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Re: No its not
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: No its not

"On the other hand I do understand how it works. I worked in mainstream medicine for a very long time including much of that working in oncology. And you are way off base. People are lied to all the time and milked for every last cent. I even saw a patient that was hemorrhaging massive amounts of blood out of his rectum. They were pumping in blood as fast as they could even though they could not save him. Why? So they could pad the bill. I something similar with a patient that was literally head to toe gangrene. Again he could not be saved but when he coded they put in internal pacemakers, external pacemakers and every drug they could think of all to pad the bill.  I could sit here all night and give you example, on top of example on top of example of this kind of quackery including three people I knew personally who were told they had cancer when they did not just so the hospital could charge for the operations. The two hospitals I saw so this have both made massive expansions and one even opened a second complete hospital. They were able to do this because they lied to patients and gave them therapies they did not need just to pad the bill.

If you really want to learn what really goes on behind the scenes go to work in the medical field. Otherwise you are just being duped by some real cons!!!"

The world isn't perfect by any means but in my many dealings with physicians in the past 20 years I've found them to be pretty straight forward.  I've always had insurance and/or Medicare plus a supplement so I've never had to worry about cost.  I've fired more than one doctor, but I've put a couple of them on pedestals too.

I was in a long-term relationship with an RN who for some strange reason enjoyed working the terminal ward of the hospital.  She worked graveyard shift and enjoyed the patients but hated the paper work associated with death.  On more than one occasion she came home telling me about the person who was dying and she didn't want to do the paper work so she would keep stuffing their spirit back into their body so that they would die on day shift, and it worked.  I know it did and I wouldn't even tell the story except for the fact that I read the same thing about a doctor who worked the emergency room in Los Angeles.  He did exactly as she did.  Is that somehow wicked?  Or is it simply prolonging life/

I've had cancer twice.  First was prostate cancer 18 years ago.  Was told by the urologist that it had to come out.  Didn't even know what an oncologist was at that time, so found one who didn't do surgery and even before  the visit had enough information to know that I wasn't going to have surgery.  He confirmed it.  I never ever went back to that urologist.  You have to pick and choose carefully.

Unfortunately physicians are people too.  Yet I'd trust my cancer to an MD of any standing long before I'd turn myself over to some of the many alternatives out there.  But I do practice alternative therapies for cancer - Essiac and Pau d'Arco to name just a couple.  But they haven't worked for me.  I cured my prostate cancer with raw garlic which I still use and which will still bring down my PSAs if I remember to eat it.  Last PSA was .7.




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