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Published: 12 years ago
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And a bit more...

The following photo are the better examples of what I remembered to grab. Often, I donít have my camera & tripod ready when I run potty (I know, shocking as that may be Ė but bare with me).

Gallstones Iím fascinated that the gallstone, 2 weeks after capture, dried itself out into almost nothing but when I moved it tonight to photograph it, it broke apart, revealing a gritty almost seedy inside. When I put an Agfa Loop over it, it looks like old tempura batter. So far, during all the IPís glory, Iíve seen perhaps 20 gallstones. I did do a Schulze flush just before the IP, though, and that yielded about 50, Iíd say.

BIGGER GUYS This is the photo of my backside and the wormie that surfaced under my skin last year while parasite cleansing:


During the first liver week & coffee enemas while on the IP, I saw what makes sense to be the newer but shriveled versions of these buggers. This was an example of when I shoulda grabbed my camera & head into the loo Ė but alas, the version I got was this guy below. Now, what Iíve learned is that with all the plaque coming out, you kinda have to jostle the stuff to see whatís stuck and what comes lose. These buggers, many in numbers, were totally rigor mortised. I mean, when they were scooped up the side of the potty, part of them stuck straight out, 3D, into the air. This is one of them. Trying to get him (or her, as ladies can be parasites, too, lol) to lay down for the portrait Ė the mini lochness broke. What I discern here is that the newer ones I saw a few weeks back, grey, shriveled and limp, were newer ones. Same shape, same size, but this guy is caked in plaque and rigor mortised. Whattya wanna bet these are some of the ones from last year that have been part of the sedimentary Science project going on inside the deeper plaque from last year? My betís on that. Iíve seen, all in all on this IP, a total of 30 of these guys, buried in stuffs and those that were limp and grey. If I stretched it out, itís about 4Ē long.

These stretches are fascinating. 2 different liver weeks, liver flushes, coffee enemas and I promise, Iíd not ingested anything that looked like this whatsoever. What is fascinating is that even to the naked eye, without an Agfa loop, you can see the veins in each stretch. I canít discern if theyíre each onto themselves or a part of a bigger whole Iíve yet to see. I believe them to be a form of tape - I know that most Tapeworm are about an inch in length, clear and flat. Either way Ė they are organic, meaning they have a circulatory system and they are, indeed, eating my nutrients. Some stretches are wider, some narrower but all have the same vein system. Makes me think theyíre different generations, really.

Run of the mill, so they may seem, Iíve emitted many over Hulda flushes and many over the Schulze flush I did pre-IP. These are the flukes that come out bright orange, meaning, theyíre eating your B & Iron Ė 2 things of which I am deficient in. (buggers!!) Iíd never let one dry out, though. Under a small bit of magnification, I can clearly see a spine, vertebrae and a vein system. All in a ĹĒ bugger that eats my blood-building nutrients. Wow.


Iíve seen LOTS of candida, LOTS of mucous, perhaps 20í total of plaque over the last many months of bowel cleansing to prepare for this. I think I bowel cleansed so much over the summer that Iím seeing a different benefit than I might have otherwise. Iíve seen mycelial candida, wrapped and hanging tendril strings like something out of The Matrix. Nothing like other candida Iíve seen in years of taking any candida products, coffee enemaíing, nothiní. After the 1st liver flush, I felt there was a huge blockage I wasnít getting out. No joke, the next day I went potty and 2 huge balls came out. They were mucousy, looked like someone had taken slippery elm & cream of wheat porridge, balled them up and let them sit for a while in water. The inside was dense and the outside had a halo or corona of filaments/strings everywhere. Iím not exaggerating; they were 3Ē across each. They described just like what Schulze had said tumors look like when you pass them. A few days later, the excruciating pain Iíd had in my lower left tummy began to subside. The hardened area in my lower left belly is now soft. :)

So many, I may have to keep coming back to this as I notice them being gone but a few come to mind that are specific and not just all-over-body-betterment. My toes arenít numb and tingling anymore. In fact, I can feel my body all the way down to my feet, to infinity and beyond! (Buzz Lightyearís voice included for your pleasure!) In fact, I had to quit track when I was 13 because I was too sick a kid. I had problems with my ankles from ballet and they kept popping and Iíd fall on my face and eat dirt at the most inopportune times. Between eating dirt and being shaky and jittery from all the asthma meds it took to keep me running, the coach suggested I stop. It was such a bummer. I liked feeling like I could fly and I was fast Ė until I fell, that is. So, the other night, on my winter walk, I was listening to my playlist for winter breathing. All songs that make me feel powerful, remind me of where Iíve been and where I can go. A kind man in his car had pulled out far in his driveway but waiting for traffic and seeing me walk toward him, he pulled further back up into his driveway to let me walk passed. We all know that we quicken our pace in gratitude when we get out of the carís way. I jogged a little through his driveway and right then the song that turned on on my playlist, truly MY song, started Ė and I justÖkept running. For the first time since I was 13 years old, I just kept running. I ran, perhaps, an 1/8th of a mile Ė which is absolutely huge for me!!! I did not eat pavement, I was so proud of myself, breathing the winter wind and I swear I could almost hear, Ďrun Forrest, run!í lolol Ė I rounded the corner, slowed down and briskly walked the last 4 blocks back to the house. As I got in the door, I was sustainably wheezing Ė meaning Ė it wasnít going to turn into a full-blown asthma attack. I calmly got the Lobelia, did 10 drops, waited 5 minutes, did 10 drops more and NO WHEEZING, NO HINT OF ASTHMA WHATSOEVER. ThenÖin proper IP form Ė I cried. I cried for all it was worth. The man was so proud. He smiled at me from across the room as tears streamed down my face and I whispered, ĎIím so proud of myselfí. He said quietly, ĎIíve never seen you run. Honey, youíre so much better, you flatter me, I am so proud of you.í It was a very emotional moment for us both.

I am truly thrilled. I'm sure more will come to me over the next few days and I'll update. I still have more photos to add as well. For now, I'm taking a quick break, eating phenomenal pesto with rosemary crackers and getting my house organized for the next round of my IP. This round will have to incorporate making Christmas gifts, so the project area is being prepared now, before I begin again. Healing, limitless energy and all my love to you all!

Miss H

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