as usual.

the devil roams like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. devour means destroy, eat up. the devil lies, robs and murders, what else is new.

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