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Re: Doctors milk dying cancer patients for every last dollar
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Doctors milk dying cancer patients for every last dollar

 "The table is actually very misleading.

First of all the majority of these cancers are treated with surgery, not chemotherapy. The average survival rate of most cancers with chemotherapy is 2-3%"

The table is misleading because you don't wish to believe it.

No, because I know that it is misleading and I have explained why. 

Every breast cancer that I'm aware of has been treated with either chemotherapy or generally a combination of chemo and surgery, but I'll bet you that 90% of all breast cancer has some form of chemotherapy.  I've known several women with breast cancer.

Which is what? One or two cases? Care to guess how many cases I have seen? And again I can tell you with 100% certainty you are wrong.

The 2 - 3% is an absolute lie.

Oh, someone posted something on the Internet so it must be true. ROTFLMAO!!!!! I have a textbook at home called Cancer that is a training manual for cancer for doctors. According to the book chemotherapy kills 95% of the patients undergoing it primarily due to malnutrition. So how can get these 40, 50 60%....... success rates when 95% of the patients are dying from the therapy? It does not take a rocket scientist to see how the statistics you posted have been manipulated.

Of ALL the 150,000+ cancer survivors in that study, you will find that 2 - 3% of the survival to 5 years was attributed to those who received only chemotherapy.  That does not say that only 2 - 3% survived.  There is a humongous difference. 

Yes, one that proves you wrong so thanks for bringing that up. Note that you said a 5 year survival rate. Just because the person lives 5 years DOES NOT mean they are cancer free. And the 5 year survival rates ONLY address the primary cancer, not metastasized cancers nor secondary cancers caused from the chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  So the actual success rate is actually lower than the 5 year survival rate. But your argument was an excellent example of how true survival rates are manipulated to make the chemotherapy drugs appear more effective than they are.

I took a couple of college level statistics courses and somehow I passed them 

"Somehow"? LOL!!! Apparently you don't have much faith in your statistics skills. Not surprising since you have no clue how easily and how often statistics are manipulated. Let me give you a great example. Our crime rate here has skyrocketed and yet the police statistics show crime is dropping. So how are they doing that. By claiming criminal matters are civil so they do not get reported on the crime statistics. I have been told by the police that among others theft, grand larceny, breaking and entering, counterfeiting, etc. are all civil matters. Statistics only prove what the person wishes to prove. Did they teach you that fact in class?


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