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Look at the real breast cancer picture
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Published: 13 years ago
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Look at the real breast cancer picture

Until a few years back, DCIS was considered a pre-cancerous condition and was not even included in cancer statistics.  If you took DCIS out of the breast cancer stats most of the much ballyhooed success against breast cancer would evaporate.  Now, add to that the fact that the "gold standard" of breast cancer chemo, taxol/tamoxifen, has been proven to actually spread cancer cells throughout the rest of the body and increases the chance of future cancer and you get a much truer picture of how poorly mainstream medicine performs against breast cancedr.

It gets even worse, when you look at the overall picture.  Despite studies and recommendations that say mammograms likely cause more cancer than they prevent, women are still advised to have annual mammograms.  Horrifyingly, women are also still being advised to cut off their breasts when studies have shown that in most instances such surgery is either not needed or else ineffective.

In another example of the sick joke that is played out on women and how greed guides the so-called "war on cancer", the major foundations involved with breast cancer are either controlled or beholden to many of the same entities whose toxins and unhealthy products cause cancer and illness.  Look at what is happening now with the Komen foundation and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Far even darker examples, look at Breast Cancer Awareness - a movement created by the Imperial Chemical Company (Now AstraZeneca) to steer research away from toxins, which it has successfully done ever since its inception.

So, if you are a woman:

1. You are encouraged to take annual tests which flatten and radiate your breasts, may increase your odds of getting cancer and may spread any existing cancer you do have in your breasts,

2. When you do have a lump in your breast you are likely to have a biopsy performed - which can also spread the cancer due to sticking a needle into the cancer cells and causing the release of viral replicators into the blood stream,

3.  You may well be encouraged to have one or both breasts removed needlessly.

4.  You will likely be given one or more chemotherapy drugs whether or not you elected to have surgery and quite possibly you may be given radiation as well if you continue to test positive for cancer.

5. The chemotherapy you are given may spread the cancer futher and lead to further cancer down the road.  The radiation will destroy your immune system and prevent the only way cancer can be completely cured and eliminated from having being able to function as it was designed.

6.  You will not be told about the dangers of toxins or to change your diet and lifestyle significantly.  Nor will you be told of the foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc., which could help you boost immune function, fight existing cancer and prevent future cancers.

7.  Your chances of success will be much, much less than you were lead to believe when you were shown the misleading breast cancer statistics that included DCIS and were told about positive "response rates" and "tumor reductions" without being told that positive responses and initial tumor reductions are common, whereas true cures and the prevention of cancer ever returning are not - at least not when it comes to mainstream treatments.

Surgery and radiation are big cash cows for the $300-$400 billion cancer industry.  However, they pale in comparison to chemotherapy, where oncologists buy the chemo they prescribe and take huge markups and make the large bulk of their profits from.

What do surgery, radiation and chemo have in common?  They are all controlled exclusively by mainstream medicine.  Diet, lifestyle, vitamins, minerals, herbs and nature itself are not. Thus you see what we get for cancer treatment.


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