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Re: Perhaps YOU were born an unholy sinner...
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Perhaps YOU were born an unholy sinner...

Children act that way because it is what they believe is the best/Good way to act due to their limited knowledge. Their intentions are pure, even though their actions may not show it sometimes. That is our role as parents to teach children to act the Good way. It is a failure on the parents fault if a child grows to be an adult still making the same childish mistakes.

You choose Good or Evil via your personal knowledge and then act upon your knowledge. Some Men(man&woman) act the same way, but Evil is a choice. We all have Free Will and according to the Bible we all posses the knowledge of Good and Evil. If we choose evil by limit experience (i.e. we didn't know any better) and you choose to not act evil anymore then you are fine. Everyone makes mistakes.

It is the persistence in evil that makes a man evil. God did not write the Bible in any accounts, man did. If God wrote the Bible it would have been cut and clear from the beginning of man, not written the last 2-3 thousand years over an extensive period of time by multiple teachers that had showed no signs of absolute perfection via God. All of them in your faith were sinners and most ended their lives sinners. If I were God I would not choose men that I KNOW (because I know all) would write on my behalf and then disgrace me by sinning. What example would that prove to man that I am almighty? Only one man was perfect, the Son.

And if you read the Bible in its entirety, you will discover he never wrote one word. You will find that even his disciples lacked faith and were sinners themselves according to the "Word". He may have proved faith in leaving them to write on his behalf and on the behalf of the Father, but what does that prove? Faith is actually the product of Knowledge (i.e. Knowing). God knows all therefore his faith is all knowing. You can't have blind faith, that is the product of evil. It is a product of failing to attempt to ascend to the almighty in heaven
and using the excuse of "faith" in "hope" that the father/son will ascend you themselves.

But quoting you "God hasn't "moved back in", meaning what? You saying that once God blessed you will life and only God can grant life nothing and no one else can because he is Life, he vanishes away? He leaves the side of children even though in his "Word" children are not responsible for their sins? Their parents are.

"I don't buy it". I think you have a zeal for believing what you believe and curtailing the experiences and knowledge of others despite your lack of experience. I think you bought the poison spewed from the vipers lips because he quoted some passages from a book that is claimed to be the word of God. I think you act self righteous on the internet and in your church or to people who just know you by your faith instead of the empty, frightened, slave to the wolf in sheep's clothing that you are.

The best you can mustard up is everyone else is absolutely wrong because their view differs from yours, oops I mean your God, and you feel pride and self gratification pointing this out.

From seeing your post date, it has been over 5 years so lets see how much you have grown or are you still like the rest, waiting for the end and hoping and praying that you get into heaven even though you never will because God hates hypocrites.

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